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Topic: Three Souls In My Mind Return to archive
02-24-02 11:25 AM
Nasty Habits A couple of years ago I was introduced to the amazing rock and roll music of Alex Lora and his 70s trio Three Souls in My Mind. Those guys are just about the greatest Rolling Stones styled band I've ever heard! Chavo De Onda, Que Viva Rock and Roll, Es Lo Mejor, Abuso De Autoridad, Devaluacion, and more . . . They rock like nobody's business, write great songs, and Lora is one of the all time cool singers (not to mention an amazing bass player), even if I can only get a little bit of what he's saying due to my meager comprehension of Spanish and the fact that he's, like, a real rock and roll singer and slurs his words, talks really fast, and is sometimes difficult to understand.

There's a double live album of Three Souls in My Mind playing at a juvenile detention center that is right up there with Ya-Ya's in being just one of the most smokin' live discs ever released officially by any band. I think it's called Reclusorio Oriente. I've only got it on tape and it's been on top of my list as my number one most wanted rocanrol record ever since I saw a copy (the cover is totally outrageous and one of my all time fave rock crowd shots).

Does anyone out there have any idea where I can get my nasty little hands on a copy of this LP? I would definitely prefer vinyl but any CD copies that might be out there would be very interesting. Any Three Souls vinyl would be very interesting to me. VooDooChile, I noticed you mentioned Lora's 80s/90s combo, El Tri, in your post about other bands you listen to. Do you know anything about Three Souls? Their history is kind of tough to nail down . . .

I understand that El Tri opened for the Stones at a Mexico City gig in '94 and were the first band ever to open for the Stones that commanded an encore.

Three Souls in My Mind are the Mexican Rolling Stones and you haven't lived 'til you've heard them play!

¡Que Viva Rock and Roll!
02-24-02 10:19 PM
rogerriffin not are you in a error, el tri was open at the stones in b2b in ´98.and exist another great records like "un cuarto de siglo" recorded live on his 25th anniversary,"en vivo en la carcel de santa martha" recorded in other prision in mexico more, more, and more
i´m a great fan of the banda de rock hecha en mexico de y para los mexicanos. and the stones of course!
02-24-02 11:39 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Of course I am more than familiar with the band as they were classmates and friends of my brother in elementary school and secondary school IFJZ (even before when Charlie Hauptvogel was in Colegio Alemán (German College) with my brother.

We were also bandmates in the school’s Military Band in 1965. I know the band since the earliest times at the school, in parties, and before they became famous.

Charlie and my friends were the opening band for Mick Taylor, I decided the whole setlist and attended all rehearsals. Here's a picture of that day with Charlie.

Mexico City - Salón 21 - August 31, 2001
Charlie is the one abopve me

The press was really very nice with them, as they were credited as a great opening band with great comments about their performance.

Of course I can get you the vinyl (I got mine) but it's easy to find at "El Chopo" I can even get yours with Charlie's autograph dedicated to you.

I also used to see Alex but now I have a lot of time not seen him.

The band Three Souls in My Mind disappeared in 1984 when Alex formed El Tri and Charlie continued with the band completely reformed with some of the original members and new ones.

Alex's wife Chela (a name also used for BEER LOLOLOL) is like the Yoko Ono for this band, she stared to take the band's management and Charlie didn't like it so he decided to fire Alex and company, but he's the one with the popularity, so the new Band EL TRI was now the successful band while Three Souls in My Mind, became a garage band.

Mail me to get the album for you.

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