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Topic: I have a question for the die hard Stones fans Return to archive
03-01-02 09:04 AM
ThumperDude Yesterday was Brians birthday and a lot of talk about Brian came up on music message boards all over the place. Below in quotes is something someone posted and I wanted some die hard Stones fans to give me their take on what this person said. I will give my own personal views after there have been a few posts from you folks. Thanks a lot for your help!

"Mick and Keith didn't want to be a blues band anymore, hence the demise of Brian Jones. While I think that Mick Taylor is the best guitarist that The Stones ever had, and some of the material they put out with him on lead is amongst the best The Stones ever released (especially Black and Blue) I definitely liked their overall output with Brian Jones as the lead guitarist, the best."
03-01-02 02:38 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Well, I have a few problems with that statement.

Brian realized early on that they were not going to be big stars playing the blues. They probably wouldn't even be able to scrape together a living if they stayed a blues band. Brian was a lot of things, but I don't think stupid was one of them. Brian wanted to be a star, and Brian was willing to give up his dream of bringing the blues to the unwashed white masses, to get his stardom. Andrew Oldham was the person who shot Brian's dream down....and Brian let him do it.

Now the other problem that I have is that I would like this person to show me a song on Black & Blue that Mick Taylor plays on. I'll give you a hint, he doesn't play on Black & Blue. Black and Blue had lead guitar played by committee...Woody, Wayne Perkins, Harvey Mandel....but no Lil' Mick Quitter. Taylor bailed on the Stones about a week prior to the Black and Blue recording sessions. And it's one of the big reasons why that album wasn't absolutely huge. It sounds like a hodgepodge. It lacked continuity. If it had Taylor playing lead on all of those tracks, giving it a signature lead guitar sound, that album would have rocked the world.

So this person likes the 60's output with Brian, better than anything else...OK with me. He/She is allowed. I like a lot of that stuff as well. I certainly won't argue against it!
03-01-02 03:11 PM
the lepper I love Black and Blue. Great mixture of song styles. Melody is blues/swing pulled off very convincingly, Hey Negrita would have never happened without Woodie....The lead guitar on the record is IMO every bit as good as Taylor would have produced. Shit the Harvey Mandel solo on Hand of Fate even sounds like Mick Taylor, and is way cool. As usual, the one piece of crap on the record is ANOTHER cheesy Mick ballad-Fool To Cry. I love Mick's vocals on this record- much more gruffer than normal.
03-01-02 03:42 PM
ThumperDude Thanks for the replys. The first thing that stood out was him not knowing Ron played on Black and Blue. How about Brian being called the lead guitar player?
03-01-02 03:46 PM
Joey Mick Taylor was the greatest thing to ever happen to a band called " The Rolling Stones ." He made the band what they are today .....Old Gods !!!! Living Legends !!!!! His surperb musicianship and the way he covered Keith's arse for most of his tenure with the group gave albums like Sticky Fingers , Exile , GHS , and IORR the drive and verve needed for the Stones to keep pace with their peers like the WHO .

If Mick Taylor had never joined the Rolling Stones , the band would have collapsed by 1973 . Forget Brian , he was just a Mid-60's period piece completely irrelevent to the history of the Stones . If Mick and Keith would have had the balls to fire him in 1967 instead of 1969 , the group would have been even more magnaminous than it already was . Brian held the band back and the Stones lost two years because of his ersatz playing and distracting presence . I cringe at photos of the band with Brian in them makes me wish Ian's face was present amongst the group photographs instead .

The Joey
03-01-02 05:39 PM
Maxlugar Holy moly, Joey,

Where did you lift that from? Old Gods Almost Dead? I haven't read it (or bought it) yet.

But I did wack off to the picture of Marianne with her cleavage showing in aisle 7 of my local Barnes and Nobel.

Guess I can't go back THERE again!

Oh well....

03-01-02 05:50 PM
Joey "Where did you lift that from? Old Gods Almost Dead? "

Maxy , you make Joey cry . That is a Joey original....straight from the gut !!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes , the tome " Old Gods Almost Dead " is a masterpiece . Please buy it soon and thank young Joey later .

You want stolen prose ???? Check this out ....

Our band is not loved by the masses and I like it like that . We are a secret society . Undercover of the night we are . Hug Me .

" Bite Me Arse Ronnie "

J . Joeyfly


03-02-02 10:20 AM
Child of the Moon Joey, you make Lil' Stevie cry. Brian Jones only kind of FORMED the group, y'know... not completely irrelevant.
03-02-02 10:53 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Joey!

Did I write that here or there? I remember writing it, I just don't remember where.

BTW, I'm getting tix today to see the Who, July 29th.

Busy, drink, golf, rock.

Not always in that order!
03-02-02 02:44 PM
Gazza >Forget Brian , he was just a Mid-60's period piece completely irrelevent to the history of the Stones .

"Completely irrelevant to the history of the Stones" ?? Jesus,Joey..what were you ON last night?...this must qualify as the most absurd post of the decade.
Thats about as plausible as saying George Washington had no significance in the history of the United States..
03-02-02 04:44 PM
Joey "BTW, I'm getting tix today to see the Who, July 29th. "

My Cardinal , you have made your young Joey a very happy man . I hope you are taking Fleabit with you to the WHO show . Please spend what you can in order to get the best seats .......The WHO rock !!!!!!!!! I am hoping that the band adds a Kansas City Date this summer . It has been thirteen years since the WHO last played Kansas City . Jesus Fucking Christ the band is overdue for this area .

The WHO this summer and the Rolling Stones this fall .

Oh the glory .....the glory.....the glory !

P.S. I hear Philadelphia is getting rid of Veterans Stadium . Thank God !!!!! That city needs a new venue . I have heard horror stories about field conditions at the VET . Seattle and New England and Houston also open up new football stadiums this fall . Yes !!!!!!!

" Hit Me Ronnie "


J. Joeyfly ( The Joey , C10 )

03-02-02 05:13 PM
AlexanderHic If Brian Jones was ever irrelevant, then Joey is a literary genius.
03-03-02 10:12 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hee Hee Hee!

You guys don't know Joey very well.

Sometimes it's hard to convey sarcasm and irony with printed words.

In other words, you've been had.
03-03-02 01:52 PM
Miss U. Joey, now I REALLY want to meet you--to kick your arse!!!!

Thumperdude, I also love Black & Blue, one of my fave albums. BTW, whether or not Brian quit or was fired is pretty much a mystery.

If you want the low-down on BEE J., check out my site.

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