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Topic: Great Header...3 RO Birthdays Return to archive Page: 1 2
03-27-04 12:15 AM
LadyJane Great Header for the B-day Boys!!

3 B-days on 03/27.

Happy Birthday.



Ten Thousand Motels....

Best wishes!!

03-27-04 12:32 AM
mac_daddy wow!

happy birthday you three!

and, many happy returns.
03-27-04 05:15 AM
Moonisup happy birthday all!
03-27-04 05:32 AM
luxury1 Holy smokes!! Three RO b-days. ENjoy it boys!!!!!!!!
(I am secretly hoping they will show up at the Toots show tonight in NYC..I know Voodoo has a habit of doing that...)
03-27-04 05:34 AM
MarthaMyDear HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU GUYS!!! Alot of Aries... COOL!! lol....... Take care and have a great one!!! PEACE!!!

*** Martha ***
03-27-04 08:40 AM
Angiegirl Have a great day you guys!! Congrats!!
03-27-04 08:53 AM
Strange_Stray_Cat Happy b-day guys! Have one on me!
03-27-04 09:39 AM
glencar Happy Birthday guys!
03-27-04 09:43 AM
scratched Happy birthday!!!!!
03-27-04 09:48 AM
Lavendar Have a GREAT! weekend! Happy Birthday!!!!!! ;}
03-27-04 10:23 AM
LadyJane To Voodoo....Thank You SO much for putting up with all of us. You and your partners in crime, Gazza and Jaxx, have given us our playground. I, for one, would be LOST without RO. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

To TTM....This tour YOU are going to see the Stones if I have to come to Maine and drag you to a show!!! You have a great day.

To Nanky...I already sent my wishes in the "Hey Nanky" thread..but I'll say it again. Between your "Howard Carter like" finds, and your outrageous stories, you keep all of us laughing hysterically. Happy Birthday!!


FYI...I didn't write all of this in my first post on this thread because it was late Fryday night and I was blasted!!!!!!! Hell, I don't even remember starting this thing.

[Edited by LadyJane]
03-27-04 11:55 AM
montana happy bday!!
03-27-04 01:44 PM
rogerriffin happy b-day CARNALITO!

felicidades, eres AT THE MAX.

03-27-04 02:31 PM
J.J.Flash Gerardo Liedo, thank you for being the moderator of this insane place and, as LJ said, thank you very much for putting up with us. Thank you, for your generosity, giving a little of your precious time, to organize and keep this board going.
HAppy Birthday Voodoo!

Mr. Motels, my best wishes for you fellow! Take care man! I wish you health and happiness! Have a drink on me!

God bless you all!
03-27-04 04:01 PM
caro Happy birthday, happy belated birthday, happy birthday!!

>I, for one, would be LOST with RO.
Methinks LJ stole the vodka bottle!
03-27-04 04:02 PM
Gazza Happy birthday to the three of you -

the first time I met Gerardo (and Jaxx) was actually exactly five years ago today when we hooked up to see the Stones in Hartford in the same week that we started this website

I met Gerardo and Nanky in New York on the last tour 18 months ago. I still dont think Gerardo's liver and Nanky's testicles have recovered from that trip (its not a sexual tale, only because I did something in the car park at Giants Stadium to make him wince...)

Hopefully I'll get to see all three of you crazy bastards at some time on the next tour.
03-27-04 04:24 PM
caro wrote:

>I, for one, would be LOST with RO.
Methinks LJ stole the vodka bottle!

Ooops!! Thanks caro...I did NOT steal the vodka bottle..I now have an IV of Grey Goose!! LOL

03-27-04 05:38 PM
Ten Thousand Motels Happy Birthday Voodoo...All the best.
(Standing Ovation,
Thundering Applause,)
03-27-04 05:49 PM
Bloozehound Happy Birthday guys!

