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03-22-02 04:20 PM
The Worst Congrats to the winners! Enjoy the disks!
Miss U., the alternate Beggars I have (don't know, whther it is the same as the trophy of this contest) has a tracklist, that is different from your bootleg:
Sympathy For The Devil (alternate mono mix)/ No Expectations (different take)/ Dear Doctor (take 1)/ Parachute Woman (alternate stereo mix)/ Jig-Saw Puzzle (alternate mono mix)/ Street Fighting Man (alternate mono mix)/ Prodigal Son (alternate stereo mix)/ Stray Cat Blues (alternate mono mix)/ Factory Girl (alternate stereo mix)/ Salt Of The Earth (alternate mono mix)/ Dear Doctor (take 2)/ Dear Doctor (alternate stereo mix)/ Family (electric version)/ Jumping Jack Flash (backing track)/ Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (early version of Street Fighting Man)/ Sympathy For The Devil (the evolution of... from One To One-

03-22-02 04:27 PM
The Worst BTW, I also seem to have quite the same bootleg as you, Miss U. Mine is called "R.S.V.P.", but the tracklist is the same, if you mean "Factory Girl" by "Fact. Bitch". Or did they still work on "Bitch" at that time?
Thanks to Cardinal Ximinez for the great fun, although exposing oneself ain't only about the penis...
03-22-02 04:40 PM
Cardinal Fang Hello Everyone !

Since I am forbidden to enter this contest due to my friendship with my fellow Cardinal, I can honestly state the following:

Cardinal X has just posted here at the Vatican some of the entries and my vote goes to Gypsy. The picture of her standing in front of all of those bottles is the one I like.

Later, Cardinal Fang
03-22-02 05:31 PM
Joey So who wants the order of French Fries ?????????

Oh , the Hell with to Charleston's for cocktails in the frigid Blue Red and Grey .

" Bitch slap Me Raw and give me that ' Hamburger ' leer Ronnie "

J. Joeyfly ( The Joey , C10 )

Established , 1999 ( March 6th , 1:20 AM )

03-22-02 05:42 PM
nankerphelge Just got back from Uncle Morty's where I had myself a lil' happy hour. Things were slow today and coupled with those prize-winning titties of Gypsy's, well, I got nuthin done today to say the least.

So I figured I head on over to the local waterin' hole for a few. I feel much better but I am desparately in need of some Grade-A chiba. Happy hour isn't really happy until you've had your chiba, y'know.

So now, with them beautiful titties etched upon my brain, I shall head on home and see if I can scare some up. Y'all have a great weekend -- especially Gypsy -- grab ahold of that left one and give it a big old lick for nanker would ya hon!

03-22-02 05:49 PM
Joey wrote:
So who wants the order of French Fries ?????????

I also have an unresolved issue outstanding. How many of you are firm on attending this event? Because now it seems as though a few local businesses are scoffing at the (previously agreed-upon) site fee. I assure you, I even brought this thing in under-budget, but there is the big video wall to be considered, refreshments, as well as a talent fee for the "Meet-n'-Greet" with Mr. Johnson.

In matters of discretion, I am told that it is best to go straight to the top, so here is the mailing address for one of the clergy who has a reputation for being able to GET THINGS DONE. (I think Bono may have used him.)

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
11 Palazzo di S. Uffizio
00193 Vatican City State, Europe
03-22-02 06:00 PM
beer Yes indeed, the picture of her in front of the bottles is very impressive!
03-22-02 08:14 PM
Miss U. Thx for the vote of confidence guys, especially since none of you knows what I look like, and I haven't sent the pic to Cardinal yet. Very nice of you.
Maybe you don't deserve to see Miss U. after all.

03-22-02 11:21 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Miss U, I think they were refering to gypsy...I shared her picture with some others after she said I could send them to Gerardo...I mean, I didn't see the harm, they are gonna be posted here anyhow...

Now, if you were to send me your pic, and request that no one else see it...I will adhere to your wishes. But I think that since gypsy has allowed her pic to go "public", perhaps you would consider allowing your pic to go "public" as well...but it's up to you...

KeepRigid...If you want to give your prize away, that's fine with me...just have whomever you wish to have the item email me a mailing address...

gypsy's prize went out in the mail this morning.

More fun next month...
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