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The Jack Bruce - Mick Taylor Band 1975
Ronnie Leahy, Jack, Carla Bley, Bruce Gary and Mick
Photo by Robert Ellis - Rolling Stone No. 191 July 17th, 1975
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Topic: Anita photos Return to archive
03-21-02 12:21 AM
KeepRigid "Dear Keith..."
03-21-02 12:27 AM
SatisfactionUK I hear Anita really went to seed...I guess you want some from the 60's because Im she looks like a hag now.
03-21-02 08:23 AM
SatisfactionUK Face it, Anita was a drugged up slut who got old really quick in the 70s...if she looks good now that attests to the marvels of modern plastic surgery.
03-21-02 09:10 AM
nankerphelge No topless Polaroids for you
03-21-02 09:34 AM
SatisfactionUK Haha I already have one...bidding starts at $500

There is a really hot picture of her in Old Gods Almost Dead...and of Marianne too...she looks better than Anita...In her day I think Bianca is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
03-21-02 09:59 AM
nankerphelge No - I meant of Gypsy!!
03-21-02 12:35 PM
The Worst I would give you any Anita pictures, that I get. At the moment, I have borrowed away my "The Rolling Stones. A Life On The Road" book. I don't know, whether you have this book, and whether there are Anita pics in it. And I will get a German Stones book from 1978, that you probably don't have. I have never looked into it, but it has 210 pages with some black and white photographs. No problem, that I do you a favour and send you Anita pics (if I have some), and that I sent Miss U Brian pics for her page...
03-21-02 12:42 PM

Why'nt ya just check some search engines & be done with it ? There's plenty of shite out there on Anita if'n you just take the time to LOOK, you know ?

03-21-02 01:26 PM
nankerphelge Oh, shit -- just dropped my hat...
03-21-02 02:44 PM
The Worst
~AzQb wrote:

Why'nt ya just check some search engines & be done with it ? There's plenty of shite out there on Anita if'n you just take the time to LOOK, you know ?


I would be fair and not steal pictures from other pages for the Anita community. Or at least, taking pictures from other pages would require asking the webmasters of these pages, and many would like to keep the pictures themselves. BTW, nobody wants to see the same pictures again and again on the web...
03-21-02 07:23 PM

Well, do what you will, Worstie.

My whole thing is, get the old stuff. Antyhing from 1979 on is either hugeness/whaleness and then surgical enhancements ala a certain Richards'plentiful bank account.

It can't be all bad, you say ? Well, with that kind of $, i'd continue on my merry surgical way. Much loved, tho she clearly needs more 'nipping". Not sure 'bout "tucking", but "nipping" for sure. She still chips& shite and maybe lookin' better might do something for the ole morale, indeed.

What a drag it is gettin' old. And doubly for one so lost in the '79 "fight" for her ex-man ; )

03-21-02 07:30 PM
Gazza Annie - check yer e-mail/ private mesages....
03-21-02 10:44 PM
gypsy wrote:
Actually, I would send anyone topless polaroids if they gave me some Anita Pallenberg photos that I don't have in my community.

Well, please send it, send it, send it to me! And I will post it! LOL

The photo is by Dominique Tarlé
03-22-02 09:14 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl well well well Gypsy, nice comment but WHERE'S THE POLAROID?
03-22-02 09:18 AM
nankerphelge Fortunately for all of you here, I can read lips.

From that picture of Anita, and those shorts, I can tell you that her's say "Eat me I'm a Twinkie!"

03-22-02 11:41 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Voodoo Chile...

I have gypsy's soon as she says it's'll have them too!
03-22-02 01:54 PM
SatisfactionUK Post them! With her address and phone number also!!
03-22-02 03:35 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl wrote:

Well, please send it, send it, send it to me! And I will post it! LOL

Once again, VoodooChile has shown us why it's his board, and we only post on it.

BTW- Lord, what a photo. Ani-ta, I need ya, indeed.

[Edited by KeepRigid]
03-22-02 06:53 PM
fmk438j I can't believe no has seen (or at least mentioned) Anita AND Marian's appearance on the TV show "Absolutely Fabulous" not long ago. Anita played the Devil and Marian God. Weird shit I tell ya.
03-22-02 07:03 PM

Well...not to be "negative" or anything, God forbid, but those "long thin legs" got lost to the junk VERY soon after that photograph, as junk/coke twigs you out at the first, and then methadone puffs you up like a ballloon ala the Thanksgiving Day parade down 5th. You know, like a huge green Grinch and all that.

Anita's a survivor for sure. But i won't pretend she wasn't/isn't permanently affected by K dissing her for Patti circa '79/'80. Her whaleness(methadone) combined with coke (to thin her out temporarily "for him") just couldn't cut THAT cake.

Not even with one of K's infamous basment swords of lethal sharpness ; )

She'll never be the same after him. Hell...who would actually WANT to be ? He changes you either to strengthen or to weaken. It's what's already there that counts. He just either weakens those around him or strengthens them in incredible ways. I opt for the latter ; )


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