I love this site and I enjoy reading yall's posts

03-27-04 06:28 PM
Ten Thousand Motels
Gazza wrote:
Happy birthday to the three of you -

the first time I met Gerardo (and Jaxx) was actually exactly five years ago today when we hooked up to see the Stones in Hartford in the same week that we started this website

Wow does that mean that Rocks Off was born on 3/27 too? Goddamit call out the astrologers. LOL-nervously. And I don't even believe in astrolgy....even though I'm so Arian it scares me to read my chart. Btw thanks for all the well wishes.
03-27-04 06:37 PM
Ten Thousand Motels wrote:
Wow does that mean that Rocks Off was born on 3/27 too? Goddamit call out the astrologers. LOL-nervously.

I don't want to make you even more nervous, but couldn't help but notice you just wrote your 2000th post! *shiver*
03-27-04 06:38 PM
glencar Motels, you gotta see a show this upcoming tour. It might be the last time.
03-27-04 06:45 PM
Gazza I think it was technically a few days earlier - maybe the 24th or something,I'm sure Gerardo could give you the correct info when he sobers up tomorrow...the 3 of us all knew each other from Jan 98 on the official BTB message board that had been spammed into oblivion by the middle of that year. Then when Linda Wright(kill4mick) formed the "Goin Home" message board we got involved with that until she gave up the ghost with that due to spamming in mid March 1999.

The 3 of us had made plans to hook up anyway on this weekend 5 years ago for the 2 Hartford shows, so Gerardo went ahead and started the message board and talked Jaxx and myself into getting involved with the admin.
[Edited by Gazza]
03-27-04 06:46 PM
glencar I know jaxx was on Stonesworld but were you & Gerardo there too?
03-27-04 06:58 PM
Gazza I think Gerardo may have been,yeah - I think he knew the late Temple from back then.

I very rarely ever posted on Stonesworld. I only got the internet in Dec'97 and pretty much confined myself to the official BTB site until Flynn and a few others basically ruined it. Pretty much every Stones board and newsgroup at the time went that way, including Stonesworld and posting on any of them just became pointless as it was buried amongst the spam. There was then a site called "Exile from Stonesworld" which was the natural successor to Stonesworld and which (I think I'm right) eventually evolved under a different owner of course into Keno's site. I posted on that Exile board once in a while

Jaxx I know from early January 1998. Gerardo a couple of weeks later.
03-27-04 07:10 PM
glencar Yeah, I forget who ran "Exile" but I think it was a woman. I don't recall seeing Flynn Welles but I recall her name on SFJ & all her spam there. There was a also a Mary Manning who was a bit nutty. I guess they've been institutionalized now?
03-27-04 07:47 PM
Gazza I think the girl who ran Exile gave herself the delightful moniker of Cocksmoker. Or else it was Factory Girl (not OUR FG from Rocks Off I hasten to add)

Mary Manning-Roucoulet seems to have disappeared. Maybe she was kidnapped by one of those tribute bands whom she was so obsessed about and drowned in a swimming pool.

Flynn was better known as Stonesbabe (by herself). I'm sure a man of your lengthy history on Stones boards shall remember her well. She now posts on the IORR board as "Rollin' Stoli'" where most people are relatively new to message boards and dont seem to know the 'history'. She was relatively quiet on the last tour but seems to be getting a bit excitable already about the next one.
03-27-04 07:56 PM
glencar Nah, I think she got banned quickly back in the day. She got dumped from SFJ after a short time. Maybe her Prozac has lapsed?
03-27-04 09:04 PM
MarthaMyDear Gerardo, can you add this latte and mocha to the pic???:

JUST KIDDING!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I can't drink, these are my drugs, etc. (besides shopping, etc.... At least I'm honest)!!! LAUGHING!!!!!!! Well, happy birthday to you guys, of corse, and DO ROCK ON, YOU ALL!!! PEACE!!!

*** Martha ***
03-29-04 06:19 AM
Monkey Woman Oooh, I missed that one! Happy anniversary, RO!!! And to Voodoo, Nanky, TTM: happy b-day too! Here's a very RocksOffity cake for ya!

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