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Topic: Janet Jacksons Halftime Tit Show Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5
02-02-04 12:45 PM
Monkey Woman So it wasn't staged, after all? Too bad, I thought Justin and Janet were going for a Mick Jagger/Tina Turner sensation! When Mick unzipped her dress during the Band Aid concert during IORR! But Tina had a sexy black lace thing underneath, not naked boobs... That one was staged all right!!!
02-02-04 01:11 PM
Jaxx my physical therapist told me this a.m. (and after i posted) that she heard it was staged. i avoided all the superbowl hype and didn't hear that a "surprise" was planned . so i'm confused. it didn't look staged to me. i'm wondering if she was going to whip off her own top ala britney spears, then chickened out and justin went for it. who knows, but , it goes in my "poor taste" file, nonetheless. there's a time and a place for everything. watching the superbowl has turned into a family activity and doesn't belong to "the mens club" anymore, altho you couldn't tell by the halftime show and the aweful commercials that were described as rated r.

i'm concerned that justin's "grope and pull" sends the wrong message to young men. sexual harrassment is a real issue in middle school and in high school. he's high profile and no doubt a "role model". its a shame that such debauchery is the main topic of conversation today instead of the excellence executed on the football field. no half time show should upstage a game.
02-02-04 01:18 PM
mac_daddy I missed all the fun - I was glued to the Lingere(sp) Bowl! who'd have thunk I would have seen more skin on network TV..?


please note the above post is tongue-in-cheek. I was actually outside at halftime, having a smoke...
02-02-04 01:35 PM
Factory Girl Remember Live aid when Jagger ripped off Tina's skirt??

That was sexy & glorious!

Ja-boob was just in bad taste.
02-02-04 01:40 PM
telecaster Was the game yesterday? Damn. I watched the "Queer Eye"
02-02-04 02:00 PM
Sir Stonesalot It is only sexual harassment if Janet files charges.

If it wasn't staged, and she DOESN'T file charges...what does THAT say? If it wasn't staged, then she damn well better press charges on him.

These things are a two way street. If Timberlake did something wrong then it is up to Janet to call him on it.

I don't think that will happen. I think it was all part of the show. Did you see the Brit Awards when Justin and Kylie "performed" together? Justin's hands were all over Kylie's ass. It was the same with Justin/Xtina on tour.

I don't think Janet walks around with that sun thingy on her nipple. It was a pasty...made for TV.

02-02-04 02:19 PM
Jaxx LMAO marc! unwanted touching is sexual harrassment, period. no report necessary. its probably more prevalent than imagined because most of it goes unreported...your dad, your boss, your teacher, your coworker....please. i bet you believe bill clinton when he said that a blow job isn't having sex. i know jr high schoolers and high schoolers believe him.
02-02-04 02:48 PM
Joey " i bet you believe bill clinton when he said that a blow job isn't having sex. i know jr high schoolers and high schoolers believe him. "

I feel your pain .

Jacky Clinton !
02-02-04 02:50 PM
Joey wrote:
" i bet you believe bill clinton when he said that a blow job isn't having sex. i know jr high schoolers and high schoolers believe him. "

I feel your pain .

Jacky Clinton !

joey at lunch I went out and bought a pair of the Janet Jackson Starfish nipple covers for myself

Do you think gypsy would like a set for her set?

02-02-04 03:05 PM
Snappy McJack Check it out:

02-02-04 03:05 PM
Factory Girl LOL, tele. You should get a set for each of the RO regulars...

02-02-04 03:06 PM
Joey " joey at lunch I went out and bought a pair of the Janet Jackson Starfish nipple covers for myself "

" Do you think gypsy would like a set for her set? "

Yes , right now she uses Bandaids ( Discards currently on Sale at eBay ) .


[ Edited by the Kid ! ]

Jacky !

02-02-04 03:08 PM
Mathijs wrote:
I'd rather live in a country headed by a powerless but intelligent queen, than in a country ruled by a right wing nitwit who executes children, sells guns to the masses, invades countries and kills thousands of innocent people, but still get shocked by the sight of a naked plastic tit. Grow up.


Sounds like a dumb queen to me! Our President hasn't executed any children, doesn't sell guns, did SUCCESSFULLY get rid of a nutty dictator & let's not mention Indonesia & wherever else you guys have colonized. And hardly anybody expresses shock at the "naked tit" as you say. Most people were more upset about the way it happened or that it happened in front of a bunch of children watching. You really should read more & empty that head of its preconceived notions aka PREJUDICES about my country. BTW Thank your PM for your support during our recent invasion.
02-02-04 03:09 PM
glencar God Joey! Some assholes make me want to scream & shout!
02-02-04 03:31 PM
Monkey Woman Ahhh! One can always count on Mathijs to piss off an
American or two... And on Glencar to respond!
Go, go! Naked mud wrestling guys!
02-02-04 03:35 PM
UGot2Rollme ----------------------------------------
Man, does the US still get in shock when they see a naked tit? Isn't that a little weird?

The US probably has 3x more tittie bars per capita than Holland... nothing to brag about, but the point is that this was THE showcase game of THE most important sport in the US, and Janet's fake, pierced (and possibly hairy) boob is all everyone is talking about today (except Patriot fans) and it was CLEARLY STAGED.

