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Topic: Stones Lull Return to archive
02-11-02 11:26 AM
sandrew This lack of Stones news is killing me. I'm getting itchy. Somebody gimme something - rumors, innuendo, speculation, anything.
02-11-02 01:56 PM
Joey Mick Taylor is currently in negotiations about rejoining the Rolling Stones . Rumor has it that Mick and Keith are absolutely scared to death of the powerful and mighty resurgence of the WHO and both feel that the only way the stones can hold on to their title as " The Greatest Rock and Roll Band of all time " is to get Taylor back in the group .

Pressure is also being applied by Charlie Watts who rumor has it has grown tired of " Ronnie just standing on stage all evening playing air guitar and letting Keith cover his arse . "

Charlie even has written a letter to Taylor saying , " For fu##s sake man , grab your axe and come back to the band . "

" Bring Back Taylor Ronnie "

Joey , C10

02-11-02 01:58 PM
SatisfactionUK Are you serious>? How do you know this?
02-11-02 02:04 PM
T&A Joey's just yanking our chain. A load of rubbish. MT will rejoin the band around the same time the Beatles re-unite. It's okay to dream, though....
02-11-02 02:46 PM
Joey 'MT will rejoin the band around the same time the Beatles re-unite. It's okay to dream, though.... '

You make Joey sad .

You are also in for a surprise because if History has taught us anything it is that .....................

02-11-02 05:42 PM
TT You donīt want Taylor back seriously? Everybody who really wants that is pure retro. And pure retro sucks.

You have to take it (the actual lineup) or leave it.

I like Ronnie. Always will.
02-11-02 06:13 PM
T&A "You are also in for a surprise because if History has taught us anything it is that ..................... "

......It ain't a-gonna happen. He left 28 years ago. He was with the band only 5 years. Lennon and McCartney will be writing songs together before MT trades licks on-stage with Keith again...

02-11-02 06:48 PM
beer I think it is quite possible that Mick Taylor could rejoin The Stones atleast for a gig or two on the next tour.
02-11-02 06:59 PM
nankerphelge I agree and for this reason - Jagger knows that whatever he pays Taylor to play on some PPV for a few Taylor-era songs, he will recoup all the $$$ and so much more from the tickets that will sell to people that might otherwise sit this one out as yet another Stones big hits megatour.
02-11-02 08:22 PM
Joey Amen , my C-10 Brother........

Plus , it is a great chance to hear songs never played live by the Stones ......" Time Waits for No One " , "Can't You hear me Knockin " , Sway , and others.............

Imagine Moonlight Mile with Taylor on the lead and not Ronnie . Or Winter again .............Hell , they have
not played that one live in decades . Right ????????

Oh the glory will happen . I can feel it !!!!

" Lose a shoe up my Ass Ronnie "

Joey , C10

02-12-02 12:36 AM
HandofFeet "I think it is quite possible that Mick Taylor could rejoin The Stones atleast for a gig or two on the next tour."

I agree. Surely, by this fall, Taylor will have made enough money from his recent album with cinematic icon Mako to attend at least one or two shows.
02-12-02 01:09 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I don't know about that HandofFeet....Stones tix are gonna be pretty pricey next time around...

Mick and Mako's album sold what...20, 30 copies? Plus his Carla Olson album sold another 50 or so? If he put's out a 100 seller in the next few months, he might be able to afford some nosebleed seats!
02-12-02 01:57 AM
Jane Wyman (2) Can we stop this bullshit bout Mick Taylor rejoining the band? The man is not a shadow of the guitarist he used to be. And by the way, we must avoid a second hamburger restaurant owned by a former Stone. No Woody's Double Whopper for me. Thank you.

Joey, maybe Taylor can join the Who
02-12-02 11:38 AM
Joey You all make Joey cry like a baby .

" The wall was just warmed over Arthur "

02-12-02 12:32 PM
Gazza >Stones tix are gonna be pretty pricey next time around...

