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Topic: The Flu Return to archive
01-25-02 09:46 AM
nankerphelge Oh fellow members of the Stones militia -- your pal nankerphelge is way under the weather. It is Friday yet every single part of my body aches and I do not know if I can partake in this evening's festivities.

I am an injured soldier in the war against really bad music. How I want to carry the tongue flag for us all and claim victory on this Friday by drinking Anchor Steamers and chibating to Perth '73. But, alas, I have not the strength nor the will to move. My eyebrow hair hurts.

But you all must forge ahead. Remember me and have a drink in my honor tonite. Do not look back at your fallen comrade, for I am with you in spirit.

01-25-02 10:32 AM
the lepper We will carry on the torch of Charlie's backbeat for our fallen comrade. After the worst is over, try a little Theraflu mixed with Welcome To New York-it's guaranteed to bring you back to the living.
01-25-02 10:49 AM
Joey Oh my D.C. Brother...............

It pains me that you can not drink and party tonight . I , on the other hand , will be going to a 'Mega Tasting ' this evening at my favorite watering hole " Charlestons . " At this Mega Tasting , various Scotch's will be sampled along with a complete demonstration of the proper way to 'sniff ' the liquor and sip , smile and then salivate over each bottle of fifty year old Scotch .

Yet , all of this loveliness is mere prelude to the " Mega Reading " which will take place at exactly 10:00 PM CDT and will be broadcast over closed circuit television and most national radio broadcasts . What is this ' Mega Reading ' you ask ???? Well , it is none other than James Earl Jones dressed up in a tuxedo , walking up to a podium , adjusting the microphone and reading the following poem written by our very own Max A. Lugar :

'Mick Taylor's Fingers:

They make me quiver
When they deliver
I cry a River
With my gin Soaked liver
Whilst the notes, they slink and slither .'

Even the troops in the poppy fields of Afghanistan will pause for a brief moment and grin like mental patients as these lucid and beautiful words waft through the air .

Every bar and restaurant in this country is preparing for this most sacred of events by setting up big screen televisions and programming their digital cable boxes for the masses . Soon , Mick Taylor will be a household name again and young children will demand to know more about his life's works and accomplishments . Within the year , Mick Taylor's birthday will be a world holiday and his music shall be played non-stop on this day of celebration . Streets shall be named after him and schools and universities dedicated to this most prestigious and most gracious of artistes .

Oh , and the Over/Under on Steelie will be 20 1/2 because Vegas just HATES Pushes.

" Damn Straight Ronnie "

Joey , C10

01-25-02 10:56 AM
nankerphelge Ahh, just the thought of my "bredren" carrying on gives me strength. My body still aches terribly, but now my taste buds are all erect in preparation for a cold brewy frothy beverage. My lungs, filled with green sticky fluid as they are, yearn for the sweet smell of the newest batch of Rennaisance II. My hands shake in anticipation of just one game of pool while Perth '73 plays.

Must fight...must carry on...
01-25-02 11:05 AM
Maxlugar Holy sweet friggin' merciful fuck, Nanky!

Feel better. Let me tell you right now, tongiht will be in your honor!

Mixing theraflu with Welcom to NY is key. God himself has added mystical healing powers in that boot.

If you want to know what it sounds like when God cries, listen to the little licks Mick Taylor places inbetween each chorus of "You Can't Always Get Waht You Want"

Heal on ba-bay... Heal Baby.

Your pal,

Maxlugar (A man that took two planes and needed two hotels to attend the CLEVELAND summit.)

01-25-02 11:41 AM
nankerphelge Slowly, I have pulled myself up on my chair and am leaning heavily on the right arm. I weakly take a drag from a cigarette that a buddy left behind. Ahh the nicotine, it helps dull the pain.

Wild thoughts swim through my fever-soaked brain. How will I make it to a local watering hole for happy hour? Will they have any Jameson's whiskey to help warm my cold yet clammy, quivering body. If only Joey had left some smack, I'd be better.

chiba ... must have chiba
01-25-02 12:13 PM
Jaxx its a bummer to be MIA. i was actually forced to miss a Mick Taylor concert (w/ a chance to meet him, no less) and a rendez vous with Keno and Ladybear --victim of the flu.

chiba is a better painkiller than nicotine. beg, borrow or steal. chicken soup (the real thing! any parts in the freezer celery/carrots/anyherbs in the house/minimal water) and a couple of shots of te"killya" will "quile" anything. works everytime.
01-25-02 01:22 PM
Cardinal Ximinez ALAS! Poor it pains me to see you in such anguish. We must find you some solace...verily, peace and restitution shall soon find you. For I know the way....

You need a visit from sweet cousin cocaine....

THAT will definately put some giddy-up in you.

Funny, that stuff is...many years ago, when I was younger, and I did lots of the sweet cousin, I was never sick. Never....I went YEARS without getting the flu, or even a cold. The Incas used coco psate as a cure all, and believed that chewing the leaves kept them healthy. In the 1800's nary a medicine was made that didn't include cocaine in it's list of ingredients. You know it wasn't until people started using cocaine for recreation that it became illegal. Hell, even the Pope put cocaine in the Papal wine!

It's the pause that refreshes
In the corridors of power
When top men need a top up
long before the happy hour

The above is Strummer/Jones from the song "Koka Kola" on the "London Calling" album by my second favorite band...The Clash.

