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Topic: Some thoughts...... Return to archive
02-27-02 12:03 PM
Maxlugar Beast of Burden accoustic on the Wheel Shunters boot is breathtaking.
Under My Thumb never was done better than Shattered in Europe.
Someone has to film their every move this album/tour for posterity.
Heaven is a great background song to make love while stoned.

Is anyone else a big fan of the Lotus stage?
Somone must talk them into using it at MSG this tour!

Some Girls (the song) was a surprise highlight of the last tour.
And it rocked harder than the studio version. Very raw.
Very nice choice. I hope there are more "nuggets" like that this tour.
Indian Girl on the small stage!
No one likes it but me though. It won't happen.
Gomper instead?

Too Tough or Too Tight? I like Too Tough better.
High and Dry is one song I can play three times in a row.
Everyone can come to Casa De Maxy this tour.

When will we get a full length Knebworth video?
Only I, it seems, really loves '75 -'76 era. I could be wrong.
Rip this Joint gave Jack Nicholson a heart attack in '95.
Let Me Go cooked in '81. Wild!
Dance pt III: Thank God it didn't happen.

02-27-02 01:11 PM
Nasty Habits Max --

1975 is fine as long as Billy Preston is not spritzing his unpleasant synth spew all over the boys' bellies. But it's a long way down from '73. I do LOVE the You Got Me Rockin'/Get Off My Cloud connection! I propose Had It with You/Turd on the Run done in the same style '02.

I actually prefer Too Tight, although they're kind of the same thing. Late in the album uptempo, uh, throwaways. The opening riff on Too Tight brings it in by a nose -- it really kind of careens, uh, out of control, Can't You Hear Me Knockin' style, and the backups singing along with it are great. But then there's the "When it comes to fighting" bit on Too Tough, which is cool. But then it bugs me when the song suddenly becomes Jumpin' Jack Flash. So I give the, uh, lightweight bout title to Too Tight. I sung that song, I wrote that fuckin' book.

High and Dry. Flight 505. It's Not Easy. Wow. AFTERMATH!

I like Indian Girl, too. Meester Gringo . . ., mariachi horns, Bill going boom boom boom. I hope I'm not supposed to be deeply touched by this song, however. I'm usually laughing all the way through it. But I loves the laughs, which is why I love Emotional Rescue. SUMMER ROMANCE in '02! The "I need money so much I need money so bad" Tour!

HIGHWIRE in 2002!

The harmonica sound of Fancy Man Blues blows my eardrums like cheap speakers.

My favorite live Under My Thumb is from MSG '69, medlied with I'm Free. There's a connecting solo by Taylor on that that all little Mick addicts simply MUST hear. I bet it was the show Hendrix as at, because it seems inspired by him. Awesome.

I miss Bill terribly. I play "She Was Hot" almost every day in his honor.

Beggar's Banquet is majorly badass in mono.

For some reason, I cannot stop playing the Midnight Beat Acetates CD. 'Til the Next Time We Say Goodbye w/no massed backup vox is so beautiful. One Hundred Years Ago is so much better on that CD. Fingerprint File is totally gritty at the right speed. Drift Away is unspeakably great. Hide Your Love got the soul. Criss Cross Man -- "Think I need a blood transfusion" -- that song is NASTY. I'm simply DYING for some thrills and spills.

Like it or not, Mick is the man.

02-27-02 02:43 PM
Maxlugar I cry uncontrolably during Indian Girl. …last piece of meat was eaten by the soldiers that raped her… Waaaa! Maxy weeps.

Hug me.
02-27-02 03:36 PM
Joey "Everyone can come to Casa De Maxy this tour. "

Yes !!!!! I even heard Jude cry out , "Yes"!! on that one .

I am looking forward to Names and Faces Lounge this September . Hopefully the Stones' Savy painting will still be there .

And you are correct , " Some Girls " was a major highlight on the last tour . I hope they do " Hang fire " on the small stage this time around .

Yes !!!!!!!

Later ,

The Joey , C10

02-27-02 03:50 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Some Girls was really fun....and sung with a lot of venom, as this was during the Mick/Jerry split/Morad baby thing...but as always, the highlight for me was "Midnight Rambler" on the small stage. YEEEEEEEEOOOOOOW!

