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Topic: It's Tuesday Night Return to archive
03-05-02 11:00 PM
nanky Okay, sure, it's not Friday.
No one's out drinking heavily, passing out in the gutter.
No one's doing hydraulics.
Everyone's being relatively laid back, waiting for the weekend, trying to figure out how to make it through the week with still no big news about this tour -- just a lot of rumour -- but we cool.

But I must confess to you all.
That tonite, as I was pulling up to my street.
I got a bit of the tingle.
I was thinking about the rumoured news conference in New York, and I thought about it a bit -- and I thought, "maybe they will just announce it"

Without the train.
Without the boat.
Without the red caddy convertible and the bridge.

Maybe Mick goes on the ol' FM radio and tells us
[INSERT MICK VOICEOVER] "Weoh be tuurin' stahting in Sebtemba"

And so I got the tingle.
So I get home and have a Heineken and some chili in honor of the tour to be
Then I had another Heineken.
And another
And a lil' -- "after dinner mint" -- if ya know what I mean.

And now here I sit, everyone around me asleep on this Tuesday nite.

And I'm have a serious Stones Jones goin

What have you all done to fix your Jones?

I ordered the "Stones Withstand" poster today
Divorce, Slagging, SLander, Under Age Sex, Drugs, Alcohol
50% Rock 50% Roll
Made in England
I was very pumped.

I also mailed a tape I made for a buddy of mine in Atlanta.
He has agreed that he needs to see the Stones
He's a Who fan, but sees the beauty in all things rock & roll and I made an impression when I showed up at a meeting with the streamers from the first DC No Security show hanging from my glasses only to inform him that show #2 was that nite.

He needs to attend a summit to really appreciate Stonesdom at it finest. I figured nothing can say "let's party" like a Stones '73/'78 tape.

I also took a good long look at the Stones sneakers tonite.
Man they are beautiful.
For those who have seen them, you understand.
For those that haven't -- you soon will.
They intend to see many shows this time out.
Some here in the U.S.
Hopefully one overseas -- with marko (TCB)

Time to hit the hay my fellow addicts.

Some top picks from Handsome Girls, Brussels, & Perth.

03-06-02 12:19 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Well, there goes the present I was gonna give you....Maxmeister gave me a "Stones Withstand" poster for my basement I figured I'd continue the C10 tradtion with giving YOU a "Stones Withstand" poster for YOUR basement bar.

Guess that ain't gonna happen now!

Maxy? You got a "Stones Withstand" poster hanging beside the lotus couch?
03-06-02 07:12 AM
Maxlugar No Xims, I don't. I expect that situation will be rectumfied pretty quick, no?

Did you get the CD's yet? My poor little babies out in the world all by themselves!! Take good care of them!!!

Nanks, that was great. Your Stonesy sense is on fire lately. Tingle, tingle tingle.....

I like that little TCB touch for Marko (The Crazy Bastard). Did you know that Elvis was also very fond of those letters? He had a necklace with TCB aorund his fat, bloated neck when he Elvis '77'd in his bathroom. Takin' Care of Business was his TCB.

Bless you all.

03-06-02 08:22 AM
nankerphelge Yes the Stones tingle is strong in this one.
The whole tour thing has me very distracted.

Cardinal X, I am sorry to have disrupted the surprise -- thanks so much for the thought however -- that is one great poster. I always regretted not getting the shirt in '94. It is classic Stones and shall grace the room de pool.

03-06-02 09:00 AM
TT Hey, Nanky,

I like this:

"And now here I sit, everyone around me asleep on this Tuesday nite."

Itīs the same here at night:

Wife and son asleep, me sittinī and looking at old ticket stubs, old books (last night it was "The Last Tour" from 1981), looking at old vinyls, some rare CDs, puttinī all back into the shelves (CAREFULLY), looking at my posters (Withstand is not among them) and then (thinking about the new things to come)"hittinī the hay"!

Great words from you.

03-06-02 09:20 AM
Maxlugar Hey TT, The Last Tour book featured prominently in my Great Wall of Stonesia that I created in 1983.

Have you seen it?

I think I used almost every picture in that book. Even black and white ones.

