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Topic: Some thoughts...... Return to archive
02-20-02 11:01 AM
Maxlugar Before They Make Me Run has a great guitar sound.
Let It Bleed is my Current favorite Stones album.
Amanda Jones had a great song written about her.
Miss You should be dropped from the 2002 set list.
Exile should be done live in its entirety at Roseland in '02.

Country Honk is a great song to hear while in the mountains.
Live with Me is a filthy song that sounds smooth.
Indian Girl is not as bad as some say it is. I love it.
No Expectations and Love in Vain are similar songs. Both great.
Tattoo You was a better album before I knew it's mainly old songs.
On With the Show is the Stones most Beatles-like song.
Ned Kelly is testicle shrinkingly bad.

Far Away Eyes is another good mountain song.
Only Bill Wyman can make The Drive whole again
Respectable proves this.

9 songs on Black and Blue would have been nice. Which do we add?
1 album stands as the hardest rocker: Dirty Work!
1 album stands as the limpest: Emotional Rescue.

02-20-02 12:30 PM
CocaBuena "9 songs on Black and Blue would have been nice. Which do we add? ""

Hummmmm. Hard question. I think B&B so different! But, how about Act Together? It's Kinda obvious, I know, and very slow...
Maybe Rotten Roll, edited, as final track?

02-20-02 12:48 PM
HandofFeet "Tattoo You was a better album before I knew it's mainly old songs."

Are you implying that it's not as successful because they weren't able to write a new record on the spot? "They" don't write anything. Keith understands this. WHEN a song is written is irrelevant.

"On With the Show is the Stones most Beatles-like song."

A very limited definition of what defines a "Beatles song", eh?
02-20-02 01:23 PM
nankerphelge Tattoo You is still a great release. But I agree with Max that the magic of TY dissolved a bit when I found out a bunch of the songs were pre-Woody -- especially when you listen to other tracks from the Some Girls and ER sessions and wonder why they weren't used instead. I still like those tunes and the album as a whole, but I felt kind of deceived when I found out the truth.

Another good mountain tune is High & Dry -- makes you want to start blowing into a moonshine jug.
02-20-02 01:29 PM
Maxlugar Bless you my Nanky. For you know what I meant. I still love TY but it's just that I REALLY loved it when I thought it was a fresh new release.

Now I somewhat don't even include it among new studio releases. It's kind of a greatest hits of unreleased stuff.

I'm wondering, Nanks, do you agree with the post "as a whole" though?

02-20-02 02:10 PM
Joey "Tattoo You was a better album before I knew it's mainly old songs. "

The wall was just warmed over Arthur .

" Lose a steel-toed tip shoe up me arse until I spit out nails Ronnie "

The Joey , C10

02-20-02 02:22 PM
nankerphelge Generally I agree with most of it.

I agree that Miss You should be left off -- is is 12 minutes of pure disco filler that could be used to play more important songs such as Time Waits for No One or You Cant' Always Git What you Want

I agree that Far Away Eyes and Country Honk are great mountain tunes. As is side 2 of Exile.

I agree about the guitar on WBTMMR and Amanda Jones

I agree that Exile should be played live at least once -- in the order of the tracks.

Let It Bleed is everyone's favorite album for a while -- I went thru my LIB phase about a year ago.

ER is sad. I personally think they were trying to put out another Some Girls and just really missed:

Miss You - Dance
Whip - Let Me Go
Just My Imagination - ER
Some Girls - Send It to Me
Lies - Where the Boys Go
Far Away Eyes - Indian Gurl
Respectable - Summer Romance
Before they Make Me Run - All About You
Beast o Burden - Down in the Hole
Shattered - Shes So Cold

I'm not saying these songs are all the same, but there are some big similarities in overall sound, tempo and in some cases, positions on the albums.

Points of contention:

Indian Girl makes one's testicles look like Sun Maid raisins

Dirty Work has some scorchers on it -- Had It With you, the title track and Fight -- and some interesting songs like Too Rude (which I love) and Harlem Shuffle. But I hate Don't Hold Back (could be one of my all-time least favorites with Indian Girl and Blinded By Love), Back To Zero and Winning Ugly.

Some other musings:

The best Stones songs to listen to when stoned are all on Exile: Hip Shake, Ventillator Blues, Stop Breakin Down.

The best Stones songs to listen to when drunk are all on Let It Bleed: Gimme Shelter, Midnite Rambler, Monkey Man, Live With me.

