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Backstage on tour 1972
The Rolling Stones in Concert - Sunday Promotions Inc. 1972
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Topic: best tour Return to archive
03-20-02 07:27 PM
sly I was just wondering with all the tours the Stones have done, which one everybody thought was the best. I say the 69 tour
03-20-02 08:04 PM
Mottrush I would go with the '72 tour of North America!
03-20-02 10:21 PM
SatisfactionUK '73 tour of Europe....some of the NS 99 shows were damned good too but in a different sort of way. Its different music really.
03-20-02 10:23 PM
JaggaRichards '72. MSG. I was there.
03-21-02 08:25 AM
TT 1981/1982 tour is the best:

music, stage, playing, OUTFIT
03-21-02 10:12 AM
T&A 1972 US Tour was the greatest tour of any band ever. The Stones were building toward this climax from '69. It went downhill after '72. 1972 stands as a monumental year on stage for the Greatest Rock and Roll Band.
03-21-02 10:36 AM
Maxlugar I'm putting in my vote for '75 - '76.

Mick's voice was never better before or since. And by better I mean raw and mean. From the gut.

Lotus Stage was the single greatest technological advance in Rock and Roll history.

Dragon dancing through the audience as the steel drum players played. Just way more of a party atmosphere. Like a circus.

Confetti spewing dragon was cool too.

Fanfare for the Common Man as the petals opened!

Keith in black leather from head to toe. Taking more leads and doing very well. Especially on Wah wah. Beautiful.

Billy Preston can rock. And sang some good backup.

Ronnie was on fire during those show too. Mick Taylor was (temporarily) fogotten.

Too me the sound was fuller and more robust. The '72 tour was more ragged and at times too ragged. But shit, Mick Taylor was stil there so you tend to over look those things.

M. L. Y2K +2
03-21-02 10:44 AM
nankerphelge Although I never saw it, and they treat it like some red-headed step child, I think they nailed it in '78. Trashy, punky, in yo face, scandal-ridden, drugged out, fucked up, swearing at the audience, Rebel Yell drinkin' tour.

I am going out to my car now to listen to Handsome Girls.
03-21-02 12:52 PM

Yes, the very fortunate spoilt-rotten queen was at the Capitol opening night for the '78 tour.

It was everything i always imagined in my prepubescent thrill zone : Dirty, filthy, rotten, stoned, stinky, sweaty, sticky, smack-sick, and we haven't even gotten to how they SOUNDED yet. And for that, well, things were never the same to the royal ear, as you can well imagine ; )

Club small. Tiny with huge acoustics. Weebles for guitar players. A snowed in singer with a backwards red leather newsboy cap and shrunken torn T. A drummer with a slight bemused grin and high hat fun. A stock still bass player eyeing...everything in a skirt. Pointing out to the maddened roadies the pickings for the night.

Black girls in their own part of town. Not even flinching...just grooving. Now their BOYFRIENDS....well...Mick looked like he was about to get his arse kicked a few times, to me, really ; )

Personally i've never attended such a show, where half the audience was black and half white. It was gorgeous. And very, very, pleasing, and that not only to me. I can't help but think, at the time, that Keith was pleased as well-- that the audience was so blessedly MIXED ; )

03-21-02 03:18 PM
Gazza I must admit to having a preference for the '78 tour too myself...a tour behind their last TRULY classic album and half of the show consisting of brand new songs - none of this playing to the Hot Rocks-crowd shit at inflated prices. With many of the shows taking place in theatres it was maybe the last time that you could make the assertion that playing was much more important than money and seriously believe it to be true. Pure in your face down and dirty rock n roll - showing the wannabe punks how to do it in style.

I didnt get to see the Stones until 1982 but "Some Girls" was around the time (just after) I became a big Stones fan so that summer of '78 is always special in many ways (the summer of "Miss You" all over the radio and the irony of "Respectable" being in the UK charts at the same time that Keith was on trial in Toronto - and the "this may be the last tour" talk was a REAL probability at that time more so than any other year)

The Stones never LOOKED cooler than in '78 too I thought (the clothes have actually dated well in hindsight!)

