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02-02-04 08:20 PM
Riffhard Hey Mathijizz,fuck off you goddamned Eurosnob! I can find good and bad in any country and I certainly would not slam your country just because an asshole like you hails from it.

02-02-04 08:49 PM
Gazza alright everyone - enough for fucks sake

This "your country's a piece of shit" dick-waving nonsense that crops up here every few days is the one thing that personally pisses me off more than anything else in this place.

If anyone wants to use this board as an excuse to insult anyone else's nationality, they can fuck right off to whatever hole they crawled out of and take their racist, inflammatory bullshit with them (split hairs all you like, I dont consider these threads any different to insulting anyone's colour or religion)

..and before you ask,Riffie,I was specifically talking about the previous posts more so than your own...
[Edited by Gazza]
02-03-04 01:39 AM
Jaxx wow. this has been a real enlightening discussion. crappy topic, yes. i was disapointed to see it posted here, but on the other hand, how could it not be? i'm so out of touch with mass culture that my 11 year informed me this afternoon that timber"bakes" song was i'll have your clothes of before i finish this song. shit if i had known THAT, the fact that it was staged is of no surprise and quite obvious and yeah, duh.

but i'm disappointed. i'm disappointed that rock stars want to crap on family entertainment time with shitty publicity stunts. it sucks that cupping, groping and stripping is considered entertainment. imo it was more than "just showing a boob". he was sleazing all over her and when he cupped her boob, call me naive, but, i was shocked. if i was watching some R movie, well yeah. whatever, but i just think it sends teens a bad message. its very hard raising children in these times.
02-03-04 01:52 AM
gypsy I had to work all day and night yesterday...I saw it today...and was disgusted that something so vulgar was shown on national TV. And I'm no prude. But, God, what the hell are kids going to rebel against now? I mean, we have girls just entering their teenage years in the hospital that shave their entire 'pie.' I don't mean to be gross...but, seriously, at that age, nobody was getting remotely near my pie...and the thought of shaving it never entered my mind 'til I was 20. I don't mean to be catty, and I'm not jealous...but a lot of this started with the whole Britney thing, and all the other ignorant teenybopper no-talent-having tramps that jumped on the bandwagon.
I'm sick of seeing women being treated as sex objects in every fucking video. It's so ingrained in young girls' heads that they are supposed to be sexy at such a young age. My best friend is a teacher at our old high school, and she tells me all the stuff girls are doing now...and wearing...getting pregnant like it's all cool...and giving blowjobs in the bathroom--at school!!! She had to call a girl's parents to tell them that her daughter was performing oral sex on a boy in the school bathroom. How shitty is that?
That's my rant for today.
And, yeah, I sent a topless pic to the RO guys a couple of years ago...but, in all fairness, I was 30 at the time...a consenting adult...and it was meant in jest...just having fun...not trying to degrade women at all...and I just laugh when I read the posts that refer to it. It is a joke to me.
02-03-04 02:19 AM
MarthaMyDear If you guys really want to get pissed off (and, believe me, I
did when I saw this site!!!), look at this site!!!:

THIS?!?!?! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

*** Martha ***
02-03-04 02:23 AM
MarthaMyDear wrote:
If you guys really want to get pissed off (and, believe me, I
did when I saw this site!!!), look at this site!!!:

THIS?!?!?! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

*** Martha ***

oh yeah, that's sad, I recently saw a documentary about that on the Discovery Channel
02-03-04 02:35 AM
MarthaMyDear I was just about to report it to this site where you can report child pornography and that specific site doesn't actually fall into that category (?!?!?!)!!! That's just wierd to me... And, here is ANOTHER site and this one is disgusting, as well, but they keep getting shut-down and have to move to different hosts all the time to keep it running... Gross... lol... IMO, this kind of trash just breeds things like rape, etc.!!! Here it is:

*** Martha ***
02-03-04 02:44 AM
MarthaMyDear wrote:
I was just about to report!!! Here it is:

*** Martha ***

How come you know all this stuff?
02-03-04 03:08 AM
MarthaMyDear I go to this one site that the site owner somehow knows (or is emailed, etc.) about all these wierd sites and she posts them and has discussions about them, etc., on her site and that's one of the main reasons why I go there!!! It's my secret... :P lol....... LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!! CRACKING-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Just playing... I'll share what I come across here now and then!!!

