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Topic: Opening Date 2002 Return to archive
02-24-02 03:46 PM
Mathijs The opening show of the Stones 40th Anniversary Tour 2002 will be September 5 in Philadelphia, sources close to the band reveal.

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02-24-02 09:09 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Philly...yeah! My backyard....I hope it's true!
02-24-02 11:22 PM
yellow1 They seem to ALWAYS start their tours from Philly !
Except NS of course, which was in golden CA !
02-25-02 03:04 PM
Gazza well...wasnt the talk of them re-enacting moments from past tours?? this case,theyre maybe thinking about copying 1981 and 1989 by opening in Philadelphia!!

Its a long way away though - remember that the 1989 tour was supposed to open in Buffalo until only a few weeks before the tour actually kicked off in Philly. Anything could happen between now and September..and probably will!
02-25-02 05:14 PM
Stonesdoug US tour opening cities

1964--San Bernadino, Cal.
1964--New York, NY
1965--Albany NY (but Canada dates before Albany)
1965--Ithaca, NY (after Montreal, Canada)
1966--Lynn, Mass.
1969--Ft Collins, Col.
1972--Seattle Wash (after Vancouver, British COlumbia)
1975--Baton ROuge, LA
1978--Lakeland, FL
1981--Philadelphia, PA (after club gig in Worcester MA)
1989--Philadelphia, PA (after club gig in New Haven, CT)
1994--Washington DC (after club gig in Toronto)
1997--Chicago, IL (after club gig in Toronto)
1999--Oakland, CA
02-25-02 06:55 PM
Joey Look for the opening show to be in New York this time . MSG !!!!!!

Yeah !

How about a summit at the Marriott on Times Square ?

02-26-02 08:00 AM
Maxlugar My Dearest Young Little Joey,

If you were really to come to NYC and meet up with me I'd take you to the Faces and Names Lounge.

There you will see for yourself:

1) The Stones savy painting of the B2B era w/Bill The little hands that could" Wyman included.

2) Jude

3) Maxy getting very drunk

4) Us having our portraits drawn and hung on the wall for all time.

I hope to see you there. There will be no heavy lifting of firewood this time. It will be all celebration. We will get wasted elegantly with the style and grace that only two classy guys like us can.

Also, have you purchased your copy of Jeff Beck's "You Asked For it" yet? Are you ready for it, I wonder.....?

Stonesitus infectedly yours,

Maxy Von Lugar, Esq!
02-26-02 08:35 AM
nankerphelge Don't forget the "Welcome to New York I Chiba" that you would no doubt find.

In NYC you can get chiba delivered like pizza. I suppose that any well-connected person can get such service, but in New York they really have it down to a science. You call the number, select one item from column A and one from column B ("I'd like 1 Bubblegum and 1 White Rhino and an order of Twisty Bread) and the next thing you know the door bell is a ringin'. That's some damn fine capitalism right there.

Dial 1-800-need-chiba!

02-26-02 10:52 AM
Cardinal Ximinez It's gonna be Philly...I feel it in my bones.

If it IS gonna be Philly, I recommend the Comfort Inn at Penns Landing. It's not real expensive, and South Street, Penn's Landing, Hooter's are all within staggering difference...and the Vet is about a 5 minute ride away.

There is NOTHING better for the munchies than a real by God Philly cheesesteak. Or "Heartattack-on-a-roll" as I call them. We can all get drunk and tour the submarine...or walk over and gape at the Liberty Bell....or take the ferry over to the Camden Aquarium and tease the sharks. But mostly we should see if we can drink a beer at every bar on South Street.....And the Vet has a GREAT parking lot for tailgating!
02-26-02 11:38 AM
nankerphelge Sounds great. As you know, there are at least 10 of us that are well-conditioned for hanging out, walking around, getting fucked up and eating. I would imagine we can easily re-create the glory that was Cleveland once again.

Personally, I think we should commission 2000 Man to put together a special brew just for one of the summits. "Brotherly Love Ale" or "Tour Opener Lager" or "Return of the C10 Shitfacing" -- with some special pen & ink lable that we can all take home and smell for years to come.
02-26-02 11:51 AM
TomL Just stopped at Pat's steaks last weekend on my way to NYC. had to have two.
02-26-02 12:10 PM
L&A Hey, what about a new Brussels Affair ...
02-26-02 12:57 PM
Maxlugar Hee hee, Twisty Bread!

Around and Around will and should be the set opener.

Go Mick!!!!!!

02-26-02 02:39 PM
Joey "Also, have you purchased your copy of Jeff Beck's "You Asked For it" yet? Are you ready for it, I wonder.....?'

No my Maxy ,

but I found this great link called :

It is here that I purchased a great new Door's live CD called " Bright Midnight "

Breathtaking !!!!!

Joey is in Heaven for awhile .

P.S. My gut tells me the opening show will be in NYC at the Garden . I can smell it !!!!!!!!!!

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