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July 14, 1971
Villefranche sur mer, Villa Nellcote, FRANCE
Basement of Keith Richards' house
By Dominique Tarlé



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Topic: SMiLE (part 2) Return to archive
03-13-04 12:38 PM
mac_daddy we had a pretty sweet discussion going on a few weeks ago about this wonderful piece of music that Brian Wilson wrote oh so long ago...

anyway, with the advent of the source detailed below, I figured I would resurect (sp) the discussion...

not the greatest source in the world, but I am sill looking forward to hearing it...

(not my notes below)

Brian Wilson, "Smile," Royal Festival Hall, London, 24Feb2004


Sonic Studios DSM-65 microphone 9th row dead centre ->
Sony D7 portable DAT recorder;
Yamaha DTR2 DAT deck -> Philips CDR-870 CD recorder;
EAC -> mkwACT -> SHN

Set 1, 57m58s:
1. And Your Dream Comes True
2. Surfer Girl
3. In My Room
4. Hawaii
5. Keep an Eye on Summer
6. Please Let Me Wonder
7. Good Timin'
8. You're Welcome
9. Time to Get Alone
10. Sloop John B
11. Row Row Row Your Boat
12. God Only Knows
13. Soul Searching
14. California Girls
15. Darlin'
16. Dance Dance Dance
17. City Blues
18. Marcella
19. Sail On Sailor

Set 2/encore, 76m23s:
1. Smile 1st Movement -
Prayer > Heroes & Villains > Do You Like Worms > Barnyard >
The Old Master Painter > You Are My Sunshine > Cabinessence
2. Smile 2nd Movement -
Wonderful > A Children's Song > Child Is the Father of the Man >
Surf's Up
3. Smile 3rd Movement -
I'm in Great Shape > I Wanna Be Around > Vega-Tables > Holiday >
Wind Chimes > Mrs. O'Leary's Cow > I Love to Say Da Da > Prayer >
Good Vibrations

4. band intros
5. Do It Again
6. I Get Around
7. Help Me Rhonda
8. Barbara Ann
9. Surfin' USA
10. Fun Fun Fun
11. Love & Mercy

= = =

These FLACs were converted from SHNs encoded from a rip of a red-book disc burned by the taper directly from the original DAT, so there's been only one generation of DAE.

[Edited by mac_daddy]
03-14-04 01:03 AM
mac_daddy just listened to this - it sounds MUCH better than I thought it would !!!


evidently, the taper was front-center, in front of Sirs Paul (McCartney) and George (Martin), according to posts I have read...

simply wonderful recording.

[Edited by mac_daddy]
03-14-04 06:13 AM
Diedre Is there any way you can make this available as a weed or tree? I'm sure there are a lot of people that would love this (including me!) I have dial-up internet access, so it would take me forever and a day to download something like that.
03-14-04 07:05 AM
mac_daddy >>> Is there any way you can make this available as a weed or tree?


I will also entertain trade offers (PM me if interested), but if you are unable to trade, simply sign up below for the vine...


Brian Wilson "SMiLE" February 24, 2004 - vine sign up:

0. mac_daddy

03-14-04 12:50 PM

Brian Wilson "SMiLE" February 24, 2004 - vine sign up:

0. mac_daddy
1. SeerSuckersuit

03-15-04 09:10 PM
doo doo doo Dude Count me in

Brian Wilson "SMiLE" February 24, 2004 - vine sign up:

0. mac_daddy
1. SeerSuckersuit
2. doo doo doo dude

03-15-04 11:14 PM
Zack Count me in too. Thanks mac.

Brian Wilson "SMiLE" February 24, 2004 - vine sign up:

0. mac_daddy
1. SeerSuckersuit
2. doo doo doo dude
3. Zack
4. Gazza

[Edited by Gazza]
03-16-04 01:41 AM
Zack Mac_daddy: I tried to send you an email about this show but it got kicked back.

Can you drop me a line please

03-16-04 12:45 PM
jb Bill Perks
03-16-04 01:29 PM

Keith Moon !
03-18-04 02:34 PM
SeerSuckersuit I have a Musician friend in Amsterdam who knows his music well who saw the show on the 13th and here is what he wrote me ...

The show was divided into three parts: an acoustic high-on-close-harmony opening set, the Smile set and the final greatest hits part. The first part seemed to focus on making Brian feel relaxed, good vibes were all around. I must say his voice isn't what it used to be (but hey, like the review said, the greatest Beach Boys voice - i.e. Carl's - is already dead & gone), but his compadres del harmonia were more than up to it. Furthermore, most of the musicians (a ten piece band + a seven piece brass & violin/cello combo) turned out to be able to play numerous instruments, switching from one to the other with complete ease, just filling out the songs brilliantly. I sure as hell hope Smile will be brought out in a studio version. Also, pretty soon the first bootlegs of the European tour will be floating around... I heard Brian will do the Smile show in the States as well. I tell you this: DO NOT MISS IT, this show was one of the best concerts I have ever ever seen in my life. It was almost too much to hear so many beautiful tunes, I'm sure I wasn't the only one almost choking with emotion...