This next tour, the Stones should play some obscure stuff off their early releases such as Complicated, I am Waiting, Doncha Bother Me, High & Dry, You Can't Catch Me, King Bee to name a few.

Charlie Watts is the man.

02-20-02 03:19 PM
beer Are you referring to the bass playing on Respectable from the No Security CD? It really bothers me. It just sounds cheeeeeeeesy!!
02-20-02 03:23 PM
Maxlugar Oh Nanky, you usually get these things right away. I visibly shaken by this.

02-20-02 03:53 PM
Miss U. >>>The best Stones songs to listen to when stoned are all on Exile: <<<

No, it's Satanic Majesties.

Yes,I agree.

>>>Charlie Watts is the man.<<<

Brian is the man!

02-20-02 04:37 PM
nankerphelge Oh yeah -- nank's a bit tired -- missing the big picture!

Ha ha -- that's fucking great.
02-20-02 04:51 PM
HandofFeet "Just My Imagination - ER"

I can go along with most of your comparisons, but I don't see this one at all. If anything, I always thought of ER as an attempt to score another Miss You.

"Before they Make Me Run - All About You"

This one as well seems off the mark. What does All About You have to do with BTMMR- aside from the fact that Keith sings lead vocal? All About You is a perfect complement to Beast of Burden (which is pure Keith, even though he doesn't perform lead vocals on it.)
02-20-02 04:53 PM
nankerphelge Yeah -- I'll gove you both of those -- I said it wasn't perfect.
02-20-02 04:54 PM
yellow1 Wasn't Rotten Roll a working title for Before They Make Me Run, or was it another mistitle of Munich Hilton ?
02-20-02 09:04 PM
steel driving hammer Good reading in this entire thread.

Us folks are one in the same.

Stones rule, nothing left to be said.

Just play the fucking tracks.

PS. Maybe since Mick didn't get the fame he wanted w/ GITD,
his hunger n' thirst will be upmost prominent w/ the Stones.
For being the greatest "Stud Driving Muffin" to exist on stage, and knowing this may be the last time...don't worry, he still has some spur in him.

He can still paint the town, but time is running out.

For the next tour/album, expect the World fellas, trust me.

Stud Driving Muffin.
02-20-02 10:52 PM
yellow1 wrote:
Wasn't Rotten Roll a working title for Before They Make Me Run, or was it another mistitle of Munich Hilton ?

Math formula:

(Rotten Roll = Munich Hilton) >< Before They make Me Run
02-20-02 10:59 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Country Honk (...and Far Away Eyes) is a great song to hear while in the mountains.

Try You Can't Always Get What You Want!

Yes they are great in the mountains, and better with a little bit of natural chiba LOL

02-21-02 12:01 AM
the lepper Beer- Daryl Jones plays the bass on Respectable on No Security....Bill was long gone by then. However the album version will prove that he is the man. Actually I miss Bill...I was watching a Steel Wheels show recently and noticed how great he really was at his thing. He puts the bop in the bass....
My musings:
Casino Boogie is a great fucking song.
Mick sounds exceptionally great on Black and Blue. His voice is rougher than normal.
New Faces on Voodoo is fucking horrible. No doubt Jagger wrote all of that one.
Ronnie Wood needs a ballsier guitar sound....get a Marshall-or twelve Ron.
Miss You should defintely be left off the 2002 fact it should be driven to a remote location and blown up.
Sway should be added to the 2002 setlist even though it risks sounding like sludge live.
Ronnie should play his Ruddock guitar on the next tour-the one Tete Pownshend autographed for him.

02-21-02 12:47 AM
beer I know that Darryl played bass on No Security, thats what i meant, the rythme just sounds all wrong on Respectable on No Security. I prefer Bill's playing for sure!
02-21-02 07:15 AM
JaggaRichards Casino Boogie is the best song on 'Exile' IMO.
02-21-02 07:27 AM
stonedinaustralia its not about sacking ronnie or ronnie getting a new amp or mick taylor coming on lazarus style - its all about the stones playing too many sports stadiums and not enough places like the el macombo and having something to say as a collective unit IMHO

why wasn't 2000 Man properly recognized as the theme song for the new millenium??

according to sonny barger's recently published autobiography he stuck a gun in keith's ribs after keith's "either those cats cool it or we don't play" declaration!! what's that all about??

it never bothered me to find out that TY had older tracks on it - what's the problem??

as an australian (so its personal) there is no doubt that ned kelly is a big disappointment

is andrew loog oldham the real genius behind the phenomenon that is "The Rolling Stones". Even on keith's admission he forced the creation of the Jagger/Richard(s)(and wasn't dropping the "s" his idea too?) songwriting team... the creation of more than just a rock and roll band "but a way of life"... if you say this is the man who got keith to write songs then you must give him credit for doing something for which we owe him more than can be measured...
(who knows, maybe keith would have started doing it anway but the facts are what they are)... On the other hand maybe it was anita...

over to you...

