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The Jack Bruce - Mick Taylor Band 1975
Ronnie Leahy, Jack, Carla Bley, Bruce Gary and Mick
Photo by Robert Ellis - Rolling Stone No. 191 July 17th, 1975
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Topic: Country-Western Stones Tunes Return to archive
03-23-02 03:06 PM
JaggaRichards So I was telling a non-Stones fan pal that the boys are also a great C&W band, and he asked me to make up a tape of them doing C&W. I said "OK" and now I need a good listing of tunes, legit and bootleg. Suggestions needed.......
03-23-02 03:21 PM

Well, you got yer work cutout fer ya, my fiendish friend.
You'll have to go waaaaaay back to Let it Bleed, pick some from those sessions, {hell, you'd best go back to Beggar's, really}and end up with faraway eyes from Some Girls. Hell, do what you want. But you've got QUITE a bit of work a head of you, so if yer serious, i'd suggest getting started.

Hell, there's stuff even before beggar's. Ask FPM, if'n you know who that cat is. Gazza can tell you, as well. Gerardo&Jaxx, too. Keno @ GasX3, too.

I don't know why i even posted an answer to this, really. Guess i'm in the type vibe for this afternooon hour today ; )

Just remember Gram Parsons as you compile it all. Just remember Gram. That's really all that matters in this context.


03-23-02 03:30 PM
Jaxx personally, i refer to it as rockabilly as opposed to country and western. here's a few off the top of my head to get you started:

faraway eyes
sweet virginia
wild horses
dead flowers ("i felt like a hillbilly for a minute there hmm, just a minute, tho"}
no expectations
country honk
let it bleed (sounds more country on stripped)
love in vain
dear doctor
torn and frayed (maybe??)

03-23-02 03:34 PM
Fabio Hot Stuff Hey Jagga!
Do you need some suggestions? I try...
High and dry
Far away eyes (SOME GIRLS '78)
Sweet Virginia
Sweet black Angel
Torn and frayed (EXILE ON M. ST. 72)
Turd on the run
Dead flowers
Sweet heart together
Indian girl
humm, that's the songs i remember in mind
03-23-02 06:00 PM
beer "No spare parts"
03-23-02 08:48 PM
The Worst
Jaxx wrote:

let it bleed (sounds more country on stripped)

I think, that it sounds more complex and therefore less country on "Stripped".
03-23-02 08:49 PM
The Worst
Fabio Hot Stuff wrote:

Sweet black Angel

Isn't this reggae and not country?
03-23-02 09:12 PM
The Worst Apart from those already mentioned (legal):
Down Home Girl
Parachute Woman
Jig-Saw Puzzle
Salt Of The Earth
You Got The Silver
Shine A Light
Till The Next Goodbye
Short And Curlies
Beast Of Burden
The Worst
Well, partially it is hard to differentiate between blues and country songs.
03-23-02 09:44 PM
The Worst illegal:
Blood Red Wine
03-23-02 10:33 PM
Jaxx [quote]The Worst wrote:
Well, partially it is hard to differentiate between blues and country songs.

that was my dilema too. differentiating between blues and country. at some point it is a fine, hazy line

also, i actually listened to the versions of let it bleed today on stripped and on let it bleed. the stripped version is a little slower, and while it may be more complex it sounds more "country" to me. LOL as a new yorker who has lived in texas and in colorado, to me "country" has its "definate" sound. i guess anything that sounds twangy to me i consider country. the stripped version sounds more twangy to me. but then again, that is a matter of opinion i guess. i don't presume to be an expert on this at all!
03-23-02 11:12 PM
steel driving hammer Nice fucking thread.

Nice fucking Country songs listed!

Think I'll make a CDR of Country Stones songs.
Thanks for the idear!

The Blues is a given for the Stones but when they do
Country, they have a certain "snake charm elevation" feel.

You Win Again...

Keith at his piano doin' olde Merl Haggard for starters...

Ohh Keith I love you, he's the best thing since Jesus Christ.

The man who invented the Steam Drill thought he was mighty fine,
John Henry made his fifteen feet,
steam drill only made nine...
03-24-02 03:58 AM
gypsy71 Honest I Do
03-24-02 12:30 PM
gypsy71 wrote:
Honest I Do

The 'Stripped Companion' version, right? The one from their first album is straight blues IMO.

I'll also add these:

You Win Again
Say It's Not You (Keef and George Jones)
Yellow Cab

Thanks everyone for the input on this'll be a good one!
03-24-02 01:12 PM
Vacendak Howsabout "Do You Think I Care" (aka "Yellow Cab") and "We Had It All"? Maybe even "Sister Morphine," "Congratulations," and "Time Is On My Side" (done the way ol' George Jones did it on "Stone Country")....
03-24-02 03:13 PM
Nasty Habits Hey Steel --

SPOT ON about Keith's version of Sing Me Back Home. It is truly one of the most beautiful recordings in the history of magnetic tape.

And while we're at it -- let's drink to "Evening Gown", a Stones song if ever there was one and easily a top five highlight of Jagger's solo career.


Sometimes I think this world is one big prison yard.
Some of us are prisoners. Some of us are guards.

[Edited by Nasty Habits]
03-24-02 09:18 PM
nanky The Underassistant West Coast Promo Man

well I'm sittin at a bus stop
in downtown LA

der der der der
der der der der

What a great tune!

Doncha Bother Me is pretty good
And Factory Girl too -- even the Flashpoint version

I used to not care for the country flavor but now
"Y'all like country music too now doncha"

03-25-02 12:47 AM
KeepRigid Keith.

Apartment No. 9.

Ditto, the New Barbarians' version- with Keith and Ronnie both howling into the night. ("This is a song called Apartment No. 9. Keith's gonna play piano, I'm gonna play pedal steel...and somebody's gonna have a puff on that.")

We Had it All also knocks me out every time.

'And I'll never stop believin' in your smile
Even though it didn't stay, it was all worthwhile'
03-25-02 12:49 AM
KeepRigid BTW, if you're including solo Jagger, you can't omit "Party Doll" off of Primitive Cool.

'Times change, but the fascination stays.'

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