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Topic: The Amazing Wrinkle Free Mick! Return to archive
03-14-02 10:24 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I was watching Comedy Central this morning, and saw the replay of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. There was a segment with some ranting lunatic by the name of Louis Black...and he's usually pretty funny. Well today he was ranting about how awful it is to use digital computer technology to mess with removing the shotguns from cops hands at a roadblock in the movie ET. Well it seems that Mick availed himself of this cutting edge technology to have a "virtual facelift". They showed a closeup of Mick from the "Visions Of Paradise" video...and he looked like he was a 20 year old! His face was a silky smooth as a baby's ass. Then they split the screen and showed a picture of him that was taken recently...unretouched...and the difference was striking...His face looked like the trenchworks at Petersburg!

So now we all know why Mick looks so fab in his Goddess videos...Mick has been digitally enhanced!

Now, I'm sure you all know where I'm headed with this. I've made no bones about my displeasure with the way this whole Mick solo thing has gone....and this just pisses me off even more. Doesn't Mick understand that we don't CARE if he looks old...we love him for who he is, for what he is. Every single one of those craggy wrinkles has a story to tell, and quite frankly, I respected the hell out of Mick for staying away from the plactic surgeons chair. That wrinkly face has CHARACTER dammit! As far as I'm concerned, Mick's digitally wiped face looks a hell of a lot worse than his real face. And quite frankly makes Mick look bad.

Technology and progress can be a bad thing sometimes.
03-15-02 02:23 AM
marko I completely agree with you,but i still like few songs in
his album.
03-15-02 07:11 AM
Maxlugar I wonder if a lot of that isn't lighting. I noticed during the Being Mick show that Mick went from looking pretty damn young in some shots to really wrinkily in others.

Plus all the makeup they slap on him for a video is probably enormous.

I haven't seen the VOP video so this is just a guess.

"Stick a jar of Pearl Cream up my ass, Ronnie!"

03-15-02 08:20 AM
nankerphelge I'm not so certain he didn't go under the knife at least once. If you look at some of the pix from the Dirty Work era -- the one's where Chaz looks like he is in withdrawl --and where Mick really started on his Peter Pan journey, his face looks very different -- taut -- which I always thought was due to a little tuck.

But I do agree with you that he should just loosen up about the wrinkles.

The downside is, we have alreday seen at least two articles of late that once again call him the "wrinkly rocker" -- soon they'll be rehearsing "chestnuts" again. The fucking critics' schtick is older than any of Mick's wrinkles..
03-15-02 09:37 AM
Maxlugar Oh I think he did have a lift too.

Look at the area around his ears. It is visibly tight. Pulled back.

Either way it doesn't bother me.

Tonight I burn disks so everything is good.

03-15-02 09:39 AM
TomL If I had the money I'd do it to.
03-15-02 10:24 AM
steel driving hammer Curious to see the results if Keith went under the knife.
But the skin on his face might damage the blade.
A man is only as old as the woman he feels...

03-15-02 10:37 AM
nankerphelge It always amazes me how Keith's looks have changed over time. If you look at old pix from the 60s, pix from the early 70s, pix from that late 70s, pix from the late 80s and pix from the late 90s, most of them haven't changed much in the face (Charlie's hair has sure changed tho).

Mick, Ronnie, Charlie -- all look quite the same. But Keith's looks have changed a lot over time. AT least I think so..
03-15-02 01:24 PM
KeepRigid I like GITD, but I don't agree with altering Mick in the video at all. Some time ago there was a rumour that they were considering "de-aging" Arnold in the upcoming Terminator movie (to explain why a robot is older). It's silly if you ask me. Audiences don't like to be cheated.

The critics barbs are ridiculous at this point, though. If they want Mick to act his age, they're going to have to accept his age as well.

"It always amazes me how Keith's looks have changed over time."

I've always had friends remark how different Keith looks in the 70's, 80's, and now 90's. There's a pic from the Exile book that's been circulating a lot (Mick, Keith, and friends sitting around the table at Nellcote; Keith plays acoustic and sings) which you've probably seen. I thought it was interesting as you can really see how 70's KEEF became 80's KEEF. The 'missing link' in Keefolution, if you will!
03-15-02 01:30 PM
KeepRigid One more thing, I also like Mr. Black as he is pretty funny. Good to see he isn't happy about those ridiculous E.T. changes either. (Why DID they change E.T.'s features? Everyone knows E.T. was real, dammit!)

Hey Card, did you happen to see who the celebrity guest was on the show? I'd like to catch it if I can, just want to know who to look for in the listings.
03-15-02 01:51 PM
Maxlugar The great Bill O'Reilly was on last night, if that's when Xims saw it.

(might have been a repeat though.)

03-15-02 04:12 PM
KeepRigid Hey gypsy, I found the pic on the Exile site.
03-15-02 04:47 PM
Cardinal Ximinez KeepRigid,

I was just flipping through the channels when I came across the was almost over...Lou Black's thing came on right after an in depth report on Miss Cleo....I missed the guest star...
03-15-02 05:48 PM
KeepRigid Thanks Max and Card, I'll just keep an eye on the reruns this weekend.
03-16-02 03:02 PM
Miss U. Oh, Steelie you made me laugh!!

And Nanker--

"The fucking critics' schtick is older than any of Mick's wrinkles.."


I'm sure Mick had some tucks several months ago...and who cares anyway.
I think he's just grand & lovely as ever.
I like how Mick looked in that photo, KeepRigid.
03-18-02 02:37 PM
The Worst Who should really care about this theme? If beauty surgery makes those, who can and want to afford it, happy...
Just as long as the old rubberlips play, let it steal your heart away *lol*...

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