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30th January 2008 01:17 AM
zooeyglass All is quiet on the western front -- everyone okay?

Busy days for me, but just wanted to share some news; looks like I'll be making a certain trip this summer...

30th January 2008 01:18 AM
30th January 2008 01:19 AM
30th January 2008 07:07 AM
zooeyglass wrote:
All is quiet on the western front -- everyone okay?

Busy days for me, but just wanted to share some news; looks like I'll be making a certain trip this summer...

Nooooo, Lisa, are you serious???? I want to go SOOOOO badly! I was initially wanting to go next year, the 40th anniversary of his death, but I don't have a traveling partner. Oh my, I am so jealous!!!!!!!!! I need to go. I HAVE to go. Sometime. SIGH.
30th January 2008 10:28 AM
BrianGotHisRocksOff Law school is eating me alive, sorry!
30th January 2008 12:26 PM
BrianGotHisRocksOff wrote:
Law school is eating me alive, sorry!

Ahhhhh, I can only imagine...
30th January 2008 01:35 PM
BriansBabe wrote:
Hi Suzy, good to have you back !!!!

Nice to be back!! Really sorry, I've been busy training with my new job,but I've been visiting the site now and then.I haven't found any new photos of our beautiful blond genius til yesterday-from e bay-so I posted it here!! The thread here and the photos are great-love them.
30th January 2008 03:39 PM
BriansBabe Thanks Suzy, seems like everyone here is very busy working this days ...

...but go on with postin whenever you or old pic´s, no matter ...the main thing is, that it´s done with loving care of our dear Brian, no???!!???

Love to you and my other busy dears here, Alex
30th January 2008 06:51 PM
zooeyglass wrote:
Busy days for me, but just wanted to share some news; looks like I'll be making a certain trip this summer...

Ohhhhhh WOOOOOOW, what must I hear??? You will go to all places of our Brian THIS SUMMER????? That´s the goal and dream of my life, one day I will cope to do it...although i have the fear, I will never stop to cry at his grave...

Brian forever!!!! Alex

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30th January 2008 07:14 PM
Olivia1962 zooey where is that plaque located?? Is it in Cheltenham?

[Edited by Olivia1962]
31st January 2008 12:04 AM
Sioux That's how I feel, Alex. That I will just cry and cry at his grave... I already DO cry a lot when I think of him---of what he went through in his life, of what happened at Cotchford... I feel that I just want to lay prostate, body spread out, on top of his grave and just mourn. I really, really, really want to go someday...
31st January 2008 12:56 PM
zooeyglass Sioux and Alex, yes, I'm going to make a pilgrimage to Cheltenham late June as part of a larger trip to Europe. Yes, I will say something I really felt I had to do. I'd take you with me if I could, but you'll definitely be with me in spirit

PS Yes, Olivia, that plaque is from Cheltenham, though I'm not sure what it's been placed on; Brian's flat I'd imagine.
31st January 2008 01:36 PM
GhostofBrianJones I agree with Sioux, I would sob uncontrollably at his
burial site. It is sad about what happened with him. Such
a unnecessary loss of life as well as an extremely talented
man. But some people just don't care about whose lives they
destroy, i.e., Frank Thorogood, Keylock I believe.

I would love to go to Cheltenham too and see what it is like.
I bet the church and cemetary are beautiful, look well
kept. I love Cotchford Farm, I think it is so beautiful
and the present owners are delightful, kind, and from what
I have heard generous and very friendly.

Thanks for the wonderful pictures!!


Hi and love to my other BJ friends.Linda
31st January 2008 02:39 PM
stewed & Keefed
31st January 2008 08:13 PM
Sioux Linda, we just have to get there somehow....maybe Steve could be our guide...? Seriously, though, I had planned to go next year. But I'm still having trouble finding a travel partner. I have 5 places I want to go....Cheltenham, London {to see those Stones sites, and former sites}, Cotchford...and a couple of non-Brian related places--Liverpool and Tanworth-in-Arden, home of the late great Nick Drake. That's my dream trip. Kinda strange to think of going on a trip to see not one, but two gravesites.....If I were a big, hulky guy, I'd just up and go by myself. But a 100 lb., 5'2" girl would be out of her mind to travel to England by herself...
31st January 2008 09:56 PM
zooeyglass Sioux, I've been there. I'm no big, hulky dude myself, but I said the heck with waiting -- I've travelled through England, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy on my own. This will actually be my first trip over WITH someone! I say go for it

I really can't wait, but I think just Cheltenham. I'd love to see Cotchford, but I'm conflicted about the right to privacy issue.

31st January 2008 10:21 PM
GhostofBrianJones I would love to see Cheltenham and I think if a person(s) wish to visit
Cotchford Farm I think they suggest you contact the owner first maybe
by letter or a phone call. I wonder if Mr and Mrs John have an email
address? He has two satellite dishes on the top of the house (it looks really
strange somehow) so maybe he has internet connections. Trevor has
visited them frequently so he could have some appropriate suggestions.

Will look to see if I have any new pictures in the very near future.

I think I have scanned my Stones books already but will check for more.


31st January 2008 11:38 PM
LoveChild Sioux, I go to England all the time unescorted or usually just with my children. You already know the language and they have a phenomenal transportation system. Tube and rail maps abound and it is pretty easy to get where ever you want to go by bus, tube or rail. I have an Oyster card which makes everything very easy.