03-18-04 03:59 PM
glencar Does Brian play in a big sandbox still? And if so, does it get brought out on stage?
03-18-04 04:50 PM
Joey " Does Brian play in a big sandbox still? And if so, does it get brought out on stage? "

Not quite sure my Goysky but your young Joey STILL posts like a wind up toy !

03-18-04 04:53 PM
Gazza Joey

I just e-mailed you but it bounced!
03-18-04 05:10 PM
Joey " Joey

I just e-mailed you but it bounced! "

{{{{{{{{ ? }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

I's be sitting right here waiting for it !!!!!!!

Please check you PM

Jacky !
03-18-04 05:30 PM
Gazza thanks Joeyski!
03-18-04 05:32 PM
Joey " thanks Joeyski! "

Anytime My Goysky ( Whatever that means )

Wait ?!?!?! Where's Josh ?!?!?!?!

Developing .......................................


03-24-04 01:59 PM
mac_daddy wow - I got all distracted in this thread, sorry...

Gazza, I took you off the vine, because I am sending you your own copy, along with the MSG 72

dddD - I took your name off because I sent you your own copy today.

Zack, send SeerSuckeruit a PM with your mailing addy. He will copy the discs, and then send the original discs (the ones I burned) on to you...

to sign up, simply copy the post from here to the bottom, and add your name to the bottom of the list below...

Brian Wilson "SMiLE" February 24, 2004 - vine sign up:

0. mac_daddy - sent 3/24
1. SeerSuckersuit
2. Zack

03-24-04 03:46 PM
jb trees / vines/ branches/ leaves...i don't get it...
03-24-04 04:21 PM
jb wrote:
trees / vines/ branches/ leaves...i don't get it...

these are all ways to organize and facilitate the distribution of music. Discs are sent from one person to another on the list...

typically, a few discs are offered up to the group (RO members) via one of several methods (vines, trees, weeds)...

anyone may sign up. there are two different types of people (for these purposes): those who can make copies of audio CDs, and those who can not...

If you can NOT make copies of audio CDs (either with a standalone, consumer electronics product, or with a home computer), you need to sign up as a LEAF...

You then have to simply send a B+P package (click the underlined link for more info) to the person who is your branch...

if you CAN make copies of audio CDs (for you and/or for others), sign up as whatever you want: a leaf or a branch [a leaf if you just want to get a copy of the discs, a branch if you want to help spread the music, and while making a copy for yourself, making a few for other folks who want them (and have sent a B+P to you)]...

the people who originally offer the CD sets ("seeders") will organize the distribution in one of several ways: trees, vines, weeds...

trees: one person makes ("burns") copies for a few folks ("branches") who in turn burn copies for several different members. this method requires alot of work for the seeder, but gets the discs out to alot of people in a short amount of time...

vines: one person makes an original set of discs. This set is sent from person to person on the list. Each person makes a copy for him/herself, and sends the originals on to the next on the list. Along the way, people will offer to take on a few leaves. These spots are open to folks who are unable to burn copies for themselves, and simply want to do a B+P. This method is a bit slower on the distribution side because there is only one set of original discs that makes the rounds, but this is the most reliable way to avoid burning errors, and it is the easiest for the seeder to organize .

weeds: this method is open only to people who burn copies for others. one person gets sent a copy of the disc set, promising to make 2 or 3 copies to send out to the group. Each recipient agrees to do the same. This method spreads the music quickly, but often with errors, and it shuts out those who do not burn the discs themselves...

I hope this helps.

03-24-04 04:25 PM
jb You seem exceptionally bright Mac daddy...what do you do in real life...I bet you, like me, make a lot of money!!!
03-26-04 06:40 AM
patriceg Hi there
I was at this show in London and i would like to get that concert on cd unfortunatly i can't do any copy( so i'm a leaf, if i get it right).
I do understand what a B&P is, so can someone contact me to tell me what to do?
It will be very kind
Thanks a lot

04-01-04 06:19 AM
mac_daddy 0. mac_daddy - sent 3/24
1. SeerSuckersuit
2. Zack

SeerSuckersuit - this arrived, correct?
04-01-04 08:46 AM
SeerSuckersuit Mac_D .... I sent you PM yesterday explaining that it had been a week and nothing had arrived as yet ...

Got my fingers crossed ....
04-02-04 07:31 AM
BillyBoll 0. mac_daddy - sent 3/24
1. SeerSuckersuit
2. Zack
3. BillyBoll

If this is still on the go, I would like a copy, please.....