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The Jack Bruce - Mick Taylor Band 1975
Ronnie Leahy, Jack, Carla Bley, Bruce Gary and Mick
Photo by Robert Ellis - Rolling Stone No. 191 July 17th, 1975
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03-19-02 07:42 PM
Cardinal Ximinez .....for a free copy of "A Brussels Affair", or if you already got that, "The Alternate Beggars Banquet"....

Remember folks...I'm strange, and I like creativity.....
03-19-02 08:34 PM
nanky I would eat the booger that Mick is a pickin' in today's header pic.

Just call him Pick Jagger
03-19-02 09:21 PM
Miss U. I'll send you a photo of me in black leather & guns from my centerfold days.
03-19-02 09:38 PM
The Eggman For a free copy of Brussels Affair, well...I....WOULD PISS ANYWHERE (literally)!

That's a fair enuff answer i belive
[Edited by The Eggman]
03-19-02 10:52 PM
beer i'll dig up brian jones and see if The Stones will let him rejoin for the 40th anniversary.
03-20-02 12:35 AM
KeepRigid I'll send you TWO topless polaroids of gypsy.
03-20-02 12:51 AM
KeepRigid Because I would have taken two.
03-20-02 07:10 AM
Maxlugar I'll dress up in a catholic school boy uniform and let Billy Preston violate my sphincter region on the bar at Faces and Names Lounge.

And I already have Brussels Affair!

Ma ma ma ma Maxy!!! (C10)
03-20-02 08:19 AM
Jumacfly I would paint myself black and jump on the guys on the street singin "i wanna see ya paint in black" and paint them all, then i ll do the same to my boss!!!
03-20-02 08:32 AM
nankerphelge Wow - one (or maybe two) topless shots of Gypsy and a leather and guns pic from Miss U. from her centerfold days. You two are definitely invited to the DC summit -- actually the pre-summit get together I have planned for the three of us...
03-20-02 10:39 AM
Jaxx thanks to gazza i already own it. LOL but, i won't tell you "what" i had to do for it.....
03-20-02 11:35 AM
Joey I would tell you EXACTLY who " Deep Throat " is ??????????

.....And buy you an order of French Fries !!!!
03-20-02 01:22 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Ok so let's tally up and see what we have so far...

Nanky would eat Mick's 38 year old booger...that's really gross...

Maxy would dress up like a schoolboy and let Billy bugger him...tha's also really gross...

Joey will tell me about Linda Lovelace, and buy me some fries...Linda is really old now, and I just had fries last night...

Eggman will piss anywhere...and I have the feeling that he already does that anyhow...

beer will dig up Brian...I don't even wanna go there...

Jumcafly is gonna paint everyone black....I'm not into the Gothic look, thanks....

Keeprigid...nice try...


That brings us to gypsy and Miss U....

I should be offended that you ladies would think that I could be swayed by exposed female flesh....but of course, you would be right...I'm a lot of things...stupid ain't one of those things though...

But this isn't over yet...

I'm gonna leave this little contest open for another's still a wide open ball game....anyone could win....even a male...just be creative...

03-20-02 03:16 PM
moy i would give you a head
03-20-02 03:27 PM
pfc i would get up on stage with mick bearass run around and jerk off. and when i am ready to shot my load i would point it out to the crowd nd let it go
03-20-02 03:48 PM
KeepRigid "Keeprigid...nice try..."

Well, since my post was really just a joking reply to gypsy, I'd like to request the opportunity to make a real offer.

Oh, who am I kidding? I probably wouldn't end up doing anything.
03-20-02 04:11 PM
Miss U. It's skimpy, trust me. Black bikini & thigh-high boots.
03-20-02 04:41 PM
nankerphelge No she didn't mention nudity explicitly -- but the "from the cenetrfold days" comment gave me reassurance that I could talk her out of that hot old leather stuff!

03-20-02 04:56 PM
steel driving hammer I would bathe in wine. (oops, already do that)

I would make a ship sail on dry land.

I would bring back to life that girl who died at a hockey game.

The live 72 is bit better than 73 no?
03-20-02 04:59 PM
Cardinal Ximinez certainly won't win if you don't play....

Moy..I have a head already...imperfect, and bald as it may be.....

03-20-02 06:26 PM
KeepRigid " certainly won't win if you don't play...."

Look, all I really want is to do nothing and have a topless gypsy hanging around, nagging and complaining that I never do anything anymore.

But since you say I must play...

In keeping with the Cardinal theme, I will arrange for Pope John Paul II to celebrate this year's upcoming Easter vigil- the most solemn ceremony in the Catholic calendar- not by the mere lighting of a candle, but by airing Don Johnson's "Heartbeat" video on a massive video screen in St. Peter's Square.

Now, I'm not just talking about the music video, mind you, but the long-form Heartbeat video. Hailed at the time as a "music video feature" as well as a "surrealistic journey", the concept video boasts an impressive range of guest stars from David Carradine to Willie Nelson.


I'm looking for a - WHAT?!

...Beating like mine.