Sweet Cousin C. is nice to visit....just don't move in with her.
01-25-02 01:48 PM
Joey "It's the pause that refreshes
In the corridors of power
When top men need a top up
long before the happy hour

The above is Strummer/Jones from the song "Koka Kola" on the "London Calling" album by my second favorite band...The Clash. "

God I loved the Clash . As Pete Townshend once stated , " It's a pity the Clash broke up because they were a great band . " I had the opportunity to see the Clash in October of 1982 in Boulder , CO when they opened for the WHO . They were almost as good as the WHO that evening ......Mick Jones , Joe Strummer , Topper Headon ......Hey , whatever happened to Strummer ????????

I recall Mick Jones had that band " Big Audio Dynamite " in the Mid- 80's , but Joey has lost touch .

Can't argue about Cousin C. However , I was never a big user . And Maxy is right , those lead fills by Taylor on YCAGWYW on Brussels Affair are just spectacular . The very definition of " Beautific "

" Lose some C. up me arse Ronnie "

Joey , C10

01-25-02 01:52 PM
Maxlugar All true Ximy! I did tons of the stuff in college.

But if some evil scientist worked for 50 years to make some super evil drug he would not come up with one worse than a drug that makes you incedibly horny yet incredibly flacid.

Oh the horrors! Oh sweet but cruel cousin cokily coke coke!

Anyone who has spent the hours of 3:00AM to 5:00AM grinding their teeth and beating their meat raw can attest to that.

Maxy Von Drivin' that Train, circa 1988!
01-25-02 02:16 PM
nankerphelge I, too, did my share of the great elixir back in the hedonistic early '80s. I never much enjoyed it though. It made me way too hyper -- I preferred chiba and shrooms. Ahh yes, shroomies - makes everything look like a neon light and everyone look like Christopher Walken (even the girls). But they are a blast.
01-25-02 02:27 PM
Joey "Everyone look like Christopher Walken (even the girls). But they are a blast. "

Oh Hell , and here I thought I was the only one who felt that way . God I love the Internet .

" Walken Me Ronnie '

Joey , C10

01-25-02 03:01 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Joey!

Joe Strummer has an excellent new band called the Mescaleros. Last year he released an outstanding world music album called "Global A-Go-Go". Cardinal Fang was nice enough to send me an autographed copy for my birthday! It's not very Clashlike, but is outstanding on it's own merit. I've never heard anything quite like it.

I don't know about B.A.D., if they are still together or what...but #10 Upping St. and The Globe are pretty cool albums.

I'd really love to see a Clash reunion. The Sex Pistols were great on their reunion tour....they even knew how to play their insurments! I would imagine that the Clash would be able to kick some serious ass if they decided to hit the road again. Topper is the problem there...looks like he'll not be getting work visa for the US anytime soon, so that'd really put the kibosh on any kind of serious tour talk. Did you get "From Here To Eternity", the live Clash album that was released in 2000? It's outstanding. Get it, get it soon. It's almost as good as the sweet cousin.
01-25-02 03:04 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh yeah...I almost forgot, How about this for a Weird Al song title..."Christopher Walken After Midnight".

Maybe that's only funny if you like Patsy Cline!
01-25-02 03:11 PM
nankerphelge I'm feeling better. All the good advice and Stonesacious talk, coupled with copious amounts of substance-speak has pulled me up by the collar and slapped the flu outta me.

I shall go to happy hour
I shall listen to Handsome Girls
I shall do a hydraulic of Rennaisance II

I love you guys
01-25-02 03:14 PM
Joey 'Did you get "From Here To Eternity", the live Clash album that was released in 2000? It's outstanding. Get it, get it soon. It's almost as good as the sweet cousin. '

I will pick it up tomorrow . I do not have any live Clash in my collection .

Thanks Cardinal !

Joey , C10

01-25-02 04:05 PM
Fan On slaved one. Please get better. Think of Mick and his energy and that will instill you power! Did you read about my item for sale?
01-25-02 04:15 PM
nankerphelge Yes thank you -- I am inspired. I did read of your item, but it isn't for me. Thanks anyhow
01-25-02 04:21 PM
Joey "I shall go to happy hour
I shall listen to Handsome Girls
I shall do a hydraulic of Rennaisance II

I love you guys ."

I only wish I could be there at " Uncle Morty's " tonight with you my C - 10 Brother...................

" Morty Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

01-25-02 04:39 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Hey James
Great sympathy from a fellow Uk'er. The UK shits'n'puke is bad this time around. The remedy, I know ('cos I ain't got the shits 'n puke) is 11 pints of Harvey's Sussex Best from a 'Cask Marque' pub and a patch over 1 eye as you drive home listening to 'Fort Worth, '72 Bye Bye Johnny' on my car CD hoping that someone will release every version of every Stones/Taylor live track. How can some of our 'viewers' whinge about the potential cost of such CDs when we spend Łk big time going around the world watching 'the Greatest...' live?
Get well soon
01-25-02 04:42 PM
nankerphelge Thanks - I read that the UK is gastronomically ailing these days -- mine fortunately didn't get so messy. But I still feel yucky.

Uncle Morty's calls..
01-25-02 04:57 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Christ! Nanker.....You must be 'Broadband' Such a quick response from Sussex! Your ongoing comments etc are hugely appreciated.
Hey Sussx Boy.......Get well soon

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