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Backstage on tour 1972
The Rolling Stones in Concert - Sunday Promotions Inc. 1972
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Topic: Love the header pic Return to archive
03-18-02 03:51 PM
Maxlugar That is a great shot. Anymore from that day/night?

Is that a picture of Jim Morrison to the left?

I wonder if Keith's liver was taunting Papa John's liver?

03-18-02 03:57 PM
moy the pic on the left (of the pic) is Keith Richards, I love that header too
03-18-02 06:40 PM
moy I found the pic, this is it

03-18-02 06:50 PM
Maxlugar Holy shit Moy! That was awesome. Good work!

Hey, Moy, what's on the bed inbetween them? What year was this shot taken and where is it? Keith's house I'd imagine.


03-18-02 07:02 PM
moy what's on the bed? lol cocaine???
What year? i think in 1976 during the half-stoned sessions (later pay, pack and follow)
i don't have any idea where it was taken, but maybe somewhere in london

[Edited by moy]
03-18-02 08:37 PM
nanky They look way to sleepy for coke.
That's smack - right Joey
1976? Yep smack alright.
03-18-02 09:53 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Yes, they look way too sleepy for coke but it looks too white for smack
03-18-02 11:08 PM

Not for China White...which was big back then
03-19-02 08:29 AM
Fabio Hot Stuff It's a shame, i know, but i don't know John Phillips...
But the most beautifull things in that shot are the picture of Keef on left, and that crazy red cat, really looks stoned on the bed:fantastic.
I wish was there
03-19-02 10:13 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This was the header, it's from the back cover of John Phillips "Pay, Pack and Follow".

Photo 1977 by Annie Leibovitz

The photo was taken in NYC on August 16, 1977, only Keith attended that closing sessions, as other Rolling Stones attended only the first sessions in August 1976

It was recorded back in 1976 finished in 1977 but released until 2001, previously was bootleged as "Half-Stoned", that was also a working title for the official release as well as "Phillips 77".

Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts are on the album also Traffic's Rebop Kwaku Baah, Chris Spedding, Ollie E. Brown, Jean Roussell, Paul Schaffer and James Biondillo between others.

Times waits for no one, John waits too long and didn't see it released as it was released on April 10, 2001 some days after his passing by a heart failure at a hospital in Los Ńngeles.

Visit his site for more about this great album

03-19-02 01:01 PM
steel driving hammer Words Of Blunder....

Each And Everyday Of The Year I go through this All Mixed Up It Must Be Hell feeling that 100 Years Ago in my previous life, I would be Down In The Hole for I would have never known the Rolling Stones. But today, I Let It Rock, so Let Me Go like I used to, for I will Let It Bleed, before you Let It Loose so lets just Spend The Night Together. Iím A Boogie Chillun Country Boy and it donít take much for an Invitation for an Ivy League Slave Melody Bitch to go Around And Around with.
So I asked Lady Jane for some Hip Shake cause I was Looking Tired and she Danced for me in white Chantilly Lace. But she was too Terrifying and told her You Better Move On. So I hopped in my Black Limousine to Where The Boys All Go Under The Boardwalk, just Down The Road Apiece from the Gangsters Maul but pass the Continental Drift but before Main St. and How Can I Stop at the Misty Roads if thereís a 2120 South Michigan Ave on the Moonlight Mile to park inside? So Sure I Do, so I step in and every body running all scattered about but I notice an angel sitting as is she was Waiting On A Friend. So I tell myself, You Must Be The One. So I told her Iím Worried About You, she said, You Might As Well Get Juiced because You Canít Catch Me Manish Boy. So I Tried To Talk Her Into It proving to her Thatís How Strong My Love Is. She Said Yeah and then She Smiled Sweetly, and yes, She Was Hot. So I told her lets Please Go Home I live just down the road of 443 right off Route 66. So we both went inside for some Satisfaction and Sleep Tonight. I then Stripped off my clothes and told her Suck On The Jugular Stupid Girl. She did and I told her Try A Little Harder because itís too soft for me or Iíll Tie You Up In The Pain Of Love. As she undid the sheets that felt cold and lonely she found a bottle of French Champagne, tampax and said Whoís Been Sleeping Here? I Almost Hear You Sigh I told her, but the tampax is from the Aftermath of the previous siamiese cat. She said, Anyway You Look At It, Doncha Bother Me no moe w/ your Dirty Work. So she Flipped The Switch, didnít Hold Back and Hitch Hiked her way back to Another Land.

03-19-02 06:33 PM
Gazza >The photo was taken in NYC on August 16, 1977

Really?? now we know what Keith was up to when he heard Elvis had died!
03-19-02 09:01 PM
Maxlugar Ooooooooooooooo that's weird!!!!

Ma ma ma Maxy!

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