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Topic: Stones will never 'RETIRE' Return to archive
03-12-02 10:43 PM
Zanck I have come to believe that,2002 not only will not be any so-called last tour but that eventually at least Mick and Keith will go on until the other drops dead.

I also wondered if indeed Charlie did finally opt out-would Mick and keith go on? and they replace him and carry on still as The Rolling Stones.
Is it indeed The Rolling Stones as long as itS Mick and Keith playing?

I can see them eventually doing sit down unplugged/small stage engagements only
~ala Voodoo tour ~in
more and more intimate settings. (with occasional stadium shows here and there,more of the fact that its them being there than an actual full blow rock'n' roll show )
Just like the blues giants they so wanted to emulate.

The Jazz musician angle is what makes me think Charlie will go on until death and/or health allows.

Jaggers recent solo Television appearances have shown he is still in fine form and I doubt he'll disentegrate in a year or so.

Nothing can stop Keith we all know,
heh...he's Keith.

They have far far too many fans
even at this late stage.

BTW, thoughts on Jaggers hair.

its odd that the one person in Rock that has maintained the best and would be ridiculous w/o great hair is Jagger.

Some weaves? touch -ups? anything ?
he is a 58 year old man fer cryin'out loud

Whats up?
03-13-02 10:34 AM
sandrew They could never - or at least shouldn't - carry on without Charlie. As Keith has said, Charlie IS the Rolling Stones. Aside from the Keith riffs, Charlie's drumming is what makes them sound like the Stones.
03-13-02 10:43 AM
moy i don't think that's the reason, it's because charlie is the only "original" member that remains in the band in addition to the glimmer twins, if they want they may follow with or without charlie

but the point here is "rock till you drop"
03-13-02 11:11 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I think this is probably the last big tour....but not the end of the Rolling stones playing live...

Let me explain.

At the age of 60, which is at least how old the "original" Stones will be after the conclusion of the 2002-2003 touring, a bigtime 2 year worldwide grind just won't be feasable. BUT! What I see happening is series of limited extended term engagements. As much as I hate to say it...Vegas is calling...Atlantic City is calling...

The casinos can throw too much money around for the Stones to ignore...
03-13-02 05:25 PM
Mother baby No Charlie... No Stones ... whatever reason..unless the Twins really want to push it....actually The Stones as a great band probably died when MT left. Even though I like Ronnie and it's not his fault but you need a way to put lightning in the bottle. Taylor and Brian could do that...maybe it was just the timing because I don't want to dis Ronnie because he's really a great fellow....but you can't compare his guitar work for the Stones with those other 2 guys... Hard acts to follow I guess...but Ronnie knew that when he took the job LOL. And Charlie can't quit! He's under a lifetime contract LOL!!!
03-13-02 05:46 PM
The Worst Yes, no Charlie, no Stones! Even though Charlie (like Bill) wasn't a member since day one. Stones, the best bass player on earth has left you, so please keep the best drummer on earth with you!
If the Stones' next concert I see will be as good as the last (and the only one, I must confess) I saw, it will be great. But to me their last great studio album was Tattoo You (and TY could easily be their best album ever). Charlie has hardly ever sounded as great as on "Neighbors"... Although I started my Stones collection with Bridges, I try to judge them objectively, if this is possible at all...
03-13-02 08:07 PM
Zanck Cardinal~

You said what I was trying to but more concise lol

but I do agree that this will be the last big hoo-haa Stadium/arena wise.
but they will always play until they drop(ugh-what a horrible expression lol)

Plus not to inject politics here but who knows what the next few months or next year will bring over seas or anywhere and an entourage that large traveling etc,high exposure.blah blah

You wonder how that will factor into it all and maybe that,rather than age might be what preoccupies their personal lives and decisions about a long extended world tour(expect Mick-we know now he has no personal life lol j/k)

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