You will never be wrong by answering a question with "Midnight Rambler".

Consider yourselves nuzzled.
02-27-02 03:58 PM
Joey "You will never be wrong by answering a question with "Midnight Rambler". "

Yes !!!!

I would like to nuzzle you !

02-27-02 05:20 PM
Cardinal Fang
Joey wrote:

Later ,

The Joey

Nice "tribute". Thank's for keeping my memory alive.

For my fellow Cardinal, Hey! I sent you some "Bad News" but I just got it back in the mail because it was TWELVE CENTS short on the postage! ($0.12 fucking cents.) Anyway, I just got off of the phone with my friend Shawn and we are kicking around the idea of he and I driving to Philly for the opener. We think we can do it in 3 days or maybe 2 days if we do it in a straight line. (that was bad) It's in the development stage. I'll e-mail you a bit later.

I just mailed something to Gazza and Sugar Blue too. I hope they don't come back "Postage Due" for being 12 cents short?

Required Stones content: I sent this stuff "By the U.S. Mail"

I gotta bail,

Later, Cardinal Fang
02-27-02 05:27 PM
Joey Cardinal ,

Is ' Bad News ' the same as " Twisty Bread " or " 1 White Rhino " ?????????

Gotta Bail ,

Gotta Jet ,

The Joey , C10

02-27-02 05:35 PM
Miss U. I'd like some bad news too.

I loved SFTD on the last tour.

Umm...Maxy, isn't the line "last piece of meat was eaten by the soldiers that ripped this place apart"??

02-27-02 06:00 PM
Maxlugar I don't think so Miss U.

Tell you what I'll do though.

I'm home now. I'll put on my white lab coat, saftey goggles, gloves and grab my clip board and go take a listen.

I'll be right back....


02-27-02 06:00 PM
The Worst [quote]Maxlugar wrote:

Heaven is a great background song to make love while stoned.
I love Heaven, too, but have always thought, that it was a great song to calm down and feel confirmed when feeling weak. Hopefully, the rest of the ballad side of "Tattoo You" has also grown on you in the meantime.

Indian Girl on the small stage!
No one likes it but me though. It won't happen.
I remember, that some time ago, you hated the song (possibly also Let Me Go, which comes from the ER album, too). I still hate IG, however.
Gomper instead?
Without Brian, who has played 4 instruments on it?

Too Tough or Too Tight? I like Too Tough better.
I prefer Too Tight, maybe also, because I'm emotionally attached to Bridges, which was my first Stones-album.

02-27-02 06:13 PM
Cardinal Fang
Joey wrote:
Cardinal ,

Is ' Bad News ' the same as " Twisty Bread " or " 1 White Rhino " ?????????

No, "Bad News" was a parody rock band (like Spinal Tap) that was on the BBC in the late 80's. It's the same guys who did "The Young Ones". Actually 3 out of 4 of The Young Ones. (Everybody but Mike) They did one album and an 90 minute fake documentry. Bad News is a (purposely) even WORSE band then Spinal Tap. Marc and I like really odd Brit comedies like The Young Ones, Bad News, or those other guy's....what where there know the guys who ORIGINALLY did the Cardinal Ximinez and Cardinal Fang characters. What were there names? Ummmmmmmm, Minty Peacans Frying Circles (Something like that?) Ummmmmmmm..............

I gotta jet.

Later, Cardinal Fang
02-27-02 06:24 PM
Maxlugar OK I'm back.

Right off the bat, at the first listen I jotted down on my clip board "Definately 'rapped her'. Not enough syllables for 'ripped it apart'. Report findings to board".

But then I listened to that part again. I cranked it and got close to the speakers (My Saftey goggles were almost shaking off my head from the bass line, thank God I wore them) and there is a slight possibility you could be right. I listened four more times. DAMN IT! I'm not sure now! There is a little bit of either vocal bleed from another cut or someone else in the background saying something at that moment too.

Someone help me! Have I been singing the wrong lyric all these years? (And The Worst, I have always liked Indian Girl. I may have been goofing on it for some reason and that is what you are thinking of. I think ER is their worst album definately).

So can someone get back to me on this lyric dilema? I can't sleep until this is resolved.

I'll keep my saftey goggles on in case anyone needs me to go back down again.

