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Topic: This is getting embarrising!! Return to archive
03-13-02 04:49 AM
MickChick When did this single get out in the first place???

Mick Jagger's solo career is still going as badly as ever.

The ageing rocker's single, Visions Of Paradise, out on Monday, has sold 816 copies so far, reaching the dizzy height of number 42 in the midweek charts.

In November, the Rolling Stone's album Goddess In The Doorway was a spectacular flop, failing to scrape into the top 80.
03-13-02 01:51 PM
Jaxx [quote]MickChick wrote:
When did this single get out in the first place???

as posted on this board 3/8, the answer to your question is 3/11/02. click to this post below for all the info and links pertaining to the single.

Mick Jagger in Paradise
03-13-02 02:06 PM
sandrew It's become very fashionable for press hacks to poke fun at the Stones, Mick Jagger in particular. It's not just age, either. They see older rock stars like Bono and Bruce Springsteen doing their philanthropy thing. Paul McCartney is very sympathetic too, seems like a very "nice guy" who's lost his wife.

Then there's Mick ... they resent his decadence, seeming selfishness, whatever. There's just not much to like about him if you're not a fan, I don't think. So they take shots at him whenever they get a chance.
03-13-02 02:18 PM
MickChick Thanks Jaxx, if is wasn't for you his single doesn't get promoted much...

03-13-02 03:33 PM
Jaxx LOLROTF. its a good thing i'm not on his payroll for his CD promotion. i'd be fired faster than you can say, "ynmasom" with these piss poor sales that are being reported. the marketing machine doesn't seem to be functioning very well for this solo effort or as an earlier thread on this forum suggested, the music just isn't good. but then again, that's merely a jagger fan i guess its "getting what you need". some new mick videos on the tube with his ""little wiggle butt" (a prominent theme in both "goddess" videos as well as his CD cover) is just what i need even if the music isn't quite up to parr.
03-13-02 03:56 PM
Maxlugar I hear VOP all the time now on the radio here in NY.

What do I do when I hear it?

I crank it, of course.

"Jus-tell-me-the-names-of-the-children-we' the end of the line..

Don't put your arms around meeee

Don't hold me tight...


"Put a Playstation in my ass and play Street Fighter until I bleed, Ronnie!"

Max E.
03-13-02 04:54 PM
Gazza As usual,the UK press are making a big deal over Mick's lack of sales...not to mention exaggerating the extent of the "failure". "Goddess in the doorway" didnt fail to break the top entered the UK charts at #44 (two higher than Paul McCartney,but then youre not gonna have a campaign ridiculing HIM are you?)- and a Mick single not selling that great is hardly a first (especially one released 4 months after the album came out!)
03-14-02 08:32 AM
Cardinal Ximinez "damned" to be the Stones frontman...!?!

What is so HORRIBLE about that?! I'd cut off my left testicle with a rusty butter knife to front the Stones... just for a reahearsal that no one would see!

Of course, the "One Nut" bootleg of that rehearsal session would become legendary amoungst hard core Stones traders...And no doubt that my falsetto would be really good...
03-14-02 09:25 AM
Jaxx at precisely 8:00 a.m. e.s.t this morning, vh1 played the "visions" video. it was kind of cool being on "real time" with the video, even tho it was 6 a.m. here, but yeah, my day was beginning too.

i took note of the "video enhancements". sure enough. mick appears to be no "wrinkly rocker". i got the first laugh of the day when "the bloke" wakes up with his rubber doll. he's pathetic at his attempt at the "mick" hip shake, good for another laugh.

my day is off to a good start even tho i never hear mick on denver radio.

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