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The Jack Bruce - Mick Taylor Band 1975
Ronnie Leahy, Jack, Carla Bley, Bruce Gary and Mick
Photo by Robert Ellis - Rolling Stone No. 191 July 17th, 1975
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Topic: The header pic Return to archive
03-23-02 01:30 AM
Maxlugar It's like someone put a smoke in the mouth of Jesus as he hangs on the cross.

Forgive me Father.....
03-23-02 09:08 AM
nanky Surprisingly he doesn't look that bad considering he was right in the middle of the old Horsey ride!

There are other pix of him around that time where he looks so out of it. There is the one of him and Mick taken for Rolling Stone (The one right as you walk into the R&R Hall of Fame -- dude looks like hell.

Heroin is not our friend
Chiba is though

03-23-02 10:56 AM
FPM C10 Yeah, but the reason he looks bad in that picture is because he'd been sunburnt- perhaps he nodded out in the yard and was exposed to the Dracula-destroying rays of the sun. Needed to work on his studio tan.

As for Maxy's Jesus comment, in my former life as a reclusive beat poet I wrote a poem with the following lines -

Jesus was an American
The King of the new Ice Age
On his fractured lips the final Marlboro
Crushed by our ecstatic embrace
With magic fire spilling from his mouth
We buried him in the air

So unless Maxy's been reading my old notebooks, it's another case of great sick minds thinking alike.
03-23-02 11:53 AM
Jaxx that picture is making me hungry. i am grassless here in juno beach florida and my mother is driving me nuts. oh, when you need it most, but must leave it at home! at least she is well stocked with crown royal. liquid prozac does take the edge off a bit.....
03-23-02 02:17 PM

Oh God.

Leave him alone.

Please ?

Thanks to all.

03-23-02 02:48 PM

"Dead sexy", gypsy ? I daresay if'n you were actually there, in THAT partICKLer state, even if you were a Playboy centerfold, a Swedish nurse, a Czeck model or a dead actress of unparalleled beauty raised from the dead, you'd have quite a "dead dick" on yer hands...or in yer mouth...nothing, i mean NOTHING could be UNsexier than someone on the nod and another proposing making love.

Oil&water, baby.Brian with unfriendly workers using his pool. Pizza with pineapple.

They just don't mix; never will.It's not like taking a 'lude or somethin', darlin'!

Many, many fights between Keith&Anita attest to this little pharmaceutical fact. And she yelled it so loud, so frequently, it's quite a bit more than mere folklore at this point.Every citizen in France in the seventies probably heard her rants more often then they'd care to admit ; ) And i mean...clean across the water...

Keith couldn't get it up because no one using can get it up. Neither can a woman using orgasm easily, either.

Ugly known facts.


03-23-02 03:01 PM

gypsy Love,

More "dead" than "sexy". Those two words taken together in reference to this unfortunate photograph as in, "dead sexy" is an oxymoron of a moronic nature.

Maybe he's "sexy" to you, dear,in this photograph... To me, i'm just glad he's not dead. And i don't need quotation marks for that one here. "Dead" as in DEAD. Not breathing. No blood pumping. Blue. Narcon in the chest. All those so very "sexy" kinds of things, shall we say ?

Real dead sexy. Right-o.Nice choice of words. Excuse me while i use the ladies'.

03-23-02 03:09 PM
Miss U. AZQB, I'm very proud of you, and I never thought I'd be saying that. That was very unbiased.
Nice reality check.
03-23-02 03:12 PM

Bless you, babe. Been thinkin' bout you a bit too, as of late ; ) and the time i checked yer page, it was actually quite cool.

I'm proud of you, as well. You've come a long way, in a good way ; )

03-23-02 03:32 PM
Miss U. Oh, thank you!! I feel like crying.
03-23-02 04:03 PM
KeepRigid "I've read a little about Keith and Anita while they were using...very ugly...Anita ranting and raving, yelling at Keith all the time...they both lived a miserable existence, it seems"

My recent comment regarding all I wanted was a "topless gypsy nagging and complaining all the time" was directly inspired by some of Keith and Anita's legendary spats. (And this was before I knew gypsy was so into Anita- scary, huh?)

How about the one with Anita telling Keith he's only a superman onstage, and that the smack is killing him...with witnesses claiming they could almost see the faintest glimmer of a tear in his eye...

Ah, that would be me. Gypsy beating me with a boob, but then when no one's around...a single tear.

"I still think Keith LOOKS "dead sexy" in that photograph..."

DON'T make me pull out the Black n' Blue album cover and start talking- something close friends have advised me against doing in public.
03-24-02 10:49 AM
Maxlugar Talking about tears in ones eye......

Seeing Miss U and AZBQ talking like that has slathered my keyboard like a moist, salty estuary of love.

It's high tide in that tributary. I'm getting my favorite Lobsterman and we're gonna set sail on that shit.

Love triumphs once again.

Maxlugar - Visibly shaken and stirred to happiness!
03-24-02 03:37 PM
FPM C10 Yes, yes, this is all very nice...except we were all waiting for a header pic featuring someone OTHER than Keith appearing sans shirt.
03-24-02 03:37 PM
KeepRigid A very evil Keith pic today...Obergruppenfuehrer indeed.

Conversely, does my mind betray, or did our very own Muse of song flash briefly across the Rocks Off consciousness last night? (Albeit in censored form- befitting the kind of night ol' Keep was undergoing.)

