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July 14, 1971
Villefranche sur mer, Villa Nellcote, FRANCE
Basement of Keith Richards' house
By Dominique Tarlé



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Topic: say a prayer for a die hard stones fan Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
03-25-04 05:06 AM
MarthaMyDear Oh, he's ALWAYS, ALWAYS been nice to me on this board (if I recall correctly!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P ) but I prayed for his recovery and I will continue to do so and I wish him and his family, girlfriend, and friends all the best!!! You can't lose listening to the Stones and Tom Petty!!! EXCELLENT TASTE!!! lol.......... I hope his girlfriend sings to him again 'cause that sounds like it's helping ALOT!!! Anyways, take care and I hope he gets better SOON!!! PEACE!!!

*** Martha ***
03-25-04 12:18 PM
2120SMA Godspeed!

Will be praying for you and your family.
03-25-04 10:07 PM
jaggergurl many prayers to riffhard and his family and friends
03-26-04 07:41 AM
keith_tif many pryers for riffhard!
03-26-04 10:37 AM
Zeeta Take care man - hope u better now!

03-26-04 12:41 PM
Martha I sincerely hope that no news is good news. We're all still praying for you Matt! I burned you a show and am gonna burn you another one this week (Petty& Heartbreakers show; Holmdel 8/9/'s awesome!). HANG IN THERE!!!!

03-26-04 03:38 PM
Bob Tamp It's Friday, and Matt is still with us contrary to what the Doctor continues to say. Keep the prayers coming, and thank you.

" His coat is torn and frayed.
It seen much better days.
Just as long as the guitar plays
let it steal your heart away"
03-26-04 03:45 PM
Factory Girl Thanks, Bob for the update. We'll keep Matty in our prayers.

Keep up with his medicine-Stones and Tom Petty.
03-26-04 04:50 PM
glencar Thanks for the updates, Bob Tamp.
03-26-04 05:26 PM
Scottfree The Stones are medicinal music
03-27-04 03:02 PM
J.J.Flash Bob, could you provide us the latest reports on Matt's health. Please, detail. Is he conscious?

We will keep on praying my brother! May the good Lord, shine a light on you.
03-27-04 10:21 PM
Bob Tamp It's Saturday, and Matt is still with us. I stayed with him all day, but his prognosis isn't that good per his Doctor. He is basically unconscious... on liquid ativan with morphine.Tube down his throat, and tubes down his nose. All the hospital shit hooked up monitoring heart, oxygen level, and blood pressure.
I kept the music going all day long, and he didn't get any worse so I'm praying for a recovery. Keep the prayers coming because I do believe it's working... and crank up the song "Torn and Frayed" so Matt can hear it. He and I always agreed that was the Stones' autobiographical song.

Hopefully Sunday will bring even better news!
03-27-04 10:40 PM
MP My prayers are with you Matt....hang in there!
03-28-04 01:21 AM
coowouters Hang on Matt!!!!!

I rarely post here, but we need you!!!!
I'm going to play "Torn and Frayed" for you today.
So stay with us, get better and enjoy the Stones with us when they tour again!!!!!!

03-28-04 08:35 AM
LadyJane are such a good friend. You must be so tired and drained. Take care of yourself and thank you for keeping us updated.

Torn and Frayed shall be played many times today!!

Keep fighting, Matt!!

03-28-04 02:17 PM
erikjjf Hang in there, Matt!
03-28-04 03:51 PM
Factory Girl Damn you, Matty! Hang in there, boy! You ain't going nowhere!!

PS. Thanks for the updates, Bob.
03-28-04 05:38 PM
Martha LadyJane my sentiments exactly...Bob make certain to take good care of yourself. And what a GREAT friend you are to Matty. Listen to Torn and Frayed! You betcha!

Hang in there Matt.

I'm gonna listen to Dear Doctor too, just for additional booster!

Stay strong. Update us when you can and thank for doing that already.

Blessings to Matt, his fiance and his Mother and to YOU Bob Tamp. :-)

03-29-04 04:30 AM
Factory Girl wrote:
Damn you, Matty! Hang in there, boy! You ain't going nowhere!!

PS. Thanks for the updates, Bob.

Right on. Don't you dare even think about it Matt! Get well damn soon!
And Bob, you are indeed a great friend. Thanks for keeping us updated and hang on in there too.
03-29-04 08:07 PM
(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

Hey let him follow you down,
Way underground wind and he's bound.
Bound to follow you down,
Just a dead beat right off the street.
Bound to follow you down.
Well the ballrooms and smelly bordellos
And dressing rooms filled with parasites.
On stage the band has got problems,
They're a bag of nerves on first nights.
He ain't tied down to no home town,
Yeah, and he thought he was wreckless.
You think he's bad, he thinks you're mad,
Yeah, and the guitar player gets restless.

And his coat is torn and frayed,
It's seen much better days.
Just as long as the guitar plays
Let it steal your heart away,
Let it steal your heart away.

Joe's got a cough, sounds kind a rough,
Yeah, and the codeine to fix it.
Doctor prescribes, drug store supplies,
Who's gonna help him to kick it

Well his coat is torn and frayed,
It`s seen much better days.
Just as long as the guitar plays
Let it steal your heart away,
Let it steal your heart away.

03-30-04 01:03 PM
hotlicks Hang in there mate
03-30-04 01:25 PM
magicwoman get well soon riffhard
03-31-04 01:18 AM
Jumacfly Hang On stones Bro,I m going to play Torn and Frayed right now...
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