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Topic: Til the Nextime we Say Goodbye Return to archive
02-14-02 08:44 PM
nanky My dear brothers and sisters I bid you farewell.

Your nankiest of pals is about to embark on a trip to the hinterlands, to ski for the first time in 10 years with 2 kids and about 20 pounds in tow that I didn't have last time in went.

Ought to be interesting doncha think?

Now, I'm not so foolish to think that I couldn't pull a "Sonny B!" You know. I could easily eat a tree, even on the bunny slope. (Anyone catch the mogul runs on the Olympics? Man that's fierce.)

Anyhow, in case I play a little "Kennedy football" this weekend, think of me during the tour next year. Have a lil chiba for the ol' nank.

02-14-02 11:27 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Geez dude, why so moribund? You ain't gonna die yet. The party is at your house next, and you ain't gettin' out of it that easy!

You are my doubles partner on the pool table. I'll not have it any other way!

Have fun, and stay upright!
02-15-02 08:16 AM
Maxlugar Shit Nanky, you are ambitious. I've been up here in Lake Placid for a week and I haven't gotten off my ass and drove three miles down the road to ski at White Face mountain (1980 Olympics) once.

I have, however, been drinking so much beer that I've been shiting hops and barley.

Rolling Stones rule!

02-15-02 09:42 AM
Joey "I have, however, been drinking so much beer that I've been shiting hops and barley. "

" New Material Alert !!!! " " New Material Alert !!!!! "

Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The Wall was just warmed over Arthur Ronnie "

The Joey , C10

02-15-02 07:18 PM
The Eggman Just a question from the Eggman, where do all u CLOSE stones fans meet?
02-15-02 09:38 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Like the proverbial 600lb. gorilla, we meet wherever the hell we want!
02-15-02 11:28 PM

....i DO hope this time therein lies a place for be nice, M ; )

02-16-02 02:16 AM
Moonlight Mile Go Nank! That shit is easy man. The secret is keeping your skiis pointed downhill and holding your balance so that you don't fall down. Once you understand that, you can make Franz Klammer and the rest of them Euro-plow boys look like a wingnuts. Pussnuts. Nutbags. Ballbags. So to speak. Nonetheless, as it were.

Holy shit it feels good to be relatively semi-conscious and still have vital red bott provisions at hand! Wanna do the dark side of your brain a favor? Abstain from hootch and sleep for two weeks or more and then turn your energies toward serious bingedom. Of course, consult your physician before embarkation.

Roses are red
Monglets are blue
I have a large penis
Chicks dig me and you do too

CX, got the Minny Ximmy dixxies. Tx, man.

I miss you bastardos. I really do.

Later, gotta jet-bail, got my wee little red cousin and Brussels Affey duking in it out in my head with all kind of fucked up insights that I'll forget in the marn'. Don't bother me none, though. I can just get drunk and listen to it again tomorrow night.

"Its all ball bearings these days, Ronnie!"
02-16-02 01:41 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Queen!

There was a place for you last big chicken!

Seriously, you would have got tired slapping us. It was ugly.

Moonie, Yer welcome...and we ain't hard to find.

Manditory Stones Content--->ABKCO sucks.
02-19-02 08:42 AM
nankerphelge Alas -- 12 years since my last skiing and old nank looked like a pro -- no Sonny B's -- not even close. Taught the kids how to ski and then hit some of the bigger trails to see if'n I still had my ski legs. I did!

The Powerpoint presentation on the tour is very delicious. The best part is the "biggest fan" contest. Hey guys, there is power in numbers -- we need to band together and show the world what a bunch of crazy Stones fans will do for tickets and to party at the feet of the masters.

02-19-02 04:18 PM
Jaxx have a great time! skiing has been my lifes passion--motivation for moving to colorado in '78. greek peak in courtland ny was like miniature golfing. i hope you can get into it. this crazy momma says be safe and watch out for the other guy that could very well be out of control. keep your wits about you.

skiing the bumps at and with maryjane with The Stones on the walkman is a slice of heaven on earth. monkeyman is a good one. so is 2000 man, you got me rockin' can't ya hear me knocking, stray cat blues, jigsaw puzzle-- just to name a few.

i pulled a sonny b. a year ago and lived to tell....lost a ski blowing through a powder shot in the "fairy dust". fortunately i was quick enough to jerk my head away from smashing that tree. smashed my right shoulder instead. needless to say, driving that 5 speed 4-runner was a real bitch. the only accident i've had in 30 years so i'd say your odds are pretty good you'll come out unscathed.

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