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Topic: According to the Times Return to archive
02-20-02 02:18 PM
MickChick Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney have turned down a Lifetime Achiefment Brit Award...
02-20-02 02:33 PM
Gazza yeah i read that too at the weekend - it actually said Jagger had turned it down on several occasions because he (and presumably mcCartney too) consider it as something you give someone at the end of their career.

"The Brits Lifetime Achievement" award has always been something of a joke though. They only seem willing to give the award to the recipient if he/she/they actually perform at the ceremony (its the only reason why Van Morrison played the show in 1994.. he was actually told that if he didnt play..theyd give the award to someone else...very flattering that would have been for the "reserve" choice,I'm sure..). They gave the Eurythmics the award about 3 years ago even though they hadnt existed as a band for over a decade and had only been an active band for about 4-5 years (needless to say they reformed especially for the occasion). A couple of years back they even gave the award to those music veterans The Spice Girls (TWO studio albums to their name - but they were honoured because theyd shifted some 30 million albums. Units is all that really counts for the most part). I've always presumed the Stones never got the award because theyd never played at the ceremony. I still think thats the case and is probably the main reason why Mick keeps turning it down.

That said,the Stones have acepted lifetime achievement awards from the Grammys (1986),MTV Video Music Awards (1994) and the Rock ' N' roll hall Of Fame (1989). Mick also accepted a Lifetime achievement award at the NRG awards in France only a few weeks ago. Makes you wonder why its acceptable in some cases but not others. Of course the fact that in 1986 and 1994 they had a new album to promote and in 1989 they were letting the world know they were back and had patched up their differences might just be coincidental!
02-20-02 03:50 PM
Maxlugar I've been thinking....

Is it weird to give ones own penis a Lifetime Achievement Award?

Because I'm thinking about doing it.

I know I'm only 35 but it's seen a lot of action. And I AM very proud of it. After all this time it's still very pretty and quite demure.

But at the same time it's very tired and constantly feels like it's had an Indian Rub. So while I don't think it will have many more accomplishments ahead of it, I still feel like it should be honored in some way.

I don't know....maybe I'm just being foolish.


Maxy! And Lil' Maxy!
02-20-02 05:23 PM
Gazza Until Mick's gets its lifetime achievemnt achievement award I think you and Lil' maxy will have to wait..

Just hope you dont get one for services to D.I.Y.
02-20-02 06:27 PM
Maxlugar Point taken. Thanks Gazza.

I haven't even had kids yet!

Lil' Maxy has much to do yet still in this life!

But what is D.I.Y?

Your Pal (and admirer),

02-20-02 06:45 PM
Gazza >But what is D.I.Y?

What we Brits tactfully call "having a 5 knuckle shuffle", "a date with mother fist and her five daughters", "doing the vinegar strokes" etc..

in Beavis & Butthead- speak : "chokin' the chicken", "auditioning the finger puppets.." etc...

Think you get the picture? LOL
02-20-02 08:26 PM
Maxlugar Ooooohhhh!

A date with Rosie Palm? Polishing the Ol' Tin Soldier?
Bopping the Bishop? Masturbating with your penis?

Oh man! I could win the gold medal in that event!

Your great Gazza! Next time I beat my meat I'll be thinking of you!

Your pal in Stonesurbation,

Maxy! (M. Lugarfly!)
02-21-02 04:22 PM
Gazza >Your great Gazza! Next time I beat my meat I'll be thinking of you!

Uh...believe me thats a tribute I can do without!

02-21-02 09:18 PM
Maxlugar Um.........too late.

LOL!!! Gazzy! I'm kidding bay-bay!

"Lose a load in my ass, Ronnie!"
02-21-02 09:42 PM
Cardinal Ximinez My dick is so perfect that a dildo company paid me six figures for a mold of the ol' bayonet.

I mean, seriously, why else would a grade A chick like my wife put up with me? I'll tell you piston fires perfectly, and I can lick my eyebrows.

Ask any of my homies...I've always had great looking chicks fawning over me....not because I'm a hunk....not because I'm rich....not because I'm a pleasant's because I'm a funky bitch sex machine, and I make 'em yell for Jesus!

I, like Mick, will refuse any "lifetime achievement" award for my soldier....I nowhere near the end of my career yet!
02-22-02 12:39 AM
MarthaMyDear And, I say to the waiter... I'll have what they're having... lol........................... :P

*** Martha ***
02-22-02 01:48 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Sorry Martha, but my wife got the last order....however, ask for the Cardinal X model at your local adult gift store!

It has 4 speeds...slow, medium, fast, and ravage....
02-22-02 09:54 PM
MarthaMyDear I'll take the Cardinal X model (fast speed) and the Ravage Me Maxy model... Ooo la la!!! I'm a Gemini (have to have 'em both)... He... He... ;D

*** Martha ***

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