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Topic: Hey Nanker, Maxy & Joey!! Return to archive
02-11-02 03:58 PM
Miss U. How would you like to write one of your brilliant funny poems for my BJ site in the "BUSTA RHYMES" section?! I know you guys aren't exactly fanatical about him, but since he DID found this great band.....
And I've even let you slip in a Mick Taylor reference, lol.
Check it out & let me know!


02-11-02 05:10 PM
Maxlugar It was without fail...
The blues Brian did nail.
Tho his soul did set sail...
I look for it over hill and dale.
Some say his mind jumped the rail...
Yeah, and the check's in the mail.
Like a flick of the tail...
It was just his time to bail.


Maxlugar 2/11/02

02-11-02 05:50 PM
nankerphelge There once was a man named Jones
whose fingers played marvelous tones
for shirts he wore frills
for fun he took pills
so much he got axed from the Stones

Along came a man they called Taylor
give him a blues riff, he could nail 'er
but he never got credit
for songs he did edit
plus he hated dressing up like a sailor

So he quit and they tapped Ronnie Wood
whose guitar playing wasn't nearly as good
but he partied with Keith
and his rotted out teeth
and the band ended up as it should

[Edited by nankerphelge]
02-11-02 06:43 PM
beer Hahahahaha!!!!! fucking brilliant! Well done!
02-11-02 07:14 PM
SatisfactionUK Today theres a singer named Mick,
If your a model he slips you the dick.
He loves to make cash
Keith throws a great bash,
Wow theres a solo cd in my trash!

02-11-02 09:27 PM
Miss U. Thx, not bad Maxy & Nanker!! But Nanker that's not why he got the axe; jesus!
Where's Joey's poem? Don't make me sad, Joey! Think up a good one!! Put those creative juices into overdrive....what about Brian & his pal Keith Moon.

I thought the one just up above was hilarious too but no BJ reference, so can't add it.

Thx guys.
02-12-02 12:43 AM
beer brian jones brian jones,
once he led the rolling stones,
playing harp and slide guitar,
sometimes even a sitar,
but after too much pills and booze,
it was the stones that he started to lose,
and when the others kicked him out,
he learned what "friends" are all about,
he took out his anger by beating a chick,
though the one who deserved it was probably mick,
and when poor brian found himself alone,
he had no choice but to sink like a stone

02-12-02 01:01 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I'm sure our pal Joey is doing a search of his extensive file of saved posts...I'm sure he'll find something to filch!

I know you didn't ask, but here's my Brian poem(It's artsy-fartsy, no iambic pentameter for me!)

The Boy Man

The boy man with the golden locks
created history from an old 78
he played like there was an ancient negro
inside of him

The boy man could play
it mattered not what it was
give him an oboe and he would master it
after a day

The boy man strove for fame and wealth
His mates helped him get there
Be careful what you wish for boy man
you'll get it

The boy man was adored by the darlings
he loved to love them for a while
but when their wombs blossomed for him
he was gone

The boy man lost his struggle
for the thing he loved most
his english delta blues band was gone
for an extra 5 pounds

The boy man suffered enormous pain
so he became numb for a few years
When the women came to comfort him
they got bruised

The boy man was never the same
his talent confused in a hash haze
His Venus in furs with another
the joujouka musicians played

The boy man was alone adrift
acid madness consuming his brain
He had it all yet still he had
absolutely nothing

The boy man met with his mates
for what was to be the last time
his demons had exorcised him
he was a shell

The boy man saw the end coming
his prophetic words had come true
said he'd never see thirty years
everyone believed him

The boy man sleeps the long sleep
where no person can torment him
his talents built a legend
for us to lick

Cardinal Ximinez, 2/12/02

02-12-02 11:52 AM
Joey Oh Yeah .....

My creative juices are really flowing today ....Enjoy all :

Down at the Lido they welcome you
With sausage and beer
Klaus and The Rooster have been there too
But lately he spends his time here

Hangin' with Brain Jones and all his friends
And nobody cares
Where the sailor shuts out the sunrise
Blacked out on the stairs

Knock twice, rap with your cane
Feels nice, you're out of the rain
We got your skinny girl
Here at the Western World

Brain will give you the silver key
To open the red door
Lay down your Jackson and you will see
The sweetness you've been cryin' for

In the night you hide from the madman
You're longing to be
But it all comes out on the inside
Eventually .