Thanks a lot. Until then I'll sit here and Read Bias by Bernard Goldberg.

Maxlugar - The Rockin' Republican!
02-27-02 07:48 PM
Joey Bernard Goldberg ??????

Isn't he on that CNN program on Saturday evenings around 5:30 CDT , just before Capital Gang ?????

Anyway Max , never forget , the Wall was just warmed over Arthur .

God I hope Steely Dan wins some more Grammys tonight last year .

" Lose a shoe up my Ass Ronnie "

Joey , C10

02-27-02 09:09 PM
Maxlugar So....

So I guess I'll be going to bed without knowing that lyric from Indian Girl.

After all I've done for you friggin' sons of bitches tonight. Do you all realize I have deep red circular grooves around my eyes from wearing tight saftey goggles for three plus hours? I fling my clip board down in disgust! I fart in your general direction!

My dearest little sweaty-headed prose stealing Joey,
Has Jeff Beck won a Grammy for best instrumental for his Grammy nominated song "Dirty Mind" yet? I hope so. Will you buy his latest CD "You Had It Coming" if he does? Maxy wonders these things. They weigh so heavily upon his stressed to the limit soul.


Maxlugar - As seen in Entertainment Weekly.
02-27-02 09:21 PM
Maxlugar Oh Joey, I almost forgot. No one watches CNN anymore. Fox is where it's at. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Laurie Dhue...
02-27-02 11:22 PM
Nasty Habits They're shooting down planes, with their M16s and their laughter.

What an insensitive nasty bastard I am.

That, poor girl . . .

They raped her, Max. They dit it. I'm sure of it. I checked. I tried to hear that last syllable too, if only so I could deny the ugly truth of the situation. But . . . it just isn't there. Not on the "Accidents Will Happen" mix either. We have to face the facts. Those . . . those . . larder dippers . . . How could they? I could see it in the tears on her face. I could hear it in the weeping weenie synth syncopations that knocks me off the sweet sweet waves of Ronnie's steel . . .

I'm ashamed I ever laughed.

Tears on my pillow, tonight to be sure.

Life just goes on and on getting harder and harder.

02-28-02 07:45 AM
Maxlugar Bless you Nasty Habits!

Even though it is the next morning, I am still glad someone cleared that up for me.

I had nightmares all night of Castro and hot steamy jungle warfare.

At one point I was giving a speach in Angola (In Russian no less!) and I looked down and I wasn't wearing anything!

But its alright, now.

Don't feel ashamed for laughing during Indian Girl. It wasn't your fault. But now that you know she was raped I expect you to treat this song with the care and love it needs.

If you'd like, we can sychronize the playing of this song tonight, you and I, at 8:00PM EST. Who knows? If could bring about world peace.

At the very least, the bass line will inspire us to write letters to Bill Wyman asking him to come back.

I gotta Jet, Bail and haul some Tail!

Max "The Real Deal" Lugarfield!
02-28-02 08:03 AM
nankerphelge I am very happy that Max found a way to slip Laurie Dhue-me into the conversation. She's yummy.
02-28-02 10:01 AM
Nasty Habits Unfortunately for world peace, I have to do inventory at my local bookstore for scads scads scads of store credit today and tonight. No Emotional Rescue CD to regale the bookworms, although they're frigging listening to AFTERMATH in tribute to Brian over and over and over if I have anything to say about it.

Oh, yes. They will find out . . .
03-02-02 05:47 PM
Miss U. Jezuz, this thread cracked me up!!!

Hey, it's
"they're shooting down planes with their M16s in ATLANTA"!!

You guys losing your hearing in your old age??

and Maxy, Mick is running out of breath in that fades out towards the end, he's winded after the "soldiers that.." part! I'll bet my life on it. Don't tell me I been wrong all my friggin life about that song!!
03-03-02 05:29 PM
Nasty Habits WHO shoots down planes with M16s in ATLANTA?

Did I miss some kind of insurgent Hispanic uprising in Atlanta in the late 70s?

My knowledge of history is sketchy, but that don't make no sense . . .

03-03-02 10:01 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah, everyone knows it ain't's Orlando!

(JOKE) Rim shot.

The real lyric is DEFINATELY "laughter"

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