NEXT time around????? What - you mean the LAST tour was a giveaway??
02-12-02 01:03 PM
TomL I'll be happy with the cheap seats, as long as I get in. I spent a small fortune between 97 and 99. Patience young skywalkers, can you hear the music, Ohh Yeah............................................................................Till the next time we say goodbye.........................................................................................................
02-12-02 01:22 PM
sway I would like to nominate Joey as the 2002 tour manager!

Let's face it MT is an integral part of the classic sound and still has the nimble fingers that warranted his status as a wunderkind. Perhaps if Ronnie can lay off the crack pipe long enough he could handle bass duties.
02-12-02 01:34 PM
nankerphelge Taylor still plays very well -- but only when he wants to.
I saw him twice over the last 2 years and it was Dr. Jeckyl / Mr. Hyde. The first time he was awesome -- played long solos, interchanged slide and lead with stunning grace, looked like he was really enjoying himself.

The second time, played a short set, looked bored, didn't play with nearly as much emotion.

So, if I'm Jagger, what am I gonna do with that? Even if I want him, what do I have to do to make sure #1 shows up and #2 shoves off? Hard to do -- how do you guarantee the performance? Especially if he has an old axe to gring (no pun intended).

Even if you put it in writing -- who's to judge? I can see the contract: "The party of the first part agrees to play really good and not look mad." No way. As a colleague once said "Everything goes through the Joey."

So as good as he could be, he remains a big question mark.
But, he will play -- I don't doubt it for a second.
02-12-02 01:37 PM
moy even that im a woody fan, and have all of his albums, i admit that mick taylor is the best

but let's face the real world, mick taylor will never be back as a member, maybe for a show as a guest, playing in two songs, of course it would be great to have ronnie back on bass (and guitar) and mick taylor back on lead guitar (and bass when woody plays)

at least it was not the typical taylor vs wood old boring thread

[Edited by moy]
02-12-02 01:52 PM
nankerphelge You are right -- this is a good thread precisely because it isn't just the Taylor v. Wood cliche. I think everyone is comning to the realization that Taylor could easily play 2-3 songs from his "era" and Woody can play too. Imagine Torn & Frayed with Ronnie on the Pedal Steel! Same with Sway -- give Ronnie the pedal and give Taylor that incredible lead.

Man o Man wouldn't that sound Schweet Schweet Schweet
02-12-02 02:01 PM
sandrew Setting aside the Taylor-Wood debate, I think we're missing THE crucial missing player: Bill Wyman. As Stephen Davis (the guy who wrote "Old Gods Almost Dead) said, "the Munch [Darryl Jones] don't cut it." Jones is a wonderful player, but the thing that makes the Stones sound unique - besides Keith, obviously - is the Wyman/Watts interplay. I miss that a lot...
02-12-02 02:13 PM
nankerphelge I never used to care much for Bill. Always thought he didn;t bring much to the party.

But when you listen to the Stones with him versus without him, the difference is surprising. He had a very unassuming way about him, and I miss it too.

02-12-02 02:19 PM
sandrew Charlie once said about Bill that you never noticed his playing until it stopped - then the bottom would fall out of the song. As with Keith, his style was primitive, but very inventive.
02-12-02 03:16 PM
Joey The great thing about Bill " The little hands that could " Wyman was the fact that he married Joey's favorite , Mandy Smith .

Any guy that gets Mandy is Aces in young little Joey's book .

" Mandy Me Ronnie '

Joey , C10

02-12-02 06:27 PM
HandofFeet I would really love to see Bill come back for some shows, or at least for a few songs on the new album.
02-13-02 12:47 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Well, you guys can wish for Bill all you want....he's stated MANY times over that he has absolutely no interest in playing Stones tunes anymore...or playing with the Stones period.

You may see Taylor for a one off gig...but I don't think you'll see Bill at all.
02-13-02 07:21 AM
JaggaRichards Sorry guys. Mick T and Bill will NEVER play with the Stones again. They both quit and left........and we all know how Jagger and Richards feel about loyalty to the band.
Hope Ronnie stays sober.
02-13-02 05:27 PM
Mother baby b-a-n-d

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