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Shooting "I Go Wild" in Mexico City, 1995 by Fernando Aceves
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Topic: Ronnie and the Coors - CD release, VH1 Broadcast and photos Return to archive
03-09-02 09:58 PM
moy the cd with woody playing jimi hendrix' little wing and ruby tuesday will be on stores next tuesday

03-09-02 10:02 PM
moy it will also shown on vh-1 on next thursday and repeated on next sunday march 17
03-14-02 10:31 AM
moy it won't be shown
03-14-02 12:55 PM
Sue According to VH1 it actually will be shown today
03-14-02 12:59 PM
Sue Ronnie and Andrea at the show

03-14-02 01:00 PM
03-14-02 01:02 PM
03-14-02 01:09 PM
Sue There's also an interview mentioning the Rolling Stones and Ronnie

The Corrs' Stage Life: Covers Tunes & Old Pals by
Heather Stas

VH1: The Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday," Jimi Hendrix's
"Little Wing" - there are a fair amount of cover songs on
this disc.

Corr: We've been doing this a long time now, so to bring new
life into a performance, it's smart to do other people's songs.
It's just something different. It's nice for people to hear songs
like Nancy Sinatra's "Summer Wine" that you might not
necessarily associate with us. We've actually been doing "Little
Wing" since we started. It was lovely to have Ron Wood to put
his stamp on it. It's just the way things happen, and finding a
way to make it feel natural.

VH1: What drew you to these particular songs?

Corr:The nature of the songs. They're beautiful. It's hard to do
a cover of a classic, because you're afraid of falling short of the
original. Our version of "Little Wing" is wildly different than Jimi
Hendrix's. We originally recorded it with the Chieftains. It's good
to do covers, but not in the way they were done in the first
place. You've got to bring some new ideas.

VH1: How did you hook up with Ron Wood?

Corr: He's a good friend of ours. We've done some touring with
the Stones and got to know the guys quite well. Ronnie lives in
Dublin part of the year, so we've hung out. He's really up for
trying new things, and playing live, so it was easy to bring him
onboard. My sister asked Bono to participate. They're quite
close. Doing "Summer Wine" was Bono's choice. He knows a hell
of a lot about music, and he's not fearful of trying anything. It
was originally a duet by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, so it
made sense for them to do it together. It's a beautiful song and
we absolutely adored recording that.
03-15-02 09:36 AM
moy very nice pix, what about the show? i couldn't watch it
03-15-02 01:39 PM
KeepRigid It was a nice show, moy. (Of course, the fact that I'm in love with the drummer and the violinist had a little Maud Adams thing going on didn't hurt.)

Little Wing was very slow, with Ronnie basically noodling around the fretboard. Then Andrea introduced his solo with "Ronnie Wood!" and he got to slide on live. Very cool, Ronnie, as he gave Andrea a kiss on the cheek while playing.

Ruby Tuesday was very nice, but Ronnie's acoustic playing was very subdued.

My only real criticism would be the ADD-inspired camerawork- as the camera was constantly cutting all over the place. Some of it worked, such as the still images that were spliced into the performances, but at times you just wanted the shot to focus intently on the drummer.
03-16-02 12:36 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl In a recent interview I conducted to Carl Palmer and his band (Shaun Baxter and Dave Marks) I asked who do they think are the drummers with the highest talent to luck ratio and the highest luck to talent ration...

Well it was unanimous Caroline Corr was the one with the highest luck to talent ratio LOL. She is a dish, no doubt about it, but can't play as a pro, as far as I know someone else does the drums recordings on the studio albums.

I also asked about Charlie drumming and they said it is a great jazz drummer in a rock band, they shown respect for Mr. Watts.

This is me with Carl Palmer that day

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
03-16-02 12:55 PM
KeepRigid "Well it was unanimous Caroline Corr was the one with the highest luck to talent ratio LOL."

Awwww. See now I just love her more.

Cool tie, by the way.
03-16-02 03:58 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks KeepRigid! It is a Jerry García tie (The Estate of Jerome J. García); provided by my dearest friend and partner in crime, the lovely Jaxx who btw, is also a dead-head.

It is from the special 10th anniversary limited edition "South of the Border". Tie 28 of 1000, hand-made with 100% natural silk.

So, now in public THANKS JAXX!!!
03-16-02 05:32 PM
Jaxx like that talent to luck ratio. great question to ask in an interview. i think anybody with a good sense of rhythm can probably fake the drums. the fact that she's drop dead gorgeous doesn't hurt either. i'm sorry i missed that broadcast. the violinist is hot (talent wise). i'll have to catch the rerun.

you are most welcome.
the tie looks great on you,voodoo. purple haze is always a good color.
03-16-02 10:20 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Without a doubt the Corr sisters are sexy, but the band sucks. BORING! I saw them open for the Stones in DC...they were awful. Didn't even bother going to see them for the second show. Irish styled music with Journey styled guitar solos isn't a good combo IMO. And sugary pop ain't my bag either.

I know that there is a segment of Stones fans that don't care for Woody. I'm not one of them...I love the guy. What I'd like to know is, if Woody is such a crappy guitar player, how come people want him to play on their stuff all the time? Why would an acknowledged guitar god like Slash run to jam with Woody? Why would a million seller like Rod Stewart keep asking Ron to play with him? Could it possibly be that Ron IS REALLY FUCKING GREAT? Oh, that's right, I forgot, he isn't Mick "I quit the best job in the world to become a fat, obscure has-been" Taylor.

Ronnie Wood is a member of the Rolling Stones, and has been so for longer than Brian and 'Lil Quitter combined. He's in, and there's no amount of bitching and whining that is gonna change it. My advice to all you "Fire Ronnie" people is to get over it, and get over it real soon. If you don't get over it, well, just skip the next tour....less people I have to joust with for tickets.

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