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01-24-02 10:27 AM
Maxlugar I, Maxlugar, pledge the following:

I will continue to play Stripped Companion every Friday Night. Those first few seconds of Honest I Do melt away an entire week's worth of stress. Ahhhhh….

I will continue to feel above other music fans as I sit smugly listening to the Rolling Stones, drink in hand. For I, we, get "It". The Drive. Don't feel guilty about these feelings brothers and sisters. Go with it.

I will continue to sing Rolling Stones songs such as Child of the Moon in the shower as I get ready to start a new day at the ungodly hour of 5:00AM. Sleeping wife be damned! It makes me feel alive.

I will continue to expect an album of new material every time the Rolling Stones tour. This box set disturbs me. Is the end nigh?

I will continue to campaign for the return of Mick Taylor and Bill "The Little Hands that Could" Wyman. Shouts of "Quitters!" will not deter me.

Songs like Moonlight Mile, Time Waits for No One, Winter and Lovin' Cup will continue to make me weep when I am drunk.

The '81 tour will continue to give me a feelings of unabashed joy. I'm not sure if I was just the perfect age during that tour or what. But when I hear anything from the '81 tour I get that "a party has just started" feeling. I see colored balloons falling all around me. Hug me.

I will continue my efforts to make all the unwashed masses love the Rolling Stones. My playings of Exile in its entirety at my local dive bar have increased. If I have converted just one of those ugly, alcoholic losers, I have done my life's work.

I will continue to invite my wife down to the Subterranean Tavern at Casa de Maxy when I am drunk and make her listen to the Rolling Stones. I will continue to slur and wobble in my bar stool and say things like "The shhtory behind thissh song is.." or "Jusshh lishen to Charlie's drumin' on thish one…" I will continue to see a blank stare looking back at me like I'm insane.

I will continue to be a proud member of the C10. I am one of the 10 people on earth who made the pilgrimage to CLEVELAND to party and eat raw steaks in a darkened cave man-like atmosphere. Anyone who didn't go S.U.C.K.S (Simply Underestimated Cleveland's Killer Summit) I stand by this belief. I want to go again this year.

I will continue posting manifestos and Friday Night posts to express my feelings as best I can. I can not be stopped, for long. I bleed this band. This wonderful band that has recorded the sound track to my life. This "Drive". This wonderful, wonderful "Drive". Oh my God! Poem alert! Go!

The Drive:
I drink in "The Drive"
It keeps me alive.
Like a bear goes to a beehive…
To suckle its honey I do strive.
Into it I must dive
And it's even better when it's live.
And sometimes, when I'm really into it..
It makes me arrive.
(you know what I mean)


Maxy! (Maxlugar)

01-24-02 12:02 PM
Joey "The Drive:
I drink in "The Drive"
It keeps me alive.
Like a bear goes to a beehive…
To suckle its honey I do strive.
Into it I must dive
And it's even better when it's live.
And sometimes, when I'm really into it..
It makes me arrive.
(you know what I mean)


Maxy! (Maxlugar) "

My Maxy.....

This is so beautiful that my Keyboard is slathered in tears . I just want you to know that I will INSIST that the bartenders at Charlestons friday evening read this poem of yours over the intercom system for every patron to hear and digest .

Absolutely Lovely to Behold .

Joey , C10

01-24-02 12:04 PM
luxury1 Hear, hear Maxy. That was too good.
01-24-02 12:56 PM
Cardinal Ximinez As I read your beautiful words, I found myself nodding in agreement. Grim determination played across my brow.

I muttered "I understand you my C10 Brother".

Even though many miles and some state borders seperate us, it's as though you live right next door.

The "Drive-N.A." is strong in you, and I'm sure that the odors you emit strengthen the "O-Stones layer" around your happy home. If we all try hard enough, perhaps we can patch the hole in the Ozone with O-Stones. We can actually reverse the "Greenhouse Effect" and start the "Glimmer Effect" instead!

For no matter what others may try to do to me, or accuse me of...I will ALWAYS hear the music. And I will hear it LOUD.

And as for the C10....some may try to break us apart....some may try to turn brother against brother....some may be here, some may be there....but it matters not....We were all in Cleveland where a bond was formed....forged in a fire of accelerant and propellant, cooled in frothy milk stout, hardened by the sounds of Handsome Girls, and tinted green by the smoke of stinky chiba. There are but only 10 of us. That's it. There will never be any more. 10 men who faced many hardships to make the trek to "The Mistake on the Lake". Who faced strange looks, and verbal harrassment from their "significant others". 10 men who were complete strangers, yet old friends as well. Of course there will be more "summit" meetings...but none of them will be the same as the one in Cleveland. And none of them will entitle the participants to wear the tag "C10"....or have T-shirts with our "names" on them.

The C10 will continue to try to infect as many people as possible with "Stonesitis"...the disease that no one wants cured of.

So Maxy, you get to Sweatin' with the Stonesies. You sing in the shower. Do what you gotta do. It's in your blood, so why fight it?

Tonight, it's "Voodoo Kiss" from NOLA '94...and a whole bunch of Yings...
01-24-02 01:19 PM
Joey Amen , My Brother......

Tonight I replay that " Who Disc(s)" you made for me again their entirety . Outstanding .

Thanks ,

Joey , C10

01-24-02 02:27 PM
Maxlugar Ximy!

You have once again shown the world why you are Sir "Friggin'" Stonesalot, C10

And you Joey are my brother. My kleptomanic brother.

May your Milk Stout stay frothy.

And propellant be ready at hand.

Maxlugar, C10
01-24-02 03:09 PM
Joey Maxy.....

You have worked me up into a Frothy Effervescent Fizz .

Stay Kinkily ....

Joey von Slippy Slap Slappy
01-24-02 10:17 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Remember...propellant is nothing without accellerant.
01-24-02 10:53 PM
JaggaRichards Max, I'm with you! that said it all IMO.
Tommorow night I will play 'Let It Bleed' in all its glorious entirity at MY dive bar!!
01-25-02 08:26 AM
Child of the Moon Maxy, if I could nuzzle you right now...

Child of the mooooooon... rub yo' rainy eeeeeeyes...

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