Pity there isnt more shows from that tour in great quality -the whole thing was only about 25 shows and 6 weeks long anyway - but what audio evidence there is is fabulous at its best (even though theres a few off nights)....I just wish there was more on video in circulation - hopefully someday the whole Fort worth show will surface because the 6-song pro-shot of it is awesome (who knows because the FT worth audio recording was for about 15 years the one show no one seemed to have - then the whole thing appeared as a soundboard on "Handsome Girls"

...."can y'all do a Rebel Yell real goooooood"?
03-21-02 03:37 PM
T&A Opening night in '78 - I'm thinking that was Lakeland, Florida...not the Capitol Theatre (which I assume is the one in Jersey). No?
03-21-02 03:53 PM
Nasty Habits
Maxlugar wrote:
I'm putting in my vote for '75 - '76.

Billy Preston can rock. And sang some good backup.

So you're telling me that when you're listening to Rockin' at the Forum, and they're playing Brown Sugar, and that awful flatulent keyboard/synth sound goos up the entire wrockwerks, or when Preston emits those annoying doinkydoots all over the opening to Gimme Shelter, or when they're jamming on Outta Space, you're thinkin' "Man, that Billy Preston sure can rock!"

This thought is as far from my mind when he makes his presence known on the LA Forum '75 show as a thought can be.

Moments from that show rock like nobody's bizness, and Keith's guitar sound is BRUTAL, but I have always thought it peaks near the beginning and then kind of winds down until the amazing Sympathy for the Devil that closes it. I think that show runs too long. I like it better when they rock nasty for about an hour and a half and let it go at that.

Are there better examples of royal rock from '75? The Forum is, I believe, the only show I remember hearing. I would love to know what's out there that would change my mind about that tour. Lord knows "Hartford Renegades" about faced my notions about the '81 tour so I'm willing to revise my opinion upward as I gather more evidence.

'76 is better because they play stuff from Black and Blue.

I'll take '72 and '73 over just about anything, with healthy doses of '69 for scary spontaneous anything-can-happen (I think we got a problem) and '78 (for the hilarious Jaggerjive and 3/4 of a new album played live in a row) as my core post 60s live listening.

Can you hear that? All right, Keith. Play it.
03-21-02 05:51 PM
Maxlugar I was gonna go into the things I find testicle shrinkingly bad about '75 '76 but thought the good trounced the bad.

Billy's sythn farts on Brown Sugar were retarded.
His Hey Negrita dance with Mick disturbed me.
I used to hate the part where he did his two songs too but I've grown to like them because Keith, Ronnie and Bill just SMOKE on them. Keith's wah wah leads were intense.

Billy's antics still doesn't ruin it for me.

His playing was real good. It's the reason I think '73 is better than '72. Plus he added a wildness that Mick fed off of (good Lord I hope it wasn't literal).

I don't find the LA video winding down at all.
And the other show on CD (I have it on Who went to church....) kicks major ass.

03-21-02 06:19 PM
Gazza >Opening night in '78 - I'm thinking that was Lakeland, Florida...not the Capitol Theatre (which I assume is the one in Jersey). No?

yeah thats correct - Passaic Capitol Theatre was the 3rd show of the tour after Lakeland and Atlanta
03-21-02 07:12 PM
sly I notice 0 votes for steel wheels vl and b2b and only 1 vote for ns which I thought was very average. Have the stones really lost that much over the years that most people won't even think of mentionig anything from the last 12 years????? What about the st.louis ppc or vegas 97?????
03-21-02 07:12 PM

Ohhh, sorry YerEmenince, G!!!

Things like this have a way of making a girl conveniently "forget" a few the Capitol in Passaic wasn't necessarily TheFirst, though it was in MY book...