Mathijs... imagine this happening at one of Holland's globally recognized artists (if you can name one) doing this at one of Holland's globally recognized sporting events (if you can name one) .. don't you think the reaction would be similar?

02-02-04 03:35 PM
glencar Nah, I'm done with taking the bait. He knows he's wrong.
02-02-04 03:37 PM
Joey " God Joey! Some assholes make me want to scream & shout! "

I feel ya Blue .....................

Where was this guy when I needed cover fire whilst dodging V.C. at Con Thien and Khe Sanh ( Sic ) -- circa ' 68 ?

HUH ?!?!

No wonder I have SBS ( Shy Bladder Syndrome ) and IBD ( Irritable Bowel Disorder ) . A Friggin Mess I am !

" I feel like a kid Ronnie ! "

Snarky !

02-02-04 03:47 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Jaxx -

If Janet didn't intend for it to happen, I totally agree - fuck Timberlake - you don't bare other people's bits on national TV if they don't want you to.

However, please do note what MTV had put on their website right after it happened:

"Janet Jackson Got Nasty at the MTV-Produced Super Bowl Halftime Show. Jaws across the country hit the carpet at exactly the same time. You know what we're talking about ... Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake and a kinky finale that rocked the Super Bowl to its core."

Naturally, as soon as CBS, the NFL and the FCC stated that they were rocked to their cores and were launching investigations, that was quickly removed.

Jackson's choreographer said "I don't think the Super Bowl has ever seen a performance like this. The dancing is great. She's more stylized, she's more feminine, she's more a woman as she dances this time around. There are some shocking moments in there, too."

This is just a deplorable stunt to distract from the fact that none of them were singing anything of the remotest value - like the Britney/Madonna kiss. Who remembers what the fuck they were singing?

Man, the Stones did spectacle right - they had the fucking music to back it up. Now it's just all shit with no real balls behind it.

-tSYX --- Shuffle it all...
02-02-04 03:56 PM
nankerphelge I think we are all missing a very important point.

Them things come in pairs!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but all day long I've been kind of dizzy and out of balance. It's because we've only seen the right one.

Justin fucked up the universal tittie balance!!!

I'm afraid it will continue until lefty comes out!!

02-02-04 04:06 PM
mickmask Anyone who believes the half time stunt was an accident.... well duhh...uhh!!! Like all us chicks run around with a huge adornment stuck to our boob (underneath our bra) all the time!! Great PR stunt, but definitely the wrong time and place. Oh and I tend to agree with Mathjis on the boob issue. C'mon people, we've all got 'em!!
02-02-04 04:09 PM
Jaxx thanks for posting that verification, savage. imo, its a total bummer to stage such a tacky display. i would also agree that its interference to keep the attention away from the (you call that) music(?) and to upstage the game as well. sucky all around (no pun intended??hehe)
and nankster, even tho i was having a grand time partying w/friends yesterday, as soon as that boob was bared, all i could think of was you and your "racked" mind.
02-02-04 04:14 PM
nankerphelge when people think of boobs, they think of nankerphelge!


Let me re-phrase that...
02-02-04 04:14 PM
Joey " all i could think of was you and your "racked" mind. "

Racked ?!?!

RACKED ?!?! Did you say " Racked " ?!?!

Shiver ...........................................


Stuttering Jack !
[Edited by Joey]
02-02-04 04:15 PM
glencar My local CBS station was running "Shocked!" teasers all night. What a buncha shock!teasers!
02-02-04 04:41 PM
Ten Thousand Motels Damn, what a ruckus over a trivial "wardrobe malfunction." Could happen to anybody.
02-02-04 05:30 PM
Snappy McJack wrote:
Check it out:

Thanks, that says it all, staged!
02-02-04 07:24 PM
Riffhard Jaxx the whole thing was most definatly staged. JT was singing the line "I'll have you naked by the of this song..." then he proceeded to rip off the front of her little S&M outfit. Not only that but the NFL was actully distancing itself from the halftime show as early as Friday. They issued a statement that stated in part that the halftime show was out of their hands. Why would they do that? So they could deflect any controversy that would be caused that's why. Plus,do you really think that Janet would be wearing that big assed nipple jewlery under her costume for comfort? MTV had a blurb up on it's website promissing some "shocking" moments during Janet's performance. Now they have removed any mention of the halftime show at all.

As for the about the "what's the big deal it's only a tit." Well it's not that big of deal,however,over 80 million people watch the Superbowl and many are parents watching with their kids. It was way out of line to flaunt a bare breast during family veiwing hours. Americans are a bit more purient about these things and I for one am glad of that.

02-02-04 07:32 PM
Angiegirl A bit? ROFL!!!

So, the kids see a boob. Yeah it sure will traumatize them. Watching that much TV all day is more harmful imo.

Dutch daily gossip-tv (real crap tv, good when you are having dinner, highly recommended) showed the piece and a enlarged pic of her (partly covered even!!) boob several times for the fun of it, again and again and they were all laughing their asses off about all the commotion hahahahaha!

Anyway, who cares, right? Everyone has their own opnions and traditions, so be it. Let's talk about something else and close this crappy nonsense thread!
02-02-04 08:03 PM
Mathijs Glencar: your president personally signed the execution of two 17 year old boys. Read your local newspaper boy.

And, it's a miracle that one plastic boob can raise such hell in the US. What a horrible country to live in.

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