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The Jack Bruce - Mick Taylor Band 1975
Ronnie Leahy, Jack, Carla Bley, Bruce Gary and Mick
Photo by Robert Ellis - Rolling Stone No. 191 July 17th, 1975
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Topic: ~AzQb can you confirm ? Return to archive
03-19-02 12:48 AM
yellow1 Our friend Joey wrote in the Fire Ronnie thread:
"Let me clue you in on a little secret . I have heard from a very very reliable source that Mick Taylor is currently writing songs with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in Kingston Jamaica and that Taylor is all set to record tracks with the band again . "

That doesn't seem very consistent with Keith being bored and tasting some illegal substances...
03-19-02 10:59 AM

So far as i know, thAT'S not true...but there HAS been a bit of writing between the two since November or so. But not much.

Mostly it's been basement jams for K and hot lights for Mick.

What becomes of said basement tapes i cannot confirm at this time. There is, however, imminent boredom associated with anything like this in K's life--- too long without a band= NoGood.

Jams be fine, the road be finer, you know ?

03-19-02 11:03 AM

in addition, i meant MIck Jagger in the above post, NOT Mr.T. ; )There HAS been a been of writing =but not enuf

According to anyOne ; )

03-19-02 07:47 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh man...MellowYellow...I guess you don't know Joey very well...

If he got it from a "reliable source", that means he made it up. It's Joeyspeak. Actually, he makes up everything that he doesn't steal from someone else....LOL!
03-19-02 08:12 PM


I was gonna say sumthin like that-- excuse POWJOE's delusions, per se, but i'm glad i didn't have to do it. But it's indeed a part of theJoey's charm. I still have visions of he&Jimi smoking a banana leaf fillled with stickyTai, sailing down the mad snaky rivers in 'Nam in '68.

I really believed him at the first! His imaginaion is unparalleled, exp. when involving a certain Mr.Taylor writing/rejoining with the band. He constantly keeps me in royal giggles, as there is none like our Joey.

03-19-02 08:24 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah, it's Joey's schtick, you know....I think he a friggin' riot!

Taylor in Jamaica writing with Keith & Mick...yeah right! Like that's ever gonna happen! Freakin' cracks me up...
03-19-02 08:59 PM
Maxlugar Imagination?!?!?!?!

Yeah! Mine!

That friggin' son of a bitch stole almost every bit he's ever done on these boards from me! Including the smack bit!

The only thing he hasn't taken from me is the Nam thing. And that he took from Howard Stern! God knows who he took the chiba in the underwear drawer from!


He's driving me crazy!


But ya know what?

I still love him.

Don't tell the others though.

The Wall was just warmed over Arthur! <--- Also from me!

03-19-02 10:16 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Maxy...imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Hug me.
03-20-02 07:06 AM
Maxlugar Yes I know.

It is both flattering and disturbing that my posts get saved. Hell, one of them is framed and hanging on a prominent wall at Charleston's, Joey's favorite watering whole.

I am visibly shaken and stirred to fear!

The Maxy!
03-20-02 11:31 AM
Joey You are all loved by the Joey .

But I HAVE heard from very very reliable sources that Mick Jagger , Mick Taylor and Keith Richards are busy right at this very minute laying down some rough demos in the recording studio in Kingston , Jamaica . After these demos are finished , Charlie Watts and Daryl Jones will be invited to polish up the rough edges on the tracks . These
songs will then be placed on the next Rolling Stones' Studio album for all the eager masses to lap up .

" So it shall be it shall be done " ( Taken from some character in the 'Ten Commandments movie ' )

" Lose a shoe up me Ass Ronnie '

J . Joeyfly ( The Joey , C10 )

Joey , Established 1999 ( March 6th )

03-20-02 01:07 PM
sandrew Yes, and I heard from those same reliable sources that, on the upcoming tour, they're going to bring back all the living sidemen alumni - Billy Preston, Mac, Jack Nietchze, Rocky "Dijon," Ollie Brown, Bill Wyman, Taylor, etc. - for a big Parliament-esque finale each show.
03-20-02 09:37 PM
yellow1 Isn't Jack Nitszche (sp?) dead ?!
03-20-02 10:08 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah, he's dead...see how reliable these sources are?

03-25-02 10:51 AM
SlackerZ Joey you are playing with my feelings man!!!
But it's okay =)
Well, "What a Shame" this taylor thing it just a lie
But it would be great but i still say i love ronnie!! and the band couldn't be without him. But Three guitar players yeah baby!! Imagine Keith richards!!! Ronnie Wood and Mick TayloR!
Anyone hear any concert of ronnie? the last ones he did in support of not for begginers ( i really like this album) is his playing better?
03-25-02 01:02 PM
Joey "Well, "What a Shame" this taylor thing it just a lie "

That is news to me . The unthinkable is about to happen . I have heard from EXTREMELY reliable sources that Mick Taylor will rejoin the Stones for a vast majority of the upcoming concert dates . Look for Taylor to be right there alongside Keith , up on stage , at the opening gig of the Rolling Stones 2002/2003 Tour . YES !

Bet the Ranch !

Joey , C10

03-25-02 05:21 PM

My dear POWJOE

I think THIS latestcanister of chibe is a bit strong for you-- deep down in yer clownish adorable heart i KNOW you know yer "fabrications" regarding Mick T. are just in wishful in, booting up M&M' in, Tootsie Rolls shared lovingly between Mick T. and a certain Mister Preston....Will it go round in circles...?

Joey, I truly love you. But this smoking stuff too strong for you simply must stop at this juncture so soon before the summer announcement of the upcoming tour. Yer confusing the babes to no end. I don't mean THOSE babes, my love. I mean the babes born after '74. They don't know any better, baby ; )

Please hide some of thatXXXtra strong satinysmoothepurple chibe in my drawer this loveliest of evenings. It's nice to share.And play in the Land of makeBelieve as well.

Cocktails in the Blue&TheGrey


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