[Edited by KeepRigid]
03-20-02 06:47 PM
The Worst
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
.....for a free copy of "A Brussels Affair", or if you already got that, "The Alternate Beggars Banquet"....

Remember folks...I'm strange, and I like creativity.....

It's surely not creative, but the first thing coming to my mind would be sending you two copies from other bootlegs in exchange. I don't need to contribute in the contest anyway, because I already have both of the bootlegs mentioned by you. Sorry, as it was an occasional buy, I don't know where to get another piece of it, but I would recommend to buy a original of the alternate Beggars to everybody, who is given the opportunity. If I visit the summit, I will waste enough brain cells there, but you others keep being creative, as those bootlegs are excellent!
03-20-02 07:20 PM
The Worst
Miss U. wrote:
I'll send you a photo of me in black leather & guns from my centerfold days.

Come now, lady, I know there's some mistake
How forgetful I'm becoming now you fixed your buis'ness straight

I remember you in 19?6
(I think, that 1996 comes closest, although the description reminds me of the original Black&Blue cover and advertising from 1976. Come on, we'll put together all the ice from our drinks (and it will be more than anybody else would ever even think) and let you sit on it.)
You're a little leather girl with shooting sticks
You're lashing, splashing

Miss U must be so sweet, tasty and juicy- so on the summit, I will roast that child alive and have her for supper! Well, actually I won't, since I'm a vegetarian, and she would stick a gun in my face. Or I don't think I'll ever know, what I've bitten off but in the end, I spat her out, I could not chew her up.

No, please don't call the police! Please don't be afraid of visiting the summit! It will be a fantastic dream, although one of you will never wake up... ;;;-))) *LOL*
All joking aside, Miss U, I would be glad to meet you IRL and send you two bootleg copies, if you send me the image you're talking about.

[Edited by The Worst]
03-20-02 07:45 PM
The Worst Absolutely no harassment intended! Before Gazza tells me again, that I should post things such as this by email or the private messaging on the page, I must say, that I don't want anybody to think something bad about me. Miss U, I admire your self-esteem, and everybody on this board is more than allowed to know this!
But Cardinal Ximinez, now you strange guy have a really strange reaction to what you started (my message above) *g*.
03-20-02 07:51 PM
Joey No , I mean the " Deep Throat " from Watergate fame .

03-20-02 07:59 PM
Cardinal Ximinez HA HA! Very well done Mr. Rigid. That's the spirit!

Ladies, the bar has just been raised...looks like it is gonna take full frontal nudity to win now....

The ball is now in your court, so to speak...
03-20-02 08:34 PM
Miss U. Ha, Nanker!! Don't play with fire....I'm no angel, but I've spread my wings once or twice.
I'd like to see Nanker,Joey, & Maxy on their knees at the summit.

All kidding aside...I already have Brussels Affair. So you'll have to up the stakes a few notches Cardinal.

Always a lady,


03-20-02 08:40 PM
The Worst
gypsy wrote:
Hey, The Worst...I feel like I'm getting shunned here! It's me, Miss Jayme, your friend from Miss U's board...we go way back, don't we? huh?

Hey Jayme! What a surprise to meet yo hear, and I had really not known before, that it is you! So sad to hurt you and sorry for being chaotic at times. I neglected the chronology of the messages, and you're right, your suggestion was the first such risked one. No, I don't want to shun you at all! This raises the question, whether you would actually send me a topless picture of you, if I burnt you two Stones bootlegs. I don't know, whether the pic-against-disks trade with both of you and Miss U would cuase justice. You report to send a topless pic, but the pic of Miss U is reported not to be completely topless. But I don't know, whether a pic in a bikini top is more or less sexy than a topless pic. But then you wrote, that you would pose in latex and/or leather, too. I think, that those materials look really erotic on the bodies of women- good taste, both of you! Then again I don't want to sound like somebody, who is actually looking for pornography, and seems to be on the wrong page on such a Stones board. I would simply like to look at such pictures/ examples of self-esteem. Glad, that you regard yourself as my friend (I'm a friend of yours too), and I don't want to loose the good contact to you or Brenda now. A topless picture, even a picture of me completely nude (I could to it and would come up with a proof, if anybody requires it) would be less interesting and would hardly have a chance to win the competition. It will even impress Cardinal Ximinez less than such erotic pics of women. After all, he is married. Another reason, why I show interest in a pic of Miss U is, that it is reported from her doing modeling or something like this. I just think, that she has an interesting, intelligent personality, but you do, too. Absolutely no offence taken! If I can afford going to the summit in DC, where Brenda is also invited, I hope to see you there, too.
03-20-02 08:53 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Miss U....

My original statement said "Brussels Affair" or, if you already had that title, "The Alternate Beggars Banquet"...

If you already have both of those titles (these are extras that I'm willing to give away), then I guess there's not much reason to "expose" yourself further.....although on further thought, I do have a "Rock Report" disc on the death of Brian that I could offer as incentive.....
03-20-02 08:58 PM
The Worst Miss U, I know, how you can make everybody kneel down or even fall down (loosing control) in front of you. If you still have that leather accessoires (and if they are not torn and frayed), put them on again!
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