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Shooting "I Go Wild" in Mexico City, 1995 by Fernando Aceves
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Topic: I feel like Mick looks in the Header Pic Return to archive
03-15-02 06:53 PM
nanky Had trouble posting today

Couldn't 'spres myself all day, let you know what was going on in sunny DC today.

The tingle.
It is building - like a little volcano inside you
Itchin' to get out -- to unleash - to let forth the power that is the Stones.
Oh evil Stones demons

Sorry -- little Sweet Virgina evangelism there.

If anyone saw some idiot driving home, windows down, blaring Exile and singing off-key at the top of his lungs, that was not me.

I've been lurking around at Stones stuff on e-bay.
Anyone ever seen (or have) the posters from Ladies and Gentlemen -- look like Circus posters.

Mick likes the circus thing and the sailor thing.
Mick sure does some crazy shit.
Don't like all of it, but I sure get a kick out of how much he does.

They had a Nov 1 1965 Rochester, NY ticket last nite.
Very nice ticket -- that show had to be cut short because of a riot. Them upstate New Yorkers are an unruly bunch -- god I miss it. I got into my first Stones show at Rich Stadium in Buffalo by following a small riot -- some dude ripped up the fence and a dozen or two people broke through. Seemed like a lot of people and I was one of them. I still have that red ticket stub somewhere-- doesn't say anything about recording -- just no weapons. They searched my buddie's camera bag for weapons, but didn't worry about all the film. He took a load of 35mm slide shots from about 40 feet center - slight list to Keith. Great shots -- another buddy took a bunch of 35mm B&Ws from Ronnie's side.

Big tingles that day.

I just want some news -- this whole thing is too quiet.
They are plotting something.
Joey says Mick Taylor
I think they are sizing things up more.
Security? Big time concerns.
I think Mick also has to be just a bit surprised by the lukewarm reception of his solo. Maybe that will translate into a very confortable return to "just" being the greatest front man in the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

I think the key to this tour is that it has to feel different. Since they are playing up the 40th Anniverasry thang, they cannot just wing it. That just wouldn't do -- and they know it. They did not rock the house this long only to have history say they limped off. Sure some say it now, but we all known what limping off looks like -- so far we haven't seen it. Although the various members' incapacities at times do bother me.

Anyhow, I think they will pull it off in a big way.
Gots to go

03-15-02 08:33 PM
moy if you feel like mick looks in the header pic you're in heaven as mick was on lsd that day
03-16-02 12:23 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This was the reference pic

Annie Leibovitz - Rolling Stone 195 - September 11, 1975
03-16-02 10:29 AM
nanky Mick was trippin in that shot? How do we know this?
That explains the look though.

I was feelin no pain last nite.
Then I went and ate the two biggest veal chops I've ever eaten and a bunch of red wine -- well, not a whole bunch -- measured in the internationally known units of SDHs (aka "Shitloads of Dranks per Hour") it was only about 0.0025 SDHs.
But it did the trick.

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