02-21-02 10:45 AM
Nasty Habits Some more thoughts:

Side one of UNDERCOVER is the best sustained bit of Stones music in the last 20 years.

The bass line on She Was Hot is the essence of Bill Wyman.

Bill Wyman's departure was devastating to the Stones' sound in a way that Brian and Taylor's absencences can't even approach.

Bridges to Babylon would have been great if it would have been ten songs long and if Charlie and Keith really played on Saint of Me.

Stones albums should be ten songs long and run 40-50 minutes.

The best version of Bitch is PERTH AUSTRALIA 1973.

BROWN SUGA is also out of the setlist -- no decent version of that song since '78.

HAD IT WITH YOU and TURD ON THE RUN should be back to backed in 2002 a la YOU GOT ME ROCKIN'/GET OFF MY CLOUD '75. Brian ROCKS!

VOODOO LOUNGE was the worst Stones tour ever.

LOVIN' CUP is the ultimate mountain song.

JUST 14 off that John Philips thing is like coming home to EXILE again. Some of the funniest Jagger ever. It makes me cry it is so good. Same with Keith's backups and Taylor's solo on OH VIRGINIA.

The new box set should be called YOU GOT THE SILVER? So should the tour.

PAINT IT BLACK from Paris '67 and GET OFF MY CLOUD from Paris '66 are as intense as anything on BRUSSELS AFFAIR.

The harmonica sound on FANCY MAN BLUES blows my eardrums like they're a pair of cheap speakers.

FAST TALKIN' is my current favorite unreleased Stones song. Put Fast Talkin' on GHS instead of stupid old CAN YOU HEAR THE MUSIC (one of the all time worst), lead side two with STARFUCKER and you have MASTERPIECE.

Jagger needs to listen to his master tapes or some decent mono lps of those first four STONES records so he stops slagging them like an idiot. Stones w/o cover tunes is like sex w/o spurt.

2002 needs more Keith backup vox like '81.

Exile on Mainstreet is a strange street to walk down. Exile on Mainstreet is a low down dirty crime.
02-21-02 01:42 PM
nankerphelge Hello my 2002-thinking Stones buddies -- nankerphelge here in beautiful Boston, Mass.

Any BoStones fans on this board?

Had a couple of Harpoons for lunch and I'm ready to find some Yankee Chiba!

I think this year's tour should be called the "Chiba at 40" tour.

I hope they work sheep into the show this time out.

Who's gonna drink a few with nank tonite?
02-21-02 03:04 PM
winter Hey nank:

wanted to let you know that I'm a Bostonian as well. How about this frickin wheather - its nice, but killing my snow boarding this year. Can't make it out for drinks tonight, the boss man's got me down.
02-21-02 03:28 PM
nankerphelge Yeah this 50 degree shit is crazy.

I'll be in and out of Boston over the next few weeks, let me know if you want to hook up for a beer anytime.

I'm hangin' in the Cambridge area.

"They're really rockin'in Boston..."
02-21-02 03:49 PM
winter There is a great band that play pretty often in cambridge called the tarbox ramblers. They're heavily delta blues based/roots influenced - acoustic guitar, stand up bass, fiddle and a drummer. They do a kickin cover of you've gotta move.

Their web site is You should check 'em out. The Press on the web site is pretty good about these guys.

I'll let you know if I am out in about cambridge in the next week or so.

02-21-02 08:29 PM
Joey Wouldn't it be nice if the Rolling Stones really could work sheep into the concert ?.....Sheep are beautiful , but they lie .

Fifty Degrees ???? Shit , that ain't nothing . It is supposed to hit 68 Degrees here Sat . The average high temp is usually around 20 Degrees . God I love global warming .

The wall truly IS warmed over , Nanky .

Joey , C10

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