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Topic: What do you like beside Stones? Return to archive Page: 1 2
02-28-02 09:51 AM
marko wrote:
hey maxy,i allways wanted to buy ten years after,but i havenīt got into it,donīt know why,maybe because,iīm not
enough familiar with their music.Is it any close to jethro
tull?i know their music has that proge groove,any albums
what you liked to recommed?

Well I'm not Maxy but I do recommend "Recorded Live" it's one of my favourites, in fact one of the first CDs I bought when I bought my first Cd player back in 1986. Before, I bought the album 2LP when it was just released in 1973, I had the doubt about that one or Uriah Heep Live January 1973, I decided for Ten Years After and it was the best decision I could take.

A classic is "A Space in Time", and you that have a great collection of live bootlegs will receive a gift from me "Mick Taylor and Alvin Lee Live"

Other great albums are Cricklewood Green and the first four albums: self title, undead, stonedhenge, and ssssssssh, they started as a basic blues band, Alvin was one of the greatest ever

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03-06-02 06:41 AM
CocaBuena wrote:
I know this is a Rolling Stones message board, but I would like to know which other bands/singers you guys/girls like too.

Ok, the start is mine

1 - Rolling Stones, in first, always(Once I spent 2,5 years listening only them)
2 - Led Zeppelin, the second best rock'n' roll in the world
3 - Neil Young, the best guitar player still live in the world, much better than keef
4 - Jimi Hendrix - No need explanation
5 - Bob Dylan for all those things he did, musically and lyrics, attitude.
6 - Miles Davis - the coolest music in the world.

The "new" ones:

1 - The Cure from 80's, absolutely "savage" live in London
2 - Blur and then Gorillaz: for the lack of attitude
3 - Dr Dree - For all those killer grooves
4 - Lenny Kravitz: because he's good in any & many ways.
5 - Pulp - just for that album named "different class", they deserve a special place
6 - Chemical brothers/Kraftwerk - for the mix between rock and electronic music
7 - Morcheeba - For the general mix, and that great lead voice

Of course, I forgot lots more, but...
Ok, now you

for my first post, i give you my list:
Cracker, Izzy Stradlin, new orleans old funk, the meters, lee dorsey,ratm, rhynocerose, the strokes, grand funk railroad, john mayall , the gladiators,toots,funkadelic, maceo, ten years after, tito & tarantula ,the fleshtones...

03-06-02 08:02 AM
Maxlugar Marko,

Get Ten Year's After live. It's a show from Germany. They are definately a better live band than in the studio.

I don't find them anything like Jethro Tull. It's basically a straight forward rock platform on which play s Alvin Lee's amazing guitar work.

Some long jams that really take you away. A lot like a Calgon bath, really.

Have you gotten Playstation 2 yet, Marko?

03-06-02 06:26 PM
FPM C10 Oooh...a list. How novel!

OK, I'll play. I gotta admit, the lists thus far have been surprising, especially all the Louis Prima/Sam Butera fans! Props to them!

Besides the obvious numero uno, my list might go something like this:

Bob Dylan
Tom Waits
The Pogues
The Popes
The Clash
Sex Pistols
The Beatles
Thelonious Monk
Patsy Cline
Hank Sr
David Johansen and the Harry Smiths
Robbie Fulks
Charlie Parker
Igor Stravinsky
the Kronos Quartet
Muddy Waters
Howlin' Wolf
Robert Johnson
The Mississippi Sheiks
Billie Holiday
The Squirtin' Murphys
The Animals
...I suppose there are more but all this thinking's making my head hurt.

03-06-02 10:42 PM
Maxlugar Fleabit Peanut Fucking Monkey!

O to see you again!!!

How nice.

I see you have Garbage ona you list. Is it not because you saw the lead singer, Shirley Manson is it?, swallow her entire fist in the Hard Rock in CLEVELAND while you were sitting right next to me?

Bless you my little Monkey! Bless friggin' you!!!

I'm surprised you didn't have Hound Dog Taylor ona you list. I think you are the guy that turned me on to him on "that other board" way back. For that, I was on my way to your house with gifts of frankensense and gold and spices to present to you. But, alas, he is not on your list and now I am confused. Was it not you, O Peanut Fleabit Wamma Lamma???

Please get back to me!!!


03-06-02 11:55 PM
Happy Motherfucker A great "Ten Years After" album to get is "Watt". It's got some fuck'n killer tunes on it" My baby Left Me", She Lies In The Morning" and very cool live take of "Sweet Little Sixteen". Check it out!
03-07-02 09:41 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I know the great FPM has been a dedicated follower of Hound dog Taylor (IMO, the best guitar playing Taylor I ever heard!) for quite a number of years. It may interest you to know that FPM and the vivacious Dandelion talked about starting a memorial fund so Hound Dog could have a marker on his grave....It turns out that someone else must have beat them to the punch, because there is now a nice marker on his grave.

I, like FPM, have so many artists that I dig that I just CAN'T list them all. Like I know I forgot to put The Specials and The Jam and The English Beat on my list...and Motorhead....and Jerry Lee Lewis....and the Skatallites....and the Mescaleros....and Frank Black....Oh! The Pixies....and Nirvana! I literally could sit here for another hour and list more stuff...but I haven't the will to do it!

I now return you to our regularly scheduled program....
03-07-02 10:16 AM
TomL Has anyone ever heard Alvin Lee IN Flight. Not bad
03-07-02 09:47 PM
FPM C10 Maxy!

You are SO right about Hound Dog, but the Cardinal is also right - there's too damn many people I like. But put Hound Dog Taylor on there. The Card was right, too, about Dandelion and I discovering that Hound Dog had no headstone - (and, besides that, Muddy Waters doesn't have the kind of monument you would expect a GOD to have) and that someone else took matters into their own hands and got him one. I bet it doesn't say what Hound Dog wanted it to - something like "He couldn't play shit but he sure made it sound good" (if not exactly right that's close.)

Your suspicions about my fondness for Garbage are not unfounded. Besides the fist thing, there was also the time they appeared live on the VH1 Fashion awards and her shirt popped open. Small, but perfect! Yum!

Here are more favorites:

Sonny Boy Williamson
Iggy Pop
David Bowie (especially when Eno produces him)
Son House
Skip James
Charley Patton
Miles Davis
Count Basie
The Replacements
Steve Earle
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Fuckin' Lewis
Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy
Public Image Ltd
Kurt Weil
The Supremes
English Beat
Specials (mostly just the first album)

okay, my head hurts again. Damn lists!

Freddy & The Dreamers
Merv Griffin (Yes, We Have No Bananas ROCKS!)
Steve & Edie

oops. Well not those last three.

03-08-02 05:19 PM
Mother baby Actually all kidding aside, I watched Ian Anderson/Tull do Aqualung on was like watching Casablanca...same old thing but it doesn't seem to get old????
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