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Topic: POSTPONE THE TOUR! Return to archive
03-12-02 05:59 AM
ulfk The next tour seems due to start in USA.
Being British I think they should have shown some respect and started in Britain....then they could do USA as they are always best when they have done some training so the rest of Europe later perfect.

This talk about *is it the last tour* that one has been so irritated with all the time is coming closer now....Time waits for noone....

I am very sceptical though....wonder if this will be routine and hot rocks style with no new album.....Then I could well do without it.They have been doing their own things of course....but as for the Rolling Stones if the joy is there still I find it rather amazing and lazy with nothing new.But they do it the way they want it do be done......So guess it will be a FULL SECURITY TOUR....and hope the opposite.

As if it is just because of 40 years they tour I find it appauling....have they gone conventional?

These rumours on big business.....maybe starting now and then a box every year for some decades.....the company already planning for post mortem profits.


Boots and Booze Burners UNLtd

03-12-02 06:59 AM
Maxlugar I agree.

I thought I'd never see the day when the Stones would hit the road ala The Beach Boy's.

Hopefully, I still won't. You can never really be sure of what they do until they do it.

The Stones have never really been about nostalgia and anniversaries, so this whole thing seems weird.

But at this point, I'll take them anyway I can get them.

This whole circus is folding up its tent soon anyway.
03-12-02 11:23 AM
Postpone the tour!!!

lol-For how longer? Eh?

Goodness I love these guys but even I will admit that 'Time waits for no One" and it certainly won't wait for them.

In all honesty these guys don't have the LUXURY of a couple of years here and there to {ahem} Fuck with.

Looking at that header picture, yeah I guess they do look rather,aged

Actually I always thought the cragglier they got,the cooler.

Their faces, road maps of a life lived of real, live true Rock and Rolling.

But even I am starting to feel,not embarrassed for them, but something akin to-HOW DO THEY PULL THIS OFF?

but then again, I believe that is what has attracted me about them at first and has continued for almost
EEEEEK! 30 years now.

They still haven't let me down.

Go out with a bang guys.
03-12-02 11:40 AM
steel driving hammer Starting to feel this is going to be the last go around.

Starting to feel they'll invite Wyman & Taylor for this tour.

Starting to feel you'd better Hold On To Your Hat.

Starting to feel Charlie deserves much respect.

Starting to feel Charlie will have a good time for this tour.

03-12-02 11:56 AM
Hovercraft Whats been said about the tour then?? Am i just behind with this shit? I have heard nothing in the UK press at all, just rumours. If/when they do kick off again it will be mint as ever wonder what tunes they will play? I'd like to see a few tracks from exile and at least a better (could it get any worse than on the no security tour!) attempt at playing gimmie shelter live, I know it is hard to catch the ambience of the recorded version but if they practice it right + get on top of their game, who knows!!

03-12-02 02:02 PM
ulfk wrote:
I am very sceptical though....wonder if this will be routine and hot rocks style with no new album.....Then I could well do without it.They have been doing their own things of course....but as for the Rolling Stones if the joy is there still I find it rather amazing and lazy with nothing new.

tours with no new albums are not impossible, the grateful dead used to tour with no new album and grossed big bucks, with great shows, completly different from night to night and with great things to listen, we have two options a tour this year with no new album, or wait for the new album and then tour, unless the new album is the outtakes box or something like that, i don't give a fuck if the tour doesn't coincide with the 440th anniversary but i agree with ulf here, we need a new, fresh, and great album first
03-12-02 02:08 PM
FotiniD It might be the last tour, but I find it rather tiring that people have been mentioning the "last tour" thing for the last ten years or so, with the same amount of confidence, like "yeah, it's been said but this IS going to be the last tour". I remember hearing / reading the same conversations with Bridges to Babylon.

Nobody knows when the last one's going to be. Maybe the Stones, but I doubt it

03-12-02 02:37 PM
steel driving hammer Good point FotiniD.

The Date and City The Rolling Stones play last will be studied in History Books till the end of time. Yes ever, till we all meet our next maker.

Is Jagger finished as a rock idol was asked in 74.
In 2002, Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiet.

Shun, shun out Mick (got no time)

He is simply a stud muffin.

Keith, I'd cut off my finger for him.

Ronnie, I'd ride w/ you 16 coaches long.

Charlie, tell me where to stick that drum stick.

The Stones rule, next subject.
No truer words have ever been spoken...

03-12-02 04:32 PM
The Worst I would expect anything, but not a GREAT album. The last was released in 1981...
03-15-02 02:54 PM
marko I think you should give more listen to VL&BTB albums,,,,i did that few days ago,,to be frank,no bad tracks at all,,
only few average ones.
03-15-02 03:52 PM
Joey Hey Everybody .....

My old school , Creighton University , just won their first NCAA Tournament game in ten years . Lets Celebrate .

The drinks are on Joey tonight . Spare no expense now !

" Hit Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

03-18-02 03:00 PM
The Worst I have already learned so many lyrics from VL&BTB by heart. Bridges was my first Rolling Stones album.

Mediocre songs:
VL: New Faces and the last 6 tracks (New Faces, Suck On The Jugular and Mean Disposition are really bad to me)
B2B: Might As Well Get Juiced, Always Suffering and How Can I Stop

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