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Topic: most rare Stones boots? Return to archive
02-15-02 07:33 PM
CocaBuena Since we know which is the official, could you please someone make a list of the most rare original bootlegs?

Btw, I have only italians original CDs & some original stuff from Rio de Janeiro concerts (SM and VGP), besides not more than 100 CDRs and about other 400 mp3s not official songs in my machine.

02-16-02 04:05 AM
marko Vinyls cdīs or singles,,,,,,??vinyls are the rarest ones.
I have tens of them,most of them were made in mid 80ies.
Some of them are numbered,your copy is number 15/100 and so
on,,,,i even some official rare one,which i donīt collect.
i just happened to get them easily.Like french pressing of
some gilrs,its pink vinyl.Picture disk of still life,4
versions of still life,exile with post cards(2missing),most
of vinyls are firts pressing albums,the most value ones,,,
then i have few promos.
But i donīt what the rarest boot?
Picture disk for xmas:boot single,2 songs from lyon-82,is a
picture disk,very very rare,,i donīt have that one.
Cops&robbers:early 60ies stuff,radio recordings.extremely
rare......i have it on maxi-cd,which is very rare too.

but,the list is endless!If could still get those old vinyls
in reasonable price,i would buy them.theyīre the real
bootlegs,not some poor copies on mp3 or copied on cdr.
02-16-02 04:12 AM
marko ooooooops i meant 4 versions of sticky fingers!
02-19-02 02:06 PM
The Worst Budapest Rain (concert from Budapest 1995): limited to 200 copies and numbered
Greek Me Up All Night (concert from Athens 1998): limited to 100 copies and numbered
These are the most rare I know. You can (and should!) order them at
02-20-02 03:42 AM
Mathijs The problem with bootlegs is that they hardly ever keep their value, as the material will be released several times. Take "Detroit Rock City" by Stone Crazy for example -once a box worth US$200, but now, since the show is copied to "Missing Jewels" by Rattlesnake, I doubt anyone is willing to pay more than US$50 for it. The same goes for many 1972 boots (Keep Your Motor Running, Welcome To New York etc) -most dropped seriously in price since Rattlesnake's "Touring Party 1972" was released. Some labels started as high-priced collectors items but made themselves obsolete for different reasons. Sister Morphine for example once was expensive and much sought after, but due to the dubious origin and so-so sound quality of many releases they're not worth much anymore. Last, shows from the 1990's are never really expensive or collectable, even when released in very small quantities, simply due to the fact that they are not much in demand, the golden age Stones is still favoured over any other period.

I consider the Vinyl Gang Production titles still very valuable as they succeed in maintaining their value -a VGP title for under US$60 is rare, even when released by other labels. Old titles like Trade Mark of Quality and Idol Mind are still worth quite much, also due to their connection wih the old vinyl releases.


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02-21-02 02:38 AM
marko Yep,1969-1982 period seems to be their favorite period,still!Vgp has released lot of boots from 97-99 tour!
and thats good.lots of ex shows.
02-21-02 01:17 PM
The Worst On the same day, on which I posted my above message, I got an email notification about the new Risk Disk title "Wien Shuffle", the recording from the Vienna concert in 1990. Again, it is limited to only 100 copies, and it even comes in a wooden case. I simply have to buy every Risk Disk release, also because of the great covers, and because they are so strictly limited.
I don't very much like Trademark Of Quality's recording from Vienna 1998, and I have been at that concert and got a better bootleg of it.
Actually, we have been talking about bootlegs, from which official sales reports may not exist, but don't forget, that for example the most succesful Stones studio albums are (in order) Voodoo Lounge, Steel Wheels (ar has SW sold more than VL?), Some Girls and Tattoo You, and none of these are regarded as coming from the "golden area". Ok, they may too have sold so well, because when they came out, more people could afford buying records than in the sixties and early seventies.
02-23-02 05:41 PM
marko That vienna 1990 is fantastic show,i ove the groove what
charlie gets on this show.Ex choice to buy

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