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Topic: Clarification on Australia 73 Return to archive Page: 1 2
03-24-04 12:52 PM
jb Your too kind.
03-24-04 01:03 PM
mac_daddy say it ain't so (about no circulating sources of LA 73 MR). It sure would be nice to patch that sucker onto the end on Mickboy's set...

regardless, thanks for all the info

how about a name for this project..?
03-24-04 01:06 PM
jb Thanks again....Happy Birthday Nicky is still one of my favorites....thanks Stonsey.
03-24-04 06:24 PM
jpenn11 Rimming Stones
Well Juiced in Paradise
1973--The Tropical Orgy
1973--Oy Lei

[Edited by jpenn11]
03-27-04 12:15 AM
jpenn11 I left out: The Sunshine Bores the Daylights Out of Me
03-27-04 03:40 PM
J.J.Flash Still confused! I saw the setlist of Perth from another source, and again, missing Rip This Joint at the end. If the Perth show is the one Mick sings Happy Bday to Nicky, why Rip this Joint is missing?

Please, could anybody provide me the artwork? Thanks!
03-27-04 04:03 PM
marko For one more time

Happy Birthday Nicky: CD 1 is from PERTH,incomplete SBD
CD 2 is from SYDNEY 26-2-73,SBD and

ALSO incomplete,there is NO complete PERTH,not to my knowledge.
03-27-04 04:09 PM
J.J.Flash Thanks Marko for the info again, but don't get angry my friend.
So, which one I have, that Mick sings Happy Bday and at the end, they play Rip This Joint? I don't have the artwork for this one. Could you please, provide me?

Thanks again my professor!
03-28-04 01:24 AM
marko Angry,,,,,,nah,but.This get fast very confusing.But heres
the set list.

PERTH:b.sugar/bitch/rocks off/gimme shelter/happy/tumbling
dice/honky tonk women/all down the line/midnight rambler/
little queenie

SYDNEY:brown sugar/bitch/rocks off/gimme shelter/happy/
tumbling dice/love in vain/sweet virginia/you canīt allways
.../honky tonk women/all down the line/midnight rambler/
little queenie/rip this joint

So you seem to have SYDNEY and not PERTH.I donīt think that
new sources has come up after these.
Swigin Pig did a boot called "Rocks off",but thats sydney
as well.
03-28-04 08:02 AM
J.J.Flash Ok Marko, thanks fella! But, if you say I've got Sydney, so, how the hell Jagger sings Happy Birthday, if as you said previously, The "Happy Birthday" thing was at Perth, right?

Again, please, could you provide me the artwork?

Thanks for all the info! Have a nice sunday!
[Edited by J.J.Flash]
03-28-04 12:06 PM
marko About covert art,have you checked cindys page?
Happy Birthday Nicky is from PERTH and from SYDNEY.
CD 1=Perth
CD 2=Sydney
03-28-04 02:15 PM
marko You must have Sydney,if theres Rip this joint.
03-28-04 02:23 PM
J.J.Flash So, do you mean, my professor, that Jagger have sung "Happy Birthday" in Sydney too?
03-28-04 02:38 PM
marko To be sure,i would have to listen the cd,but i donīt have
time for that.
But if your cd ends to Rip This Joint,it must be sydney,just
because that song is missing from PERTH.They did play that
song in Perth,but its missing from the boot.
03-28-04 03:37 PM
J.J.Flash WOW, thanks Marko!
Could you please tell me the link for the cover art page?

Again, thank you pal!
03-28-04 03:50 PM

looking at the cover art&set list,youīll surely notice
thats is it the same boot.

Problem is,i have the very first original one.very old cd.
I think i bought it 15years ago.
Mine is Oh-Boy cd.Happy Birthday Nicky.

For a long time it was said that its all from Perth,but with
years i got wiser LOL,,,,,,btw,the cover art for this boot
also says,thats ITS ALL FROM PERTH 24-2-73,but thats a fake
info.There was only ONE show in Perth.I hope iīm not confusing you.
So it is really from Perth&Sydney.
CD one is from Perth
Cd two is from Sydney 26.2.73
03-28-04 04:19 PM
J.J.Flash Yep, I know this website. Thanks Marko! Send my best regards to Kimmi Raikkonen!

Take care! Have a nice week my brother!
03-29-04 08:46 AM
mac_daddy argh!

I am finding that many of my sources from this tour are NOT complete...

it seems that many are missing a song here or there. Hopefully we can patch and complete many of these things, and get them out to the group...


"The Sunshine Bores the Daylights Outta Me" strikes me as a clever title for this project

[Edited by mac_daddy]
03-29-04 02:59 PM
jpenn11 What are you missing? (I don't have a burner or much of a collection, but can lend what I have or research the missing stuff.)
03-29-04 03:16 PM
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