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Topic: AZBQ MIA Return to archive
03-08-02 01:57 PM
Maxlugar Please send us a sign that you are ok, Annie.

Or do they not allow PC's in your cell block?

Just kidding.

I hope you are alive and well.


Maxlugar - Est. 1995
03-08-02 01:58 PM
Maxlugar Oops! I mean AZQB!!!


My typos are out of control!
03-10-02 04:11 PM
The Worst I'm interested in this. If you let me know, why is she in jail? For dealing drugs, which she reported to do (or was she just joking at that time?)? Thanks!
03-10-02 05:37 PM
Gazza Shouldnt personal stuff like this be mailed to the person youre conversing with using the "private message" facility provided??

Please dont use the message board to post speculative things about someones private life! Jesus.....
03-10-02 07:22 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Come on Gazza! I think it was a MIA with sense of humor and not a expeculation about her private life; I'm assuming that Max previously sent private messages to ~AZQB to her e-mail address or to our private message feature in this board.

Hope ~AZQB is well, last MIA request in this board was for the late Temple, the next message was really sad, so I hope all is well with her.
03-10-02 08:05 PM
Gazza I didnt mean Maxy's post..I meant the one that followed it.

03-10-02 08:26 PM
yellow1 I've always been of the opinion that "AZQB" was somehow related to the good "sister"...and I'm told the "sister" is laying very low these days...
Maybe the "sister" was getting ready to release the B2B sessions - they bragged about having them back in 97 - and that didn't go well with the Stones' "entourage"...
pure speculation of course.
03-11-02 10:52 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yer way off Yellow1.

I consider Annie to be a personal friend, we've shared some very personal and private conversations. She would have told me something like that.

I'll try to find something out and let you all know....
03-12-02 12:53 AM
yellow1 Don't get me wrong, there's no accusation or insult here. Just speculation based on a recurring pattern.
The fact is "Annie" knows a LOT of what's going on in the recording studios in L.A. for some reason, excatly like the good "sister" back in 97. Remember a couple of months ago when "she" mentioned these studio sessions that Keith held with Fraboni last year, and that "she" couldn't say more about the upcoming "Tattoo You 2" project without putting other people in an awkward position. Very similar to what the yet unborn "sister" wrote me in the fall of 1997 when I asked why "she" couldn't tell me more about the B2B sessions tapes "she" had started to describe.

03-12-02 12:36 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Well, let's just say that she knows some people connected with the band...and is friends with people who are friends with the band...She is NOT the the "Good Sister", although I see the coincidence...

Haven't heard back from her yet...I'll keep you all posted.
03-18-02 11:29 AM

That fact is i ain't no "good sister"-- whoever THAT might be! The fact also is, i know a few people, and one in particular fairly well.

And at this point, I'm worried about him. But that's neither here nor there-- i'm sure Patti's got her good claws out, and Jane's doing some "protecting" as well.

Vulnerable time for the man. Very vulnerable. But he's well taken care of, as it should be. Sometimes i get infuriated with his handlers and the substances they so readily "oblige"{ie.provide,} but that's fairly personal as well. I get really pissed off with the "entourage" -- for good reason.

He'll be allright. He always gets up. Like a bopping clown indeed. "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" remember them? That's Keith.

03-18-02 12:10 PM
Maxlugar Shit! I knew it!

Oh, first of all welcome back Annie!!! We missed you. Don't go away anymore!!

Now, back to the issue at hand...

I KNEW he was going to get in trouble with his "little taste" thing a few years ago! Is he back on smack?

You can NEVER just take a little taste of something that you were addicted to.

Oh God I hope I'm wrong
03-18-02 01:13 PM
Joey Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!! Smack !!!!!!!!

Welcome back Annie.......did you get the chiba that I placed in your underwear drawer last night around ten o' clock ???????? Good stuff indeed.

" The Wall was just warmed over Arthur Ronnie "

Joey , C10

03-18-02 01:47 PM

Hey you guys--- Joey, that purple chiba with the red thread is just waaaaaaaanderful. I finally found it, under that copy of Dirty Work i always used as a coaster...i have to hide the thing in my underwear drawer, lest a child find it and i must explain it. That would be impossible.

It's really against the law of the Stones.

And MaxLugar, my dearest shan't worry yer pretty lil head over this one. He'll be in first rate shape this's just's hard to "stay away" due to boredom.

No big. We'll have our band, and we'll have our tour, and all shall be well.

You'll see ; )

03-18-02 02:54 PM
Maxlugar "I finally found it, under that copy of Dirty Work i always used as a coaster...i have to hide the thing in my underwear
drawer, lest a child find it and i must explain it. That would be
It's really against the law of the Stones."

Why do you choose to hurt Maxy like this?

What has Maxy done to deserve this vicious attack?

I'm stunned, shunned and my motor's gunned!

Gotta moto!

Maxy - From war torn NYC!
03-18-02 10:00 PM
yellow1 Wow this is some news and not good at that...
I guess it also puts the rumoured Jamaica writing sessions with Mick unsubstantiated rumour.

It must be hard for the man to be left with basically nothing to do for 2+ years. And then the insult of seeing the song he worked on with Fraboni for B2B get rejected by Sheryl Crow who would probably have dumped Clapton for the honor of having a Keith song on her CD ;-)

Who the F*** are these "handlers" anyway ?! Maybe he should give "Spanish Tony" a call and have him kick these guys but like he did with the 2 pushy fishermen in Villefranche in 1972...On the flipside Spanish Tony wasn't a very good example when it came to drugs as he was pretty much Keith's supplier !

I hope he's not been taking that "stuff" to quell any pain associated with his seemingly swollen joints in his fingers.
03-18-02 10:46 PM

What has Maxy done to deserve this vicious attack?

Maxy - From war torn NYC!

Oh, Maxy--- Dirty Work gets to you like an air-guitar playing Ronald ! It surely works for a maddeningly refreshing blast, which assures me Mr.MaxLugar is recovering rather sufficiently from recent events in our dearest filthiest city in the world ; )

And for this the queen is glad. MaxLugar is refreshingly the same Lugar, Dirty Work my proof ; )

When the rigorous drink promised...the royal throat IS rather dry, you know ?

03-19-02 07:05 AM
Maxlugar My Queen,

Maxy's throat is very much dry as well....

Dry like the desert in my toe nail, ah yeah...

Soon you shall show my the finer parts of BB Kings or Iridium....


Only my Queen knows.....


Because it's up to her and her alone....

I am ready when she is!!!!

Ahhh what am I doing here on 52nd St. and 6th avenue?

Why, just waiting for Annie to tell me when we are getting a cold one or 10.

Maxy!, Est. 1812
03-19-02 03:59 PM
Joey There is this great bar on 54th Street , between 6th and 7th Streets called " Faces and Names Lounge " , right next door to " Mookies Cookie Nook " . Inside the bar there are many paintings , including a huge portrait of the B2B era Rolling Stones , only this time the artist was Stones' Savy enough to include Bill Wyman .

I recommend a trip to this establishment ...........Joey also loves Bartender Jude .....and the Compaq discount .

" Lose Carlton Forinia up my Ass Ronnie "

J . Joeyfly ( The Joey , C10 )

Joey , Established 1999 ( March )

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