*** Martha ***
02-03-04 03:26 AM
MarthaMyDear Here's a fun site!!!:

And, here's a cool quiz/test (The ULTIMATE personality test):


*** Martha ***
[Edited by MarthaMyDear]
02-03-04 05:05 AM
Jumacfly this thread became very stupid...we re not at Ok Corral but on RO...i m tired and pissed off by this us/europe challenge, who cares???
Janet tits is a detail, not the top news of the day, hte subject is pretty funny and don t deserves such hate and racism ....

Wankering spirit Ronnie!!

02-03-04 05:15 AM
Mathijs I did not mean to be hateful, racist or whatever in anyway. I apologise to anyone whom felt insulted, Glencar in particular. I do have both negative and positive feelings about the US, in the exact same way is I have about my own country Holland. But that shouldn't be thrown on boards like these.

02-03-04 05:30 AM
MarthaMyDear LOL, Jumacfly!!! lol......... OK Corral!!! ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Well, all I have to say is... I must have that Seasonal Affective Disorder 'cause lately, out here in beautiful, sunny Southern California, it's been very beautiful and sunny in the morning and I always feel uplifted by the gorgeous weather here when it gets close to Spring like this!!! It's weird, but... OH, YOU KNOW CALIFORNIA IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! Actually, it is!!! lol............. Just wanted to actually say something nice about where I live, for a change, 'cause I do really love the weather here!!! Now, I'm just afraid it's gonna be a heat wave this summer... lol............ Oh, well... lol...... I kind of feel it coming so at least I'm prepared... lol......... CALI RULES!!!!!!!!!! lol..... PEACE!!!

*** Martha ***
02-03-04 05:30 AM
Mathijs wrote:
I did not mean to be hateful, racist or whatever in anyway. I apologise to anyone whom felt insulted, Glencar in particular. I do have both negative and positive feelings about the US, in the exact same way is I have about my own country Holland. But that shouldn't be thrown on boards like these.

I too don't think Mathijs meant to be racist, for crying out loud. Also, I too have negative and positive feelings for my country; just because I was born on a particular place of the earth, that doesn't make this place the best one, right? So there's no need getting defensive as if someone insulted one's mother or whatever. I don't think it's the same as offending one's color or religion etc.

And so I don't see the point of you guys fighting about this. We're here to speak about music and music is supposed to unite people. After all, it's all just little lines painted on maps, and as hippie as that may sound try to keep that in mind. That, and the fact that all politicians want just MONEY!! Good, needed to air that
[Edited by FotiniD]
02-03-04 07:30 AM
Jumacfly you rule FotiniD, i agree 100%
02-03-04 08:02 AM
JaggaRichards It's just too bad the Patriots win was upstaged by a boob
02-03-04 08:05 AM
FotiniD Thanks Ju People tend to get really sensitive over such stuff, pointless in my opinion.

By the way, did you get my e-mail? Cause my internet connection's been a little off lately.
02-03-04 08:16 AM
corgi37 So, when Janet was about, say 20, she'd have chocolate boobies. Now they are kinda, iced coffee. If her nutty pedo brother had milky tits, and with that freak, who's to say they arent, i wonder if they are vanilla.
As for dissing countries, your all mad.

Everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere is a weirdo in my book. All this snow at Christmas, holidays in July, winter solstice crap. It just aint natural, i tells ya.
02-03-04 08:44 AM
glencar Mathijs, apology accepted. We all realize by now that there are aspects of the USA that you don't like. There are aspects of the European culture that I don't like. I think it's best if we just keep it to ourselves. It's disruptive to the board & serves no purpose.
02-03-04 08:47 AM
glencar And kudos to Gypsy & Jaxx on their last posts. What's going on is a shame. We'll reap the benefits further down the road. I was watching the game with otehr adults & happened to have missed the unveiling. But those with young kids don't need to have that crap brought into their homes. I'm not sure what the answer is but I know that bad music & sexual harassment isn't it.
02-03-04 09:28 AM
glencar wrote:
There are aspects of the European culture that I don't like.

I think it's one thing critisizing a country's goverment or political actions and another thing critisicizing its culture. I don't think Mathijs meant to attack the American culture in all but certain behaviors that demonstrate in cases such as this.

