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Topic: Extra Giddy-Up, anyone? Return to archive
02-08-02 08:43 AM
Maxlugar It's friggin' Friday morning and I'm already gassed up the wazoo about hanging in my basement bar listening to The Rolling fucking Stones!

Holy shit do I want to Sit, Sip, Smile and Salivate tonight!

I will sit smuggly, fully conscious of my superiority over other music fans and my senses fully attentive to "The Drive".

I can't wait.

And there will be drinky poo's!

I'm so excited I'm typing this message with my liver!

That is all.

02-08-02 08:53 AM
nankerphelge I hear ya -- had a couple of cold ones with TomL last nite. Damn nice guy -- he gets the Drive! We got each other all jazzed about the tour this year, just hoppin' in a car and heading to a show -- somewhere -- moment's notice Stones trip.

SO tonite, in honor of this great band -- this obsession -- this way of life, I do hereby pronounce this as Stones binge weekend. Beginning promptly as soon as I walk thru the front door, I shall pave my head with alcohol, chiba, and the sweet sounds of music perfection.

And the only way to begin such a binge is with Exile on Mainstreet.
02-08-02 09:44 AM
Maxlugar Oh dear sweet merciful fuck!

Yours is a sticky, smelly, Stonesilicous rank!

May your O-Stones layer get thicker with each playing of Exile tonight.

Hey do you want Welcome to Phoenix on cassette? Because I don't have a burner. I'm a loser, you see....

M. Lugarfly!

02-08-02 11:03 AM
nankerphelge Cassette is fine -- the pool room houses a handy-dandy, Stonesaphonic, super duper, Panasonic, mini system with both CD and Cassette for my listening pleasure. Tonite it shall play Exile as I sip wine from mrs. nankerphelge's cleavage.

Then, after the buzz kicks in, I will secretly snap the antennas off of all my neighbors' cars and melt them down and cast them into a small metal figurine of a clown, which I will then make dance to Sympathy for the Devil.

After that, I will make a baloney sandwhich and pass out in the shower with all my clothes on.

02-08-02 12:14 PM
Joey 'I will secretly snap the antennas off of all my neighbors' cars and melt them down and cast them into a small metal figurine of a clown, which I will then make dance to Sympathy for the Devil. '

You make young little boy Joey giggle like a baby .

Actually , I " Dance Like A Clown " almost every evening now .......don't know why's just instinctive I guess ? Every night I wake up at three AM to take a pee , then I put on my raincoat , walk out into the middle of the street , and dance , dance , dance throughout the evening. Soon it is six AM , time to go back inside and take a shower and go to work .

Does everyone else do this ????? I know I do , and I like it !!!! I like it !

"After that, I will make a baloney sandwhich and pass out in the shower with all my clothes on. "

You and Steelie have something in common . The only difference is that Tony shits in his shower , or so I have heard . I think I will try that tonight .

" Bitch slap me like a Banshee all night Ronnie "

Joey von Dancily Dance

02-08-02 12:15 PM
Maxlugar Holy shit!

super duper, Panasonic,"

That is genius!

Wait until Joey sees this!

Does Mrs Nanker have a lot of clevage? I'm just trying to get a visual here. I'm so excited I'm typing this post with one hand.

02-08-02 01:35 PM
nankerphelge oh man -- mrs nanker has some of the finest cleavage. Holds exactly 1 bottle of wine comfortably.


Yeah buddies -- Stones binge weekend!
Might even start a bit earlier than planned...
02-08-02 02:20 PM
TomL Thanks for the kind words. We will do something. I'll have to do the stones thing while driving to NYC. All those thoughts sound wonderful. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm out of here. Dance little sister, Dance.
02-08-02 02:32 PM
Maxlugar Toml, you're coming NYC? When? I would love to take you to The Faces and Names Lounge, yes THAT Faces and Names Lounge. The one with the Stones savy painting of the Stones B2B picture with Bill Wyaman added in! I could have the lovely Jude prepare our table now.

"Beat an old joke into the ground until it becomes funny all over again, Ronnie!"
02-08-02 03:39 PM
steel driving hammer Who won the "Best In Show" last night?

Loved the movie!

"I can name every kind of nut"

Pistacio nut, Wall nut, Peanut, hazel nut, Pecan nut, Red Hazel nut...

Fucking hillarious!

Stones rule, gotta bail, later.
02-08-02 04:27 PM
Maxlugar Best in Show IS a great movie. We were talking about that too last night because the real dog show was on.

I think Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) should have won best in show in '81.

Do you think so too Steelie?
02-08-02 05:06 PM
nankerphelge That is a great flick. I love the scene with Levy's wife's old flame -- the guy that talks jumpers down. Levy says how many have you saved -- guy says "None - they all jump"

Then the kid is up on the roof of the house and the guy goes fukcing crazy -- no wonder they all jump. Cracked me up!
02-08-02 05:14 PM
Joey I have never heard of the movie " Best In Show "

Is Larry Hagman in that one ?????

Cameron Diaz ???????

Victoria Principal ???????

" Lose a steel-toed shoe up my Asshole Ronnie "

Joey von Dead Horse

02-08-02 05:36 PM
Maxlugar Dearest young tiny Joey,

Larry Hagman's first and third livers play a supporting role.

In the back stage footage before the big show, a three year old German Wirehair Terrier (ch. Lord Rommel Guts Von Panzer Wolfhausen, III, common name Scruffles)can be seen eating from his lucky bowl.

In the bowl?

Larry Hagman's cirrhosis encrusted, alcohol pickled, shrunken head-like First and Third livers.

The music playing?

Poison Ivy - The Rolling Stones.


02-10-02 05:11 PM
Joey You make young little Joey giggle .

The Wall was just warmed over Arthur . Yes !!!!!!!!

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