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Mick Jagger en España el fin de semana pasado
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Topic: keith and patti at the Universal DreamWorks USA Films party Return to archive
01-21-02 10:43 AM
moy Musician Keith Richards of the 'Rolling Stones' and wife Patty Hanson pose for
photographers as they arrive for the Universal DreamWorks USA Films party
following the 59th Golden Globes in Beverly Hills January 20, 2002. (Rose

01-21-02 11:51 AM
Lazy Bones Ah, great picture. Gotta love someone who's a great support - mentally and!
Keef looks great, doesn't he?!
Thanks for posting it.
I should add, they both look great!!
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
01-22-02 05:09 AM
MickChick NY Daily News:

Security slowed down Keith Richards when the Rolling Stone set off a metal detector outside the awards show. (Maybe Keith should rethink all that metal he's woven into his hair — it looks like he's wearing his car keys.)

01-22-02 05:30 AM
L&A "it looks like he's wearing his car keys"
Does Keith have a driving licence ?
01-22-02 09:12 AM
Joey Man those two look great together !!!!!!!!

I mean it ....what a very Handsome Couple !!!!! No wonder the Keef keeps looking younger and younger every single year ............Patti looks twenty five .

Richards will outlast everyone .......who would have thought it , huh ???????????

" Hit Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

01-22-02 09:54 AM
sandrew Looks tan and well-rested ...
01-22-02 10:17 AM
Maxlugar Well he does look tanned and rested...

But look at his fingers. He has what doctors call clubbing of the fingers. This is where the tips get bulbous. It is a sign of respitory problems. I've said it before and got shouted down for "giving a diagnosis over the internet". I hope I'm wrong but those fingers are a bad sign.

01-22-02 11:04 AM
sandrew I think it'd be foolish to insist that he's a picture of health, but what you're seeing looks like stained fingernails. If his fingertips were at all swollen, he'd have a hard time playing the guitar ...
[Edited by sandrew]
01-22-02 11:14 AM
the lepper God it's amazing what fame and alot of money will get you...
01-22-02 12:25 PM
Maxlugar Sandrew are you kidding me?

His fingers are completely bloated at the tips. I've seen this in many other photos as well. I believe he DOES have trouble at times with his fingers..
01-22-02 12:36 PM
sandrew Actually, I see what you're talking about - his left index finger. But the right hand looks fine. Maybe that's why he carries scarves all the time, to cover it up. Hmmm... Like I said, I don't deny that he probably has health problems of one sort or another. With the abuse he inflicted on himslef, he HAS to.
01-22-02 01:49 PM
nankerphelge I've seen pics of Keith's fingers from the early 80s that look that fat. Although if anyone on the planet could have respiratory problems, it would be Keith. In fact, at the end of the Official Voodoo Lounge video, there are scenes with Mick and Keith leaving the show in their respective limos -- Mick calmly looking out at the NYC lites, Keith sucking wind and gulping water in a big way! Them damn ciggies....ought to stick to chiba -- top quality only.
01-22-02 01:54 PM
Maxlugar Yeah they got that way sometime in the 80's. Go find a shot of his hands even in the 70's and you'll see there is a huge difference..

I think his one saving grace so far has been his weight. He has always been thin but even that seems to be changing.
01-22-02 02:07 PM
sandrew He's had that paunch for a while, not uncommon for a guy his age. It looks especially prominent on him, though, because his chest is weirdly concaved. Both he and Mick are thin for middle-aged guys. Mick, of course, keeps trim the hard way: healthy eating, strict exercise regimen. Keith does it the easy - at any rate, the fun - way: cocaine and nicotine.
[Edited by sandrew]
01-22-02 05:30 PM
Joey You want paunch ???????? Look at a photo of Keith Moon circa 1978 .

Wait , he died that year ??????

Forget it !!!! sorry I mentioned it !!!!

Hug Me .

01-22-02 08:35 PM
Gazza I heard a few years back that Keith has quite bad arthritis in his fingers,which may explain the state of them.... also accounts for why he cant ever get that skull ring OFF apparently.......
01-23-02 07:13 AM
Maxlugar That would explain Elton John's comment too.

And his sporadic playing.

01-23-02 09:53 AM
Joey Are you talking about Elton's comment that Keith Richard's face looks like " Month Old kitty litter " ????????
01-23-02 11:58 AM
Maxlugar If he said that, that is really good!

But I'm refering to the Arthritic Monkey comment.

Month old kitty litter! Hee hee.

See, you make Maxy get all giggily!
01-23-02 04:59 PM
Joey Oh yeah !!!!!!!

Elton stated that Keith is quote " pathetic " .

That he " is like an arthritic monkey up there on stage trying to look young . "

01-25-02 09:24 AM
gimmekeef'd think that old fudge packer Elton would keep his trap shut!.He should be resting up for his next "small venue" tour with Billy Joel!!!!A Diva ???? now that was PATHETIC
01-25-02 10:36 AM
the lepper I'm thinking Elton's arse must look something like month old hamburger by now.
01-25-02 09:44 PM
Happy Motherfucker "Elton just likes to write songs about dead blondes"
I would love to see Keith slap down that little bitch just one time! The Monkey Man would rip his fuck'n head off and if that does'nt work maybe Keith will just hire someone to do away with him! Chop him down Keith!
01-26-02 04:44 AM
F505 Elton John. In 1975 he tried to join the Stones on stage. You can read it in the book The Rolling Stones on tour:

-Hi, it's El!


-Mick it's Ellie!


-Hahaha! Ellie, you great ninny! You know: the fat little faggot with his whig, false teeth and afwul glasses.

-O Elton John!
02-05-02 09:32 PM
Maxlugar What do you mean tried? He did it. Sang Honky Tonk Women and another I think.

02-10-02 09:14 AM
F505 You're absolute right. He tried and succeeded.
02-10-02 08:44 PM
no_cole_porter look, hate elton all you want but please, let's leave the homophobia in backwoods with the moonshine.
[Edited by no_cole_porter]
02-11-02 04:23 AM
F505 Look no homophobia involved at all here. If you know how homo's call eachother or not-homo's... And to say that one hates Elton is a bit exaggerated. I must even make him a compliment. He appreciates good music. First playing Honky Tonk Women with the Stones. And nowadays he is a big fan of Ryan Adams.
02-11-02 06:25 PM
pdmyers Great shot. My songbird pal, Kat Kramer, and I spoke with Keith at the Dreamworks/Universal/USA Golden Globes party. Kat is filmmaker Stanley Kramer's daughter and was a former Miss Golden Globe. Stanley Kramer passed away February 19, 2001 and Kat is dedicating her debut album, "Glimmer Twins", in his memory. She loves many of Keith's solo songs and Jagger/Richards classics. Keith was a riot. He seemed to be having a great time at the party and was in good spirits. My company is doing a picture in August in England and I only wish I could have him in the film as an English villager -- I asked him that night if he wanted to be in a movie -- but he's booked around that time on the tour I expect. I really really enjoyed getting to know him however. I think he's the greatest.

moy wrote:
Musician Keith Richards of the 'Rolling Stones' and wife Patty Hanson pose for
photographers as they arrive for the Universal DreamWorks USA Films party
following the 59th Golden Globes in Beverly Hills January 20, 2002. (Rose

02-13-02 05:35 PM
Mother baby I think she looks pretty good myself.

[Edited by Mother baby]
[Edited by Mother baby]

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