And regarding this Janet thing, you don't seriously believe that American kids or any kids in that part, will be offended by seeing the sight of a female breast? How about all the tons of violence that TV projects every day? Or real-life scenes of domestic violence or discriminations that kids get to experience first-seat right at their homes? Or even having a political leader in their country who broke the worldwide record of death rows?

In my opinion it's that and other such stuff that leads kids to fire guns at their students and teachers, and not trivial stuff like Janet Jackson's boobs, for crying out loud. With no offense here, the point I'm trying to make is that sometimes people appear extremely sensitive to non-so important instances and lose all their sensitivity to serious situations. Seeing the tree and missing the forest, and all that.
02-03-04 11:36 AM
Riffhard OK,Mathijs olive branch extended and accepted. I was only pissed because it seemed a little harsh the way you knocked the USA. I too have problems with the way American culture has hit the skids. As for politics. Well,let's just say that I post on another board for those disscussions.

FontiniD,you are right about the "forest for the trees" metaphor. However,the fact is that the mass media,and MTV in particular,are shoving this sexed up image of women down American kids throats. It's gotten ridiculous. I mean for fuck's sake The Gap is selling thong panties for ten year olds!

There is obviously nothing wrong with Janet flashing her tits all she wants,but,this was neither the time or place for such a display. It only goes to reinforce the image of woman as sex object. That is not easy to explain to my six and seven year old daughters. At their age they should be more concerned about their doll collection and not worried about what jeans or panties make their butts look better.

Kids are being forced to grow up so much faster today and it's all because some schmucks on Madison Aveneue in NYC have determined that sex sells well to kids. Well,no shit guys! I just think that the media and the entire marketing world should grow up and think about their actions a little more. I for one don't want my daughters to ever dress like whores. I certainly don't want them dressing that way at their young ages,but that's what is being spoon fed to American girls and boys on a daily basis.

Sorry for the rant,but I just wanted to make my point as clear as possible. Enough on this tired and boring topic. On with the show!


PS-Janet and JT have just been removed from the Grammy Awards show. It seems that CBS is doing some major damage control and told the folks at the Grammys that if either Janet or JT perform or present at the show that CBS will pull the plug.

02-03-04 11:47 AM
nankerphelge This is exactly why I like to smoke a spliffy with my bud Riffy!
02-03-04 11:47 AM
Nellcote Regarding a slightly related matter....

I can now finally say it, what others only hoped for...

Vinitaeri lines up the kick, it is on the way...

The kick is GOOD, KICK IS GOOD!!!!


We now return you to your regular discussion.
02-03-04 12:25 PM
littleredrooster Nellie,

Nothing wrong with that change of topic!
Congrads on your Pats running the table!

02-03-04 01:12 PM
JaggaRichards And it was a fun Super Bowl game!!
02-03-04 01:38 PM
Gazza thanks guys and girls

back to talking about tits again then...
02-03-04 02:03 PM
nankerphelge SEOUL – The U.S. military has asked South Korea to ban lap dancing and other lewd acts at local nightclubs near its bases, saying they negatively impact military discipline.

The officials said the military was taking similar steps at other bases in the United States and overseas against lap dancing.

The U.S. Army's 2nd Infantry Division, which has 15,000 troops near the border with North Korea, recently sent letters to the South Korean Special Tourist Association and local mayors urging a crack down on lap dancing clubs near barracks.

Describing "client-focused exotic dancing" as the principal cause of worsening military discipline, the military letter called for local club owners to "prohibit any physical contact between dancers and (U.S.) customers." South Korean lap dancing clubs are totally dependent on American customers because they are not allowed to take local clients.

U.S. officials declined to specify what they meant by worsening military discipline.

"We are following trends in the United States," Lt. Col. Chris Bailey, the 2nd Infantry Division's assistant chief of staff, told the Stars & Stripes newspaper. The U.S. Forces Korea has consulted mainland laws banning lap dancing, he said.
02-03-04 02:15 PM
Joey " The U.S. military has asked South Korea to ban lap dancing and other lewd acts at local nightclubs near its bases, saying they negatively impact military discipline. "

02-03-04 02:56 PM
Riffhard Hey Nanky thanks! The feeling is mutual ofcourse! What we need is another tour and another YOTI summit and,ofcourse,some spliffys! Man o' man that was a high time indeed!

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