If you travel during the day, everything I have found to be very safe, even for single females. Just know where you are going and walk with purpose.

You can plan you journey from Heathrow or Gatwick to Cheltenham by using this link

I don't drive there. I am afraid I will forget which side I am supposed to be on an nail someone.

Airfare tends to be very pricey in the summer. It is a lot better if you go off peak in Spring, but if you want to be there in July there is no way around it.

I am fortunate to live in a city that offers non-stops to LHR.

Don't let the lack of a travel partner deter you from living your dreams. I like traveling alone because I don't have to ask anyone else's opinion on where to go or stay or eat or do

If you need any info or help, let me know.

[Edited by LoveChild]
31st January 2008 11:43 PM
LoveChild But I don't think you would want to lie prostate

1st February 2008 12:02 AM
GhostofBrianJones Now that sounds interesting. I hope they don't hate Americans
because of our infamous President. I love England and the
British and always have.

But if I can go maybe someone will go with me. I have
been in Japan and they drive on the left side of the road.
My former husband had no trouble. I got used to it right
away. I did not drive over there as the majority of the
cars have a stick shift and I use an automatic. So I ended
up with a bicycle. Many Japanese back then and probably now
ride bicycles. If BJ was alive and we went to see him I
would love going down his driveway on a HUGE motorcycle.
I know it is silly but I also love motorcycles.

1st February 2008 12:09 AM
Olivia1962 Next year i am definatly going to Great Britian no matter what. Everything you guys are talking about i want to do more than anything.

1st February 2008 12:47 AM
LoveChild "I hope they don't hate Americans
because of our infamous President."

Ah....they are not very fond of Americans, no. The worst I get is some ribbing and derogatory remarks. Nothing really hateful. Americans are this, Americans are that, they are loud, wasteful, too patriotic, uncultured. It's more than just the Prez - although they cannot stand Bush - it's the American way of life, too. I wouldn't say hate - just not fond of.

I can put on a hella good accent if I need to. I've lived there for a while and have English relatives. But then it starts to slip and I get "What are you, Australian?" LMAO!

1st February 2008 12:10 PM
Sioux Funny! Thanks so much for all your encouraging words and info, Lisa and LoveChild! And welcome to RO, LoveChild... This is the absolutely BEST thread on the site---we love Brian here and strive to uphold and honor his name and memory.

I do have a couple of friends in England---one is even in Cheltenham. So, maybe, just maybe I can work it all out.
1st February 2008 12:13 PM
GhostofBrianJones I agree that Americans can be rude, aggressive and think
they own the world. I saw that in Japan when my former
husband was finishing the last three years of his Navy
hitch over there. I saw some atrocious examples of that.
They overdo their self-confidence and it becomes offensive.
But the remarks are just as bad. We know it is important
to see each person individually and not collectively.
Even though some of us are Americans, we have to show
respect to people here and especially overseas. I don't
want to be stereotyped as an American. Thanks very much
for the insight I enjoyed that.

1st February 2008 02:14 PM
zooeyglass Yes, I've found in foreign countries that they may hold that stereotype of the vulgar American, but most people you encounter respond to you on an individual basis. My take on travel is I'm a guest in someone else's country -- would you put your muddy feet up on the coffee table and demand something to eat as a guest in someone else's home? Be polite, follow the customs, and know how to at least say please/thank you in the language!

1st February 2008 06:07 PM
BriansBabe Hi my dear American friends here ...wanna say, in any country, there are good and bad people, no??? I really hate any kind of stereotyped thinking...I love open minded people, like you all here are...and our dear Brian was!!!

1st February 2008 07:34 PM
BriansBabe Warm welcome and hello to LoveChild

1st February 2008 10:30 PM
Olivia1962 wrote:
Next year i am definatly going to Great Britian no matter what. Everything you guys are talking about i want to do more than anything.

Yes, sure, you´re right not to wait, Olivia dear!!!
Such things are easier to do when you´re young and you´ve
not yet that much responsibility...and so on...

Love and hugs to all my friends, much to our relief, it´s weekend now, hope everyone will get enough rest!!!!
And keep on dreaming for a trip to England where our HEART and our LOVE is...Yours, Alex
1st February 2008 11:24 PM
2nd February 2008 05:37 AM
JoneseygirlU.K. Well folks.....I'm British and don't hate Americans!!I just don't like Mr Bush or Mr Blair (as I'm sure a lot of Americans do) for getting us involved in unnecessary wars that cost innocent lives.I've been to New York and Boston and found that the majority of Americans there are modest,polite and surviving on what we would class in the U.K as the minimum wage.
I live in Coventry which isn't that far from Cheltenham,actually. I visited Brian's grave in 1983 (before marriage and life made me too busy)and again in 1985.There was a little old lady there at reception in the church,who,far from being disapproving,was most helpful in directing me to the grave.''Oooh we get a lot of visitors here this time of year to see him'' I didn't cry when I saw it as it seemed so sunny and peaceful with the Cotswolds in the background.I put flowers on the grave and took some photos. If anyone needs help with Cheltenham and directions just let me know via the website.Who knows? We might even meet up!!!
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