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Topic: Gene Simmons on Mick Jagger Return to archive
01-25-02 12:17 PM
Jaxx Friday, January 25, 2002

Gene to Mick: Pick up a Pen
By JANE STEVENSON -- Toronto Sun
Now that KISS bassist Gene Simmons has spilled the beans about the drug-and-alchohol-fuelled bad behaviour of guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss in his new autobiography, KISS And Make-Up, he thinks other famous frontmen should follow suit.

"I think Mick Jagger should sit down and write about Keith Richards," Simmons told The Sun while in T.O. for a book signing.

What about Richards writing about Jagger?

"If Jagger wasn't there, there wouldn't be The Stones. Somebody's got to take care of business. It is called show business, not show. It is the business of show. But what's Richards going to write about Jagger -- that he likes girls? Not much to write. The other one (Jagger writing about Richards) is: How to be the walking dead."

As for the reaction of Simmons' bandmates to his book, which details everything from Frehley's fascination with Nazis to Criss' volatile temper (including shooting a gun at a TV), Simmons said: "I spoke with Ace. I told him the book is going to tell it the way it is. And he, I assumed, shrugged his shoulders 'cause it was a phone call and he said, 'Hey, good luck. Everybody knows I'm a f---up.' That's verbatim. Peter, I left a long message for and saw him a few days later ... and Peter was as friendly as could be. I don't think they read the book. They don't read. I've never seen Ace or Peter with books."

01-25-02 01:26 PM
Cardinal Ximinez And why do we care about what Gene Simmons has to say?
01-25-02 01:42 PM
Maxlugar In a band of talentless douches, Gene Simmons stands out as a douche.

Maxlugar, C10
01-25-02 02:33 PM
luxury1 Kiss was my first concert in '75!! And then the Stones a couple months later. Unfortunately I can't remember much about either show--it was the seventies, ya know.
01-25-02 05:59 PM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
And why do we care about what Gene Simmons has to say?

only for the humor factor involved.

Maxlugar wrote:
In a band of talentless douches, Gene Simmons stands out as a douche.
Maxlugar, C10

yes indeed, a DB he is at that (add Bag, to the aforementioned...a used one)
01-25-02 06:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah Jaxx, I saw the humor in it...that's the way my response was meant to be taken as well.

I actually know people who think Kiss is the bomb...I find it incomprehesible!
01-25-02 07:16 PM
Jaxx i don't understand it either. we're fortunate enough to know what "real glam rock" is all about, (ie, the stones in the 70s). that leaves little tolerance for cheap imitations.
01-25-02 09:35 PM
Happy Motherfucker Well, yeah Kiss is cheese all the way but they are a pretty cool band. Hell when I was 10 they were the monsters of rock.They certaintly are'nt great musicians, but a fun time band anyway. The Stones were a big influence on them for sure and I believe that they think pretty highly of them. Remember Ace covered "2000 Man". While they are not in the same league as The Stones, they were good for rock'n roll.
01-26-02 01:56 PM
JaggaRichards KISS---about as exciting as a Lawrence Welk show........
01-26-02 02:57 PM
F505 Kiss = Ssik
01-27-02 09:20 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Happy Mofo...

You really believe that, or are you just trying to get a discussion going?

Kiss is Spinal Tap without the spine! I just can't get past the cheese, you guilty pleasure 70's hard rock band is AC/DC....When I was coming up back home, "Back In Black" was a required cassette to have in the car. I'm telling you man, a six pack of beer and "You Shook Me All Night Long" was a sure way into yer date's panties.
01-28-02 12:13 AM
Happy Motherfucker AC/DC is a great band for sure. Thay've stood true to their sound from the get go. As far as KISS goes, it's not like I sit around and listen to them now, but when I was 10 years old(1975)they were pretty damn appealing! Hell the Stones were always my favorite band, but back then as a kid, they seemed like a fun time band. The songs were not that great but it was kinda like the circus show of the 70's. Now I have a 10 year old and I took him to see KISS the other year and he loved it, the flash and all of that shit. But, I also took him to see The Stones in Nashville in 97'(his first concert) so he knows what the REAL deal is! Like I said before, everything that I have heard Gene or any other member say about The Stones have always been positive. Just like all the other bands from that era, they learned their showmanship from the masters! That is a compliment to The Stones if nothing else!
01-28-02 04:43 AM
F505 Kiss, ACDC.... please... we are on A Stones Board. The bands mentioned can't even stand in the shadow of the Stones. It's a curse to write down their names. If we don't watch out people gonna say how good The Osmonds were in the old days, or Gary Glitter or Red Bone. Please!

(Even if you're ten years old it's possible to choose for good music, believe me)
01-28-02 01:04 PM
Happy Motherfucker If I'm not mistaken "The Stones" are in my content. It's not like we're talking about all of the workings and details of a given band or analyzing their set list. It was just mentioned because it is a diccussion board. Are other bands not allowed to raise their ugly heads here! I was just making a statment that in 1975 other bands besides The Stones could be appealing to a 10 year old(please note the Stones content,yeah, now I've said Stones four times!)I mean who was there to listen to at that time? KISS, Aerosmith, David Bowie, Boston, Queen, Zepplin,Black Sabbath ect ect ect. Oh shit, there I go again mentioning other bands. Please forgive me! Let me see, um I know, I'll make up for it. Here goes. Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, Stones, and Above all, The Rolling Stones are the Greatest Rock'n Roll Band in the World! Is that enough Stones content for ya now!
01-28-02 01:24 PM
nankerphelge I was a big Kiss fan in the mid-70s as well. They were good noise at a time when so many bands (including even our heros) had given in to the evil demons of disco.

Over time though, as with so many bands that I once liked, they just began to sound undertalented, overamplified, and dated. Now, I am biased, so when I say that the Stones don't generally sound dated to me, there are plenty of people out there that would be happy to shoot me down by playing Satanic Majesties. Fair enough -- that one sounds dated. But if you play Let It Bleed, that does not sound like 30 years ago. Plus, the band's talent, energy, and live shows all demonstrate to me that these dudes is ageless.

By the way, Perth '73 and a whole lot of Sangiovese red wine do not kill the flu -- but you don't care for a while.
01-28-02 02:41 PM
Maxlugar Oh Nanky! It's good to see you all alive and stuff!

Ya know what's weird?

When everyone was going around proclaiming the Stones had gone disco they where in the process of creating Rocks greatest moment:

Handsome Girls.

Things that make you go "hummm".

Friday Night was a plethora of delectable, succulent Rock and Roll soundings.

My 400 CD player practically melted. Mick Taylor's "Coastin Home" was the highlight of my evening.

But alas, I could not communicate with any of you as my PC took a shit of biblical proportions!

I was cut off from all my brothes and sisters at a time when a Friday Night post was needed so badly!

But the Merlot was yummy....

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