Maxlugar, DDS, MD, ESQ, C10.
03-06-02 10:25 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Nanky!

Oh, do not worry about spoiling my surprise...Now I just have to find something else to surprise you with!

Besides, I'm betting that Maxy is gonna be damn glad that you went out and bought that poster!

03-06-02 10:09 PM
Miss U. Yep, the tingle is spreading....last nite I was possessed until 2 AM listening to the Paris 76 sessions and watching Let's Spend the Night Together etc. Man was I tired today.
03-06-02 10:25 PM
Maxlugar Miss U., I'm gonna feel like you did today tomorrow. Bra straps and all. Don't ask.

Ya see, my little "take off you hoser" babbling Canadian young friend, I'm off the wagon and drinkin tonight. Don't tell the others though. If they know I started drinking before my three months was up they'd be crushed! They'd also be crushed that I messured my drinking of wine tonight by the yard ala Steel Driving Wamma Lamma. Vegas is not fond of pushes, ya know.

Anyway, I blame it on Marko, TCB. He got me thinking of Ten Years After and the live album I told him about. Well, ya see, I went down to the basement bar and dusted it off and...well...somewhere around 10 albums later (Ten Years After Live, Voodoo, Arthur, Black and Blue, Wired and I don't know what others)I'm here quite buzzed and pissed its not Friday Night.

But soon enough my pet, soon enough.

And soon enough, The Rolling God Damned Mother Fucking Stones will be warming up your frozen Canadian heart!!! The tour awaits!!!

That is all Miss U. I trsut you will keep this between you and me.

I love you.

Maxy (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaxy, C10!)
03-07-02 08:18 AM
nankerphelge The tingle has been known to pull people off the wagon, cover the wagon with gasoline, set the wagon ablaze, and push the firey wagon off a cliff. It is THAT strong.

I am glad to hear the tingle got you -- not so much that I want you off the wagon and your liver pumping harder than ever. But I believe that you must not ignore the tingle. It is a self-defense mechanism, a instinctive response that is genetically embedded on the "Stones" chromosome.

It is known in medical circles as "Get Downs" syndrome.
We know it as the tingle.

Last nite the tingle hit me again -- I was listening to Exile in the car on the way home and I listened to Sweet Virgina and Sweet Black Angel. Two "Sweet" songs indeed. I love Mick's harp in these songs -- that's what caused the tingle. Also Turd on the Run backed by Ventilator Blues. Tingle tingle.

Does anyone know if there is any place to get copies of the individual black and white prints from Exile. I'd love an 8x10 of that picture of Mick and Keith singing with Mick holding a bottle of Old Grand Dad. That picture personifies the tingle. I also wouldn't mind the shot of the guy on the cover with 3 balls in his mouth.

03-07-02 09:02 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Nank,

There is actually an Exile T-shirt with the 3 balls in the mouth guy on the front. Last time I saw one on eBay it went for around $50.00....but then again, I'm telling this to a guy who spend 3 figures on vintage Stones sneakers....

The next time we meet, I will be wearing my "Keith Richards For President" t-shirt.....
03-07-02 09:11 AM
Maxlugar Nanks, I know. I couldn't avoid the tingle last night. Thanks for not judging me too harshly.

Oh and if you want any shots of guys with three balls in their mouths, there are some places in TImes Square and the west village here in NYC that you can find them at.

Joey could show you where.

Ma ma ma Maxy!!!
03-07-02 09:21 AM
nankerphelge Cardinal X -- I actually had that T-shirt in college but it disappeared one nite, never to be seen again.

Maxy -- I don't know the area you mentioned, but I'm thinking the 3 balls you are referring to have nothing to do with Exile on Mainstreet. I'm sure the folks you are thinking of also like 5 pound butt rocks and various watersports.

None for me thanks -- I'm trying to quit!

We have two new infotech temps just outside my door. Yesterday they were discussing the merits of the Beatles.
I am visibly shaken that such slander could occur so close to home. I am thinking of taking their CDs and burning Dirty Work over every one of them. Or maybe Sympathy over and over and over again. When they go to lunch I sit in their chairs and fart.

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