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Topic: February 27, 1977 (Keith don't go) Return to archive
02-27-02 03:38 PM
Jaxx keith was busted for heroin possession in toronto on this day in 1977. a wingless angel came to his rescue and worked out a get out of jail deal for a either a free concert or proceeds go to charity performance.(someone help me out here)anyway:

to commemorate the occassion, i've got "Keith Don't Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin)playing loud from Nils Lofgren live concert album, "Night after Night" great lyrics, awesome guitar:

Keith Don't Go:

send a right away letter
i got to got to mail it today
says to my main inspirer
says urgent from the USA

its got this old heart inside it
the postage in my soul
contains a message from millions
says keith don't go

i said keith don't go
keith don't take my sun away
keith don't go
keith don't go

10,000 guitars wailing
but they ain't quite the same
you got a natural soul
and its stamped with your own brandname

we are the sailors
as captain
you bring a message to millions
i say, keith don't go

i said keith don't you go,
oh keith don't go to the town called Toronto
keith don't go
keith don't go

when your like a father to me
its hard to breathe with that loss
but i still got you brother
don't nail yourself to a cross

i watch you lead the pack
you put a drive into my sould
you bring a message to millions
i say keith don't go NO

i said keith you go, deith don't go to a town called toronto, you know what i'm talking about

02-27-02 04:37 PM
The Eggman I heard that song, but the lyrics seem to pretty hostile to Keith going to Gowd forsaken place called TORONTO

In my opinon , Toronto was kinda generous to Keith on their letting them play instaed of jail

Can anyone follow up on that blind girl that apprently pleaded to some judges on getting Keith out
02-28-02 07:59 PM
The Eggman wrote:

Can anyone follow up on that blind girl that apprently pleaded to some judges on getting Keith out

yes. i want to know this also. anybody?
02-28-02 08:51 PM
beer Yeah, I wonder that too. Every Stones fan should really appreciate her. She kept Keith out of prison!!! Wasn't Keith facing 7 to 20 years?
02-28-02 09:10 PM
Maxlugar I bet Miss U. knows. She's from Canada ya know....
03-01-02 12:26 AM
The Eggman So is the EGGMAN
from Wpg, Manitoba, Canada
03-01-02 07:02 AM
JaggaRichards I heard Keith was really pissed at Lofgren for doing that song
03-02-02 02:55 AM
Im_Shattered Keith called her "the Blind Angel"
03-04-02 04:22 AM
oldkr He had been approached by the family of the blind girl, and when she heard that he was gonna be busted , she appealed to the judge , that he was a good man , she basically gave him a decent characteer reference , although the media helped to push her cause along!!!

03-04-02 10:14 AM
Lazy Bones I thought I'd read it somewhere along the line. Time for a little research again. The only names that usually are remembered are the arresting RCMP officer and the judge.
It's amazing as everytime I'm walking through a mall here (southern Ontario) and see donation tables for C.N.I.B., I can't help but think of Keith. Then I start singing Salt Of The Earth to myself (with acoustic guitars in the back ground).
Beauty, eh!
03-07-02 10:15 AM
Lazy Bones No luck with "blind angel". Came across the names and of the constable and judge; but only reference to "blind angel" with no name.

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