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Topic: I'm in Bills book . Return to archive
02-14-03 10:42 AM
stewed & Keefed Well not by name,but I was one of the 500 who were bedding down under the stars in Hyde Park (page 332).
God it seem's so long ago.
Brian had just died and we were all still in shock.
Myself and nine friends were in a pub in Gillingham and when it closed we left for London,after driving round and around Hyde Park looking for somewhere to park, the police stop us,and asked what we were up to, when we told them, thay said we could climb over the fence and sleep in the park (police being cool).
After walking for a while we saw some fire's burning whitch led us to a small crowd.
It was so cold that night(just jeans and tee shirt),and next day was the hottest of the year.
While we waited for the show to start Donovan came out into the crowd and played some songs.
It is the best Stones show I have seen,and when they finished with Sympathy for the Devil the whole crowd were banging cans together it was the best I had heard.
I Would like to hear from anybody else who were there,or am I the only one that old.
Footnote. When one of the support bands came on (Third Ear Band) we kept waiting for them to start their set, but apparently their long tuning up was their set.
The amoured truck the stones used that day belonged to the Edgar Broughton Band one of my favourite underground bands at that time.
Now I feel so old.
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02-14-03 10:51 AM
throbby stewed & Keefed, that is a very cool story. I'd like to tap into your brain and share the memories of that show.

I'm in the Stones book "Life on the Road". A photo with part of my body in it.
02-14-03 11:02 AM
Maxlugar What page Throbby?

02-14-03 11:14 AM
throbby Max, I believe it's page 54. My rather large and fevered hand and forearm reaches to touch the hem of Mick's red t-shirt. It's from the MTV "Live at the Ten Spot" theatre show broadcast in '97, which by the way was fucking great.
02-14-03 11:19 AM
jb I enjoy that book very much...I like the black and white photos very much....Also the backcover pick is great..I shall search for you tonight Throbby...
02-14-03 12:42 PM
Riffhard throbby, You were at that 10 Spot show!? So was I! I still have the wrist band and the cool holographic ticket stub. When my buddy,incidently the same guy who broke my BA disk,got off the bus we were greeted by a guy offering us $1,000.00 in c-notes for a ticket. Everyone just walked right by him. I felt like Charlie from Willy Wonka. I had the last gold ticket! What a great show! We probably saw each other and didn't even know it. I was right up front too. I shook Keith's hand and he gave me the old fist on heart to the head trick. Now I gotta go look at the book and see if I'm in it!

02-14-03 12:51 PM
jb Yes Riff..I saw you in the "I love Nixon" Tee-shirt.
02-14-03 01:42 PM
throbby Yeah Riffhard, I've actually got the wrist band in my desk drawer. Must keep certain things from my curious children. That was a hell of a show. My first club/theatre experience. It's the smallest place I've ever seen them play in. I had a very cool dark red ticket with a raised gold tongue. I say had because as they let us in the theatre we were made to drop the entire ticket in a large bin. I was at first reluctant but was told I would be able to get it back after the show. Needless to say I didn't get my ticket back, being one of the first in I was also one of the last out. When I finally reached the bin it was very, very empty. I also lost a cell phone that night. The security gaurd refused to let me in with it and I was not giving up my spot in line. I did manage to come away with something cool though. A very friendly MTV cameraman gave me his four page orange set list of the show. Some pretty cool moments that day. Watching the boys pull up in the limos, watching Mick pace around outside by the MTV sattelite/trailer. Dork that I am I yelled out "Hey Mick" and waved. I recieved a somewhat reluctant wave and smile. Saying hello to Bobby Keys as he walked past me. You know he seemed suprised and flattered that I recognized him. I also remember talking with someone from MTV who was telling me how frantic Keith's assistant was to make sure Keith had his required supply of beverage for the evening.
As for the ticket offers. I was approached by a Japanese looking gentleman offering much more than 1,000. (JB that wasn't you, was it?) I was dead center second row standing behind a teenage girl whose hand Mick is holding in the "Life on the Road" photo. She was really freaked out when he did that. It sure is something when they look you in the eye isn't it. During "Sister Morphine" while I was singing along I had my eyes shut, when I opened them Keith is looking right at me waiting for my reaction which was a startled one. He then gave me one of those sly grins of his. What a fucking night! I'm getting all fevered up thinking about it. Damn, when is that Astoria show?
02-14-03 01:44 PM
jb I'm turning japanese...a catchy 80's tune if I recall....
02-14-03 03:13 PM
glencar I'm mentioned in that one book by Marilou Regan about crazed Stones fans. I'm in the section written by Tongue Lady (Shidobee poster). I still haven't bought it yet but now that I'm thinking about it...

And "masturbation" is the correct spelling...
02-14-03 03:30 PM
Maxlugar Wasn't that MTV show a very short one? Like eight songs or so?

Must have been a real tease.
02-14-03 04:16 PM
throbby As a matter of fact Max it was an eleven song set. The boys played three before the broadcast and three after. Pretty cool watching them hang out on the side of the stage in between segments. Think the theatre only held a little over a thousand, including the balcony.

It's only a tease if you don't get off.
02-14-03 06:24 PM
Miss U. STEWED & KEEFED!!!! That is cool.

I would like to add your story to my "Memory Motel" section of my Brian Jones site! Let me know if that's ok.
02-14-03 06:42 PM
stewed & Keefed Miss U
I'd be honoured.
Brian was my first(and only)hero.
02-14-03 10:50 PM

What pub in Gillingham?

02-15-03 03:27 AM
gypsymofo60 Although much to my immense disapointment I was too young to attend 'The Hyde Park Concert' I still remember the incredible swarm of people in and around the park, and yes! the newsflash from the previous Thursday night announcing Brian's death still fresh, oh! yeah, and the heat. I've met many people over the years who were there that day, they all have their own special tale to tell.
02-15-03 09:19 AM
stewed & Keefed Honky Tonk Man
The pub was the Hope Inn in Saunders Street,but its not a pub anymore just a house.
It was a small pub with one long bar,but had over 80 differant optics.
[Edited by stewed & Keefed]
02-15-03 11:12 AM
Honky Tonk Man Stewed And Keefed, you have PM

02-16-03 03:42 PM
Miss U.
stewed & Keefed wrote:
Brian was my first(and only)hero.

Awww....I added it! Thankyou sugar. Should I put from "Stewed & Keefed" or what name?
[Edited by Miss U.]
02-16-03 04:38 PM
stewed & Keefed Hi Miss U
Steve Briggs from England would be fine.
By the way you have a great site.
02-16-03 04:39 PM
Miss U. thank U kindly
02-16-03 05:10 PM
stewed & Keefed Honky Tonk Man
You have PM
02-16-03 07:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man I know
02-17-03 02:38 PM
stewed & Keefed Honky Tonk Man
you have PM Again
02-17-03 05:43 PM
Martha I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story Stewed and Keef...what a memory to preserve forever. Thank you for sharing it with us.
02-18-03 05:41 PM
stewed & Keefed Thank you Martha

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