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Topic: Waddy Wachtel, Gazza and Angiegirl Return to archive
02-26-02 05:51 AM
ShawnMcKelvey HOLD ON A MINUTE HERE! Do you two have some priveliged information that no one else has? I've never heard that Waddy was CONVICTED at all. It's been a while, but the version I heard was, that Waddy got popped with some coke and the cops pressured him to give up his dealer. When he wouldn't, they dug in his computer and found pictures of girls of an indeterminate age. I never heard anything of a conviction, and he has toured with Stevie Nicks since then. I doubt she would support him if what you said is true. If you have some differnt info, I apologize; but if not, this is the worst kind of smearing and slanderous witch hunting.

Shawn McKelvey
02-26-02 11:12 AM
yellow1 That's also what I'd heard.
02-26-02 11:33 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I don't think he was ever convicted of anything...and I don't think he's ever molested any children. Besides, he's way too scarey looking for any kid to let him anywher near them. It'd be like letting the boogeyman under the covers with you!
02-26-02 12:53 PM
Maxlugar LOL! Yeah right Ximy. Waddy is no Barney.
02-26-02 03:07 PM
Joey Agreed My Cardinal ,

Waddy gives me the creeps .

One look at Waddy and my nut sack creeps so far up my body cavity that people stop me on the street and ask if I have the mumps .

Hug Me

The Joey , C10

02-26-02 03:12 PM
Maxlugar Joey,

You friggin' son of a bitch.

02-26-02 03:34 PM
F505 Hahaha! Joey, you're absolute right. But then when I meet Pete Townshend in the street nowadays I wouldn't hesitate to ask him if he want to do my book-keeping.
02-26-02 03:58 PM
Joey "But then when I meet Pete Townshend in the street nowadays I wouldn't hesitate to ask him if he want to do my book-keeping . "

Hey , that is a guitar god you are talking about . In fact , only Clapton and Hendrix are better players than the compleat Pete .

Oh , and Pete can write pretty well too .

Hug Me .

Joey , C10

02-26-02 04:04 PM
F505 If God looks like that, I am a convinced atheist

(I must say that even Waddy looks more like JC)

02-26-02 06:17 PM
Gazza I never said he'd molested anyone. I said he'd been caught with kiddie porn - which from what I can gather on the original post in this thread,you seem to acknowledge,Shawn

As far as I'm concerned anyone who saves that shit on their PC is a lowlife - conviction or not. I'm not gonna apologise to anyone for saying that regardless of how much I admire the man's musical talents (which I always have done).

We had a similar (although more extreme) case in the UK a couple of years ago with 70's pop star Gary Glitter. It didnt make pleasant reading even though there werent any grounds for proof that he had molested anyone personally. He still did time for possession of what he had stored on his PC and his career was finished.

>this is the worst kind of smearing and slanderous witch hunting.

Sue me,Waddy..

02-26-02 08:00 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Waddy's already very busy with his new band "men 2 boyz" with (between others) Michael Jackson, Billy Preston and Gary Glitter. They are ready to launch the "All Inclusive Tour" with a unique feature: free admission for all male kids under 10 and for some selected good-looking boys free admission backstage before and after the show. Offer valid only for kids alone, no parents allowed.

Required Stones content: Waddy, Michael and Billy have recorded with the Rolling Stones or members of the band.

02-26-02 09:04 PM
gypsy Too funny!
02-26-02 09:35 PM
yellow1 U sure about Billy ? I thought he'd been busted fro drug problems, not for er... interest in children...
02-26-02 10:37 PM
JaggaRichards who's the opening act?
02-26-02 10:39 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Excuse me, but it will be Sir Elton
02-27-02 08:48 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Calling Elton John SIR, is like calling me "Your Emminence"!

Besides, shouldn't we be calling him, "Your Ladyship"?
02-27-02 12:19 PM
Lazy Bones Ah, you guys. Got my Rocks Off! Very good.
02-27-02 01:03 PM
F505 Don't forget the horn section: Woody Allen on clarinet (didn't he marry a school girl?)

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