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Topic: A Valentine's Day Poem Return to archive
02-14-02 01:36 PM
nankerphelge Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you ain't a Stones fan
what the fuck is wrong with you

Thank you
(best when read while enjoying chiba)
02-14-02 02:47 PM
Joey Here is a poem I wrote to my Girlfriend last year . It remains one of her favorites and I hope you , my Stones Brothers and Sisters , get the same emotional uplift and sense of longing and passion that she received from these very same words :

"Bye and bye now
We'll get over
The things we've done and the things we said
But not just now when
I can 't remember
Exactly what it was I thought we had
Cause I waited so long girl and I came so far
To find out you're not always who you say you are .

And there's a star in the book of liars by your name .

Santa Claus came in late last night
Drunk on Christmas wine
Fell down hard in the driveway
Hung his bag out on the laundry line
There's a Stones ' Bootleg for his golden boy
And there's a Hello Kitty for his pride and joy

And a silver star in the book of liars by your name ...
They hung a star in the book of liars by your name . "

Love ,

Your Joey

Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!!!!!!

02-14-02 02:58 PM
nankerphelge That's very nice -- here's one I wrote a few years back:

You bitch -- look what you did to me
I was a virile young man until you smothered me
with you so-called love
You aren't happy
until you've destroyed the one you love

Cloven-hooved beast
You remind me of a sheep
I know you are laughing at me
May you all rot in the depths of hell

02-14-02 04:32 PM
Joey Hey , don't knock Sheep .

Sheep are cute . Some are quite beautiful ....and so very demure .

Here is another poem I wrote that my girlfriend just loved :

"Where did the bastard run
Is he still around
Now you gotta tell me everything you did baby
I'm gonna get a gun
Shoot the lover down
Are you gonna tell me everything you did baby
Traces are everywhere
In our happy home
Now you better tell me everything you did baby
I jumped out of my easy chair
It was not my own
Now I want to hear about everything you did baby

I never knew you
You were a roller skater
You gonna show me later
Turn up the Stones the neighbors are listening

You know how people talk
I wonder what they say
I think you better tell me everything you did baby

I never knew you
You were a roller skater
You gonna show me later

You never came to me
When you were so inclined
Yes you could have told me everything you did baby
I know where baby's at
I know your filthy mind
Now you're gonna do me everything you did baby "

Love ,

Your Joey

02-14-02 06:30 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Here's my Vday poem. Hope you like it. If you don't like it, I don't care. I only wrote it for people who like it.

Valentines Day Again
By: Cardinal Ximinez

Good morning dahling
Give us a smooch
No, lower
Almost, but lower
Yep, right there
It's Valentines Day again.
02-14-02 06:51 PM
moy lol cardinal that was "touching" hahaha

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

If you really want to be my friend
Let me live it up like I used to do
If you really want to understand me
There's some giving up we got to do

I know ev'rybody wants to be your man
I don't want to tie you up, go ahead, you're free
And I never want to scar you with my brand
We could live it up, just a you and me

If you really want to understand a man
Let him off the lead sometimes, set him free
If you really, really want to be my friend
Give me the look of love, not jealousy

I know you think that life is a thriller
You play the vamp, I play the killer
Now baby, what's the use of fighting?
By the last reel we'll be cryin' cryin', cryin

If you really want to be my man
Get your nails out of my back
Stop using me

You know I really, really want to be your friend
But just a little faith is all we need
I don't want no dog eat dog world for you and me
Get your nails out, stop bleeding me

You know, people tell me you are a vulture
Say you're a sore in a cancer culture
Ay, but you got a little charm around you
I'll be there when they finally hound you
Hound you, hound you

If you really want to be my friend
And I really want to understand you baby
If you really want to be my friend
If you really want to understand me
I really want to be your man
I want to try to give you a helping hand

I really want to be your friend
I want to push you when you're up
And pull you when you're down
If you really want you to understand me
I'll tell you something, that love can't thrive on jealousy

I really want to understand you
I really want to be your man
'Cause understanding is something ev'rybody needs
I really want to be your friend
And I love you, love you, yes, I do
02-14-02 08:52 PM
steel driving hammer Heed the poem of the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
After he fathered a child from another woman while married.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson -

"Due to the great consternation caused by the revelation of my act of
procreation, I accept my obligation to give an explanation to the
population for my act of copulation.

I gave in to temptation, for the anticipation of sexual gratification, that I could not obtain through
masturbation, resulting in my fornication.

I accepted her invitation, and provided her with excitation,
stimulation, penetration, replication, and liberation. She provided lubrication (to avoid
inflammation) and I wore condoms to avoid contamination. She cried for duplication but I insisted
upon termination, in spite of her fascination with variation.

This has caused me great aggravation, and the agitation and
provocation of the media has resulted in my humiliation, denigration,
and degradation.

My wife is considering castration, which would require my hospitalization.

Pray that this matter will find culmination in my sanctification and rehabilitation so that my plans for
nomination to my ultimate vocation
will not result in revocation and termination.

I hope this proclamation has provided illumination and verification and will prohibit further

The Rev. Jesse Jackson
02-15-02 11:09 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I have mine! It's not a Shakespearean poem, but remember that English is not my first language LOL

It's so romantic, that I couldn't resist to post it even that it's late

Honey, Honey Hey
Don't you wanna fuck today?
Honey, Honey Hey
Don't you wanna gimme a head?

Honey, Honey Now
You really know how to get down
Honey, Honey Bee
Baby get your rocks off with meeeeee

02-15-02 11:51 AM
Joey YES !!!!!!!

02-15-02 11:59 AM

Here's mine:

Roses are red
for Little Boy Blue
Black is the heart
of he who bears skull ring & scars
washed away by the licks
of his white-hot riffs.
Gold is the hair
of the original sin.
Dirty are the hands
of Andrew Oldham & Klein--
They can kiss my ass
where the sun don't shine!
02-15-02 03:03 PM
Miss U. Hey Nanker, can I add your roses are red poem to my site please? Cracks me up.

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