Nah, didn't think so.

But at any rate:

Baby, you're too much.
03-24-02 09:17 PM
FPM C10 wrote:
Yes, yes, this is all very nice...except we were all waiting for a header pic featuring someone OTHER than Keith appearing sans shirt. who....?
03-24-02 09:45 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hmmmmm....perhaps you would care to display the royal jugs for us, Annie?

gypsy...your pic was up, but I can't find it anymore...maybe Gerardo took it down?
03-24-02 10:26 PM
~AzQb wrote: who....?

Oh, I'm not particular. I love breasts of all kinds - except for manbreasts, which, as they say in the construction trade, are as "useless as teats on a boarhog". In fact they ARE teats on a boarhog!

No, I was speaking of Gypsy's, since that seemed to be part of the deal for winning the contest. I thought a header pic stayed up 24 hours.

But I would be glad to see yours too!

Or Miss U's, since I know some people used to think she was actually an old fat guy in his 50s.

I think it would be a grand and glorious thing if the header photo ALWAYS featured breasts.

03-24-02 10:29 PM

Oh Cadinal,

I blush. I stutter. No amount ofmoney could get ~A baring her cute little titties.

No amount at all.

If'n you could see me now, the royal cheeks are flushed a deep dark pink from thinking purely loutish thoughts of an undeniably testosterone nature.

But estrogen wins. And so does class. Darva Conger-- there's yer woman ; ) I bet Denise Richards might comply with yer wishes as well-- if the "price is right".

Poor Mr.Sheen.I hope he's got the funds well locked away....

03-24-02 11:06 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh Annie...I would never ever dream of offering cash to see the royal headlights..that's so....I don't know...strip club.

I know you have way more class than no, the royal one should bare them just to show off the majestic perkiness of them!

I'll tell you what...I'll make you a standing show me your tits, and I'll give you a copy of the very first Stones show you ever saw...see, what I offer is so much MORE than mere money...

You don't have to answer I said, it's a standing offer...
03-24-02 11:48 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Yep, the pix were up for some minutes (about two hours I think), first tine with a small stones-tongue on each tit, then a big "Censured" box covering the whole thing and then I decided to remove the photos, sorry.
03-25-02 12:53 AM
KeepRigid "the pix were up for some minutes, and then I decided to remove the photos, sorry."

Hey KeepRigid, next time you see something like this online, how about saving the pic, ya jackass!!
03-25-02 01:00 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Really? Why? She obviously wanted us all to see her titties...and magnificent titties they I think you should oblige her...


How about them somewhere on the site and put a link up to them....that way underage kids won't accidentally see them...and all the rest of the wolfhounds will still have access...

If you don't want to put them up here...I understand...I can always post them on my page...
03-25-02 04:31 PM
Miss U. Surprising considering that pic from Cocksucker Blues was posted as a header no problem...

FPM, I think these kind of nasty immature comments belong in the past, not on here.
I've been debating whether to send my pic to Cardinal, as I wouldn't be too keen on a fleabit peanut monkey I couldn't trust seeing it.
Still have to scan it, Cardinal.
03-25-02 04:55 PM
...i'm so sorry, Miss U., but i just don't get it. To what "immature comments" are you referring ?

I didn't see any! Perhaps we're all,none excepting, a bit defensive when it comes to discussing our tits.

Just my thoughts ; )

03-25-02 05:55 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey there Miss U!

I don't think FPM was refering to himself....he said he knew people who thought that...and I've heard that comment before as well(and I'm sure you prolly know who said it, it wasn't FPM. And I'm not sure that it was a serious comment in any event.)...gimme that pic, and we'll prove 'em all wrong babe!

Annies prolly right, I know how defensive you gals can be when it comes to your bods...hell, there's supermodels who go on Howard Stern and claim that they have ugly bodies...I certainly don't want to offend you, and I'm sure that Annie and FPM feel the same way...we've all come a long way'd be a shame if all that went out the window over a misunderstood sentence.

Anyhow, what I said before stands...if you say that the pic is for my eyes only, I'll respect your wishes. My view is that a woman's body is a temple, and she alone is the master of that domain. I hope this puts you a little more at ease...
03-25-02 06:27 PM
>FPM, I think these kind of nasty immature comments belong in the past, not on here.

I agree and apologize. I wasn't talking about myself and I DID mean it in a lighthearted, joking sort of way - along the same lines as my "threat" to post pictures of the Cardinal., actually I was SERIOUS about THAT. Anyway, I don't want to cause trouble with the regulars here.

Please accept my apologies. And just to put things back on track, as soon as I figure out how to, I'll post a topless photo of myself.
03-25-02 10:25 PM

Oh Monkey!!!

Please DO post that topless photograph of yerself-- preferably in ThedarkEST of leather trousers holding tightly to a fence ala David Lee Roth '79 ? How truly awesome to reeeeallly comprehend; really cherish the thought ; )

The MONkey doing his dance all fleabitten and shit! Throwing pennies in the silver pot and wearing blue feathers on theMOnkey neck! Choker style! Wrapped sort of RAWhide ; ) It must be done, even though the blue shan't be posted.

They simply must be submitted strictly B&W.

Very much a cheery sort of work with graffitti & cable lines in the backgrund ; )

That's how i'd do you. Monkey.


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