How short-sighted we can be in hindsight-- out of excitement of attending a first show, of course ! That simply MUST be it !

Thanks again for the clarification--- but Capitol Theatre '78 will always be THE first show for one person in particular ; )


03-21-02 07:17 PM
Gazza Its ok..I'll let ya off on a technicality because of the exuberance of yer post..just dont let it happen again
03-21-02 08:19 PM
Nasty Habits Oh, yeah, you're right -- I assumed those two were the same show but I now see that Rockin' at the Forum is two days prior to Who Went to Church. I have heard both of those shows and Who Went to Church IS substantially better than Rockin' at the Forum in terms of the playing and the personality that comes through. But I still don't fully believe in the second disc of that show. It was actually the Who Went to Church show I was thinking of whilst writing my post. My bad.

The only copy of that LA video I have seen was pretty low generation and it got to be a drag to watch it, so I have to plead basically ignorant of its actual delights. I assume better copies are available and are more fun to sit through.

I share in Gazza's dream of a complete Fort Worth '78 finding its way into the greedy little hands of Stones scholars the world over. I saw that six song promo one fine night over at a friend's and it set my hair on fire it was so good.

But ah, shit, to have seen Pasaaic. To have been there when Mick said, "I don't know how much you all paid to get in but I didn't pay very fucking much . . .," THAT would have been . . . well . . . wow . . . that was a real good post, ~AzQb. Made my day.
03-22-02 12:26 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Well Nasty....if you didn't already send it....stick another blank in your package and I can fix you up with a emminently watchable LA '75.....

And I cast my vote for ' was just all there....but on the ragged edge of falling apart....and sometimes actually smashing to little bits....But man, when they were firing on all cylanders...YIKES!

PS. gypsy, I dropped my hat too.....
03-22-02 12:39 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I go for the 1978, 1997-1999, 1973 and 1969

One tape I used to take when going to biz trips to hear at night 120% drunk is the KBFH version of Lexington, KY 1978. Also Ft. Worth 1978 and Brussels Affair 1973, I even used to replay them LOL.

Recently I have been listening the No Security official album, what a fucking great album!
03-22-02 02:26 AM
marko My favorite ones are,81-81,i started to listen stones in
1980,and 81-82 tour was the 1st one knew even something.
as my mate cardinal just said,it had that,falling apart,
etc...they really hit the groove during houston shows.They
did only 2 average shows after that,they were those orlando
Then my next one is,voodoo lounge tour 94-95,i canīt help,
tour was nearly good as 81,well,they played somewhat better.
Not so drunk as in 81-82.
Then its 97-99,only thing i donīt like about this tour is
keefs ugly mistakes,they sounded awful,and,they wasnīt played accidentallly,kinda thru his motions.

then i would put 75 tour,i love that cocaine driving madman
shows,have you guys heard milwaukee-75?you have never ever
anyone to sing like this.Mick SCREAMS YELLS as a dying
tiger,and he does it fucking well.This gives you an hardon.

then next one is a problem,since i donīt give a shit about
taylor,he did play beautifully,but i wanna hear something
else than just solos.

I would say its

1973 australia,best taylor tour.
1972 us
1969 us
1978 us
1989 us
1976 europe
1990 europe

i canīt say anything about 71 tour or 70,,i think 70 might
have been a bit better than 69,but quality of the shows is
so bad that i canīt be honest of the tour.only couple of
shows are worth of getting.
03-22-02 07:46 AM
Maxlugar Gimme Milkwaukee!

Is it a SB, Marko? I assume its a good audience...

I was at my local boot dealer once and he had two '75 shows from Cow Palace and it sounded terrible. I passed.

03-22-02 09:18 AM
marko Hey maxy,milwaukee is good,bad,poor audience...only for 75
tour freaks,and when youīre awfully drunk!just listen mick
carefully with headphones.I have both frisco shows in nearly
ex quality.

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