Thank You . The Joey

- Lyrics by Joey
- Music by Joey
- publishing , teleplay , production rights by Joey
- everything goes thru the Joey
- money to Joey
- casting rights by Joey
- Joey

02-12-02 12:02 PM

HEY SDH--I want you to do one too!!! You're the Dr. Seuss of Stones rhymes!!
02-12-02 12:17 PM
Joey Anytime my Princess .

I am really on a roll around here .

Later ,

Gotta Bail ,

Gotta Jet ,

The Joey , C10

02-12-02 12:49 PM
nankerphelge Hey Joey -- nice legal work at the bottom there!

I may borrow a bit of that for my next licensing negotiation. Especially the "all money to Joey"

By god -- you came up with something original that I may use!
02-12-02 01:38 PM
Joey "By god -- you came up with something original that I may use!"

Damn Straight My Brother.....

I am beginning to pull my weight around this place .

" The wall was just warmed over Arthur "

The Joey , C10

02-12-02 04:10 PM
Miss U. Cardinal Ximinez!! Very impressive!!! You surprised me..


I re-read your poem; who is the "you" you're referring to in it? Is the sailor reference about Mick T.?
And what is a Jackson??
Please enlighten me.
Such a beautiful esoteric poem, Joey!

I won't be adding Beer's poem, sorry.
02-12-02 05:19 PM
beer Awwww, yer just mad cuz i got the Grapefruit trivia before you did. Hahaha
02-12-02 06:02 PM
Joey " You " refers to the collective masses that inhabit this orb of ours .

" Sailor " reference is Mick Taylor

" Jackson " is an organ that you do not have my Princess .

" Hug Me Ronnie "

The Joey von Western World

02-12-02 08:09 PM
Miss U. Awww, I wuv u! Who the girl in the western world, BTW? Anna Wohlin?
02-13-02 11:12 AM
Maxlugar Can I do mine over?

You see, I'm on vacation up in the wilds of the Adirondack Moutains.

I was very drunk.

In fact I'm drunk again right now.

Little Schnapps in the coffee. Well, a lot of Schnapps...

Snow everywhere. Warm fire.....

"I'm the man on the mountain.....come on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup"

Truer words were never spoken my little Micklettes!

Micklettes! Joey! Check it out! New material!

You are all missed by Maxy.

That is all....

Maxy Von Nessmuck de Wildman! (M. Lugarfly!)
02-13-02 11:47 AM
nankerphelge Ah yes - the Adirondaks
Very nice, very nice indeed.
I am reminded of my trip to Lake Placid in 1980 to see the Olympics. I was drunk -- very drunk.

Meanwhile I slave away at my pathetic excuse for a life.
I did however stick Exile in the car this morning -- that helped. Had that pick me up -- whistlin' All Down the Line as I entered the building. In the elevator one woman looked at me longingly -- as if she knew she were hearing a snippet of greatness, but not quite knowing what it was. I am not the best whistler -- that is the problem. If I could whistle Mick Taylor's slide part, she would have juiced the silks and we would still be on the elevator.
Anyhow, I digress...

02-13-02 01:59 PM
Joey Where are the Adirondaks ???????

Aren't they north of Phoenix ?????

02-13-02 02:08 PM
nankerphelge Upstate New York. Not just a little upstate like the Catskills -- Keith lives not too far from there. No this way up. It is some beautiful country -- not as high as the Rockies, but very pretty with many lakes, pickup trucks and guys named Vernon wearing red flannel shirts. The average number of teeth per person is somewhere south of 8. Except for Max of course, he shines them pearly whites up there and them boys know dey gots a city slicker in town. "Sure do have a purty mouth boy"

02-13-02 05:19 PM
Mother baby not very good anyway...oh well [Edited by Mother baby]
[Edited by Mother baby]
02-15-02 03:02 PM
Miss U. I was gonna add it but you deleted it before I could copy it.
02-15-02 05:12 PM
Mother baby
....just about everyone can write em. However the trick is the last line imo, I had a couple but it didn't seem to complete very least to me.
[Edited by Mother baby]
02-16-02 07:02 PM
Miss U. I liked the first one you did; can you repost it exactly as it was?
02-19-02 05:49 PM
Mother baby The first four lines were the original I believe. And I'd love to repost the last line for you...but there is one minor difficulty....I forgot what it was!
Somehow a four lined limerick is like a 2 legged 3 legged stool...or somthing like that.
[Edited by Mother baby]
02-22-02 05:12 PM
Mother baby Now that I think of it .... how about 100 (1000?) or so guys in tuxedos playing harmonicas blowing UAWCPM, hey it ain't no last line...but it might not be a bad 40 year rush ?????????

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