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Topic: Can anyone that speaks Spanish help me with this..? Return to archive
02-28-02 02:12 PM
MickChick I could translate most of it with Babblefish, but not this bit... What does it mean...?

La cita con la noche tuvo lugar el sábado de madrugada. Se dejó caer por el bar Warhol, donde se tomó varias coca-colas en compañía del grupo de amigos que le ha acompañado, con la mayor desenvoltura, pese a estar sentado justamente en el epicentro del bar y en la entrada: “El bar estaba a tope en el momento que entró y la gente se quedó pasmada. Le invitamos a tomar lo que quisiese, pero sólo pidió coca-cola” comentaba Jorge Inchausti, propietario del local, que no daba crédito a sus ojos.

Tampoco se ha privado de hacer compras y adquirió un enorme radio-cassete en un céntrico establecimiento de Eivissa, para escuchar música en su habitación. La actitud de la mítica estrella del rock ha estado alejada de todo divismo: “Se ha mostrado correcto, muy educado, simpático y cariñoso con todo el mundo y especialmente con los niños, con los que ha visitado la cuadra de caballos y el huerto de naranjos”, comentaba la recepcionista del hotel.

Jagger ha prometido volver a la isla y para ello pidió al propietario de Can Curreu que le mostrase todas las habitaciones. Al final escogió la denominada El Nido para su próxima visita.

De cantante a productor de cine. Mick Jagger trata de explotar su vena artística en todas sus vertientes. Así parecen confirmarlo sus proyectos cinematográficos. Ha estrenado en el Sundance Festival de Robert Redford la película 'Enigma´, con Kate Winslet, lanzada por su productora de cine. Ha escrito un guión con Martín Scorsese, 'The long play´, sobre el cruel negocio de la música. Trabaja en la vida privada del poeta galés Dylan Tomás, al tiempo que prepara su film biográfico 'The Snap´, con la vista puesta en un ambicioso proyecto para rodar la vida del Che Guevara que tendrá a Antonio Banderas de protagonista. No para.

02-28-02 03:28 PM
nankerphelge Here's a rough translation:

All you fuckers better hold on because the Stones are about to light this whole world on fire with a CD release that most "critics" didn't think they could still muster and a world tour that will redefine live rock & roll. In fact, a large number of so-called bands will have to fold under the enormous tidal wave of talent that is about to be unleashed by the dark lords of rock and roll.

So hide your children and beloved sheep because those who hear the calling shall be roaming the nations of the world in an alcohol and chiba-induced trance looking for kicks.

And if you know what's good for you, you will not mess with or otherwise obstruct these folks, lest ye get a five pound butt rock tossed up yer arse until you talk like Antonio Banderas.

Something like that.
02-28-02 04:12 PM
gypsy That's the same translation I got!
03-02-02 06:23 PM
AlexanderHic I think I'm going to spoil this little dead forum, but I've nothing else to do so I'll be practising on my rusty english. Please, bear me (if there's someone out there.)


The night date was placed early sunday morning. He dropped by the Warhol bar, where he drank many cokes along with a bunch of friends who'd been around, perfectly at ease, in spite of being placed exactly in the center of the bar, and in the entrance "the place was filled with people, that were shocked. We offered him anything to drink, but he only ordered cokes", said Jorge Inchausti, owner of the business, who couldn't believe his eyes.

He did not prohibit himself either from purchasing, and acquired an enormous tape player in a central Eivissa store, so he could listen to it in his room. The legendary rock star was always far from any diva attitude. "He's been correct, very polite, nice and loving with everybody, especially with kids, whom he's visited in the stable and the orange plantations", commented the hotel's female receptionist.

Jagger promised his return to the island, for which he requested, to the owner of the Can Curreu, a look inside every one of the rooms. Finally, he chose the so-called El Nido (The Nest) for his next visit .

From singer to film producer, Mick Jagger is aiming for artistic expression in every possible way. Apparently, his cinema projects can confirm this idea. He released, at Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival, "Enigma", starring Kate Winslet, produced by Jagger's film company. He's written a screenplay with Martin Scorsese, "The Long Play", which deals with the cruelty in the music business industry. And he's currently working in a project about Dylan Thomas' life, whilst preparing a (his?-the original text is a bit confusing) biopic, "The Snap", and looking forward to an ambitious project about Che Guevara's life, which would count with Antonio Banderas in the starring role. He doesn't stop.


That's all. I'm gonna get drunk to celebrate my cleverness.
03-03-02 06:42 AM
MickChick Thank you for your help, that's so sweet :-)!!
03-03-02 03:32 PM
AlexanderHic Anytime.

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