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02-08-04 08:34 PM
LuckyWithTheLadies I know that someone with less than 10 posts to their name will probably have to offer a free bootleg to those who post to get anyone to answer this, but I would like to know the average age of the typical die hard Stone's fan. I have a suspicion that at 37 I might be a youngster in this crowd. I wonder if Tattoo You and the 81 tour was the last time that the Stones brought new fanatics on board in large numbers. A new generation of Stone's freaks was born so to speak.
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02-08-04 09:00 PM
M.O.W.A.T. 36 on Tuesday.
02-08-04 09:19 PM
mac_daddy ahhh, M.O.W.A.T, another Aquarian

Happy Birthday - many happy returns.
02-08-04 09:53 PM
throbby A mere babe at 44.

Are you really lucky with the ladies?
02-08-04 10:35 PM
LuckyWithTheLadies wrote:
I have a suspicion that at 37 I might be a youngster in this crowd.

Your suspicion isn't really correct, sorry, at least not in my experience. We had some other topics recently with ages of posters here, try the archives. But I can tell you, at least on RO, and I'm positive about Tell Me and Shidoobee too (and our Dutch Stones mailinglist Dirty Work), that the <35/<30 age group is much larger than loads of people think. Also during the shows I do see large amounts of people in their twenties.

I'm 29 by the way .
02-08-04 10:53 PM
LuckyWithTheLadies Thanks. And no, I am not Lucky with the Ladies. sigh.... In fact, I really need a more realistic screen name. I just get a kick out of that song and video for some reason.

A betting fool, a gambling man;
no sooner up you're down again.
Mama said you won't get hurt.
Don't play the cards, you won't get burned.
But there's a place where I still win.
But there's no money in this thing.
The game of hearts puts me in spades.
The only game I got it made.
Oh! I'm lucky in love!

Yes I'm lucky. Yes I'm lucky.
Lucky with the ladies.

And the video with the buxom lady bursting into the room when Mick is in bed with a pistol to his head. Priceless stuff!

If I had thought about it I should have known that most people here would be under 40. How many people over 40 use the computer for recreation? Not a lot. Oh well. I guess getting old is better than not. The altenative isn't all that great.
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02-09-04 01:29 AM
stonedatbirth666 "I was round when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubht and pain"
02-09-04 04:40 AM
UGot2Rollme 42 and Time is on my Side
02-09-04 05:17 AM
dealer squealing 30 years old since 23 of January
02-09-04 06:09 AM
JumpingKentFlash I'm 22. Give me a bootleg.
02-09-04 08:49 AM
L&A Hi LWTL, I'll become 39 in a few days (20/02), just at time to get the bootleg
02-09-04 08:51 AM
Nasty Habits 34. Brought on board by Dirty Work. Crazy ever since.

Laughed out loud the first time I saw your handle.

Don't need the bootleg.

[Edited by Nasty Habits]
02-09-04 08:53 AM
Jumacfly 26 , can i choose a boot too??
02-09-04 08:54 AM
Lavendar just turned 47 would love a 73 boot happy to all FEBS.
02-09-04 09:39 AM
glencar I became a fanatic between Some Girls & Tattoo You tours.
02-09-04 11:52 AM
egon 32, going on 21
02-09-04 01:21 PM
Doxa One repsentative of Tattoo You -generation here. I also have the feeling that I belong to the last BIG Stones -generation, unfortunately. Prove me I'm wrong.

02-09-04 03:30 PM
LuckyWithTheLadies I became a fanatic when I saw Let's Spend the Night Together. I was aware of the Stones before that and liked them. Angie, It's Only Rock n Roll, Doo Doo Doo, basicly the Made in the Shade stuff. My older brother had that on vinyl. As well as Hot Rocks and Ya Yas. When I first heard Ya Yas I was stunned. I had never heard a band or music like that before. Mick talking to the crowd about jumping around and his pants falling down, introducing Stray Cat Blues. "I hear the click clack of your heels upon the stairs . . . you look so alone and so far from home but I don't really miss my mother." This was the era before the classic rock format stations. But it was the movie that sealed the deal. When I saw Mick run out from behind that curtain, out to the edge of the stage, and do jumping jacks in front of that huge stadium full of people surging forward toward him while the band paced the stage behind him churning out that Under My Thumb riff, I wanted to be them. REALLY be them. Dreamed of being them. But I don't think that a highschool kid seeing them now would feel the same way. No highschool kid dreams about actually being a wrinkly old bastard no matter how cool the wrinkly old bastards are.
02-09-04 03:34 PM
Child of the Moon I just turned 20 yesterday.
02-09-04 04:04 PM
Monkey Woman 34 and counting...

BTW: Happy b-day MOWAT and COTM!!!

02-09-04 05:53 PM
56DeSoto 27... and I just went to a Beatles party dressed up like Keith circa early-70s. That was fun.
02-09-04 06:30 PM
Paulcarr87 27 here, the Steel Wheels promotional blitz hooked me for life...


02-09-04 07:00 PM
Voja 6 less than Jagger. Let's see any older, here?
02-09-04 07:32 PM
violentkind 38
The Somegirls lp hooked me.
Am i the only under 10 posts,poster?
02-09-04 07:57 PM
corgi37 40 years of age. Miss You got me in (can you believe that!), then Goats Head, then Made in the Shade, then decca box set (with fantastic black t-shirt) - then all the other albums/cd's/videos/dvd's. And, i'm Aussie. Good enough reason to give me the bootleg.
02-09-04 08:14 PM
gotdablouse 34 here, went crazy over the opening chords of "Under My Thumb" on Still Life in 1982.

Undercover is the first record I "waited" for (actually Macca's Tug of War was the first one) and called all around town at least once a week to find out if they had any news about the release ;-)

Been a maniac ever since with all the studio boots under my belt, as well as a website

I'm currently very annoyed at Mick and Keith for turning the Stones into an oldies' act :-(
02-09-04 08:45 PM
Phog 32 here. Started my "transition" in '81.
02-09-04 08:57 PM
Ronnie B. Wood I'm 16!! ANYONE YOUNGER!?
Let me describe my day:
i get up and go washing my teeth while my pc is playing some stone album from 60s, then i eat and my computer plays voodoo lounge or exile, and then when i am sitting on my pc it's playing some unrealesed songs: these day Summertime Blues and Cocksucker Blues, and then i listen Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, Beggar's Banquet, That's my day, and when i am going to bed i am listening Their Satanic Majesties Request...

P.S Voja, my serbian friend, check your mail
02-09-04 09:34 PM
LuckyWithTheLadies Wow! from 6 years younger then Mick to 16 year old, nice point spread for any fan base. I am so lucky . . . however not with the ladies. Lucky that I was born soon enough to have experienced a summer, while still a teen, when the Stones ruled the radio and the stadiums. A summer when everywhere you looked you saw and heard Stones. I remember of seeing an article about the Stone's tour in US News and World Report, this at a time when serious news magizines never did serious coverage of popular music. There was a picture of the Stone's playing in a stadium, if I remember correctly. It was like seeing a picture of myself, included among pictures of the movers and shakers of the world. The Stones a nostalgic act? I ain't buyin it. Led Zepplin is getting rich off nostalgia, not the Stones. They are still living it, everyday.
[Edited by LuckyWithTheLadies]
02-10-04 02:34 AM
Child of the Moon Thanks, MW! I feel very weird having "entered my 20's"...

Geez, Keith already had two records out by the time he was 20. I better get my act together!
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