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Topic: What God looks like . Return to archive
01-17-02 12:02 PM
Joey My Dearest Stonesian Kin .....

In case you all wanted to know what God looks like , please check out today's header picture .

" I have seen the face of God , and his name is Mick Taylor . "

- Anon ( 1836 )

01-17-02 01:48 PM
Maxlugar Amen brother. See my post above. Hug me.

Can you do me a favor?

In honor of Mick Taylor's birthday I wanted to post my poem about his fingers but it seems I have forgotten it.

Please post it for me! I know you saved it.


01-17-02 02:04 PM
sway God bless you gentlemen and may God (MT) bless himself.
01-17-02 02:11 PM
Child of the Moon Ah, Micky T. How I wish that you were here again...

I think I'll listen to his first solo album today. Leather Jacket and Broken Hands are two of the best Stones songs - I consider them Stones songs - ever.

Micky, Micky, Micky...
01-17-02 05:20 PM
Mathijs Wasn't Clapton already God? As most of you guys I am a big big Mick Taylor fan, but I do think that Clapton can't be beaten by any other guitar player.


ps Clapton survived the 70's, don't know if Taylor did!

01-17-02 05:26 PM
Joey I have the poem framed at home .

I will post it later .

It goes something like " Mick Taylor's fingers , I sigh when they deliver . They slink and they slither ,I quiver when they deliver . "

01-17-02 06:03 PM
robbluedog I think that Mick Taylor is a far better player than Clapton. Evidence? Mick's '79 solo album, especially side two. He goes into '70's fusion territory with success. He could cover any musical territory really. Plus Micks contributions to the Stones - always very, very musical and not just an exercise in technique. Plus Mick is probably in the top 5 of electric bottleneck stylists in the world.

I think that Eric Clapton is great - obviously. He does have that certain fire at times but most of what Eric contributed to music was prior to the 'EC was here' album. Ever since he has reinvented himself as a commercial MOR sort of rock star. Hardly godlike and often boring.

It could be argued that Mick hasn't done much since around the same time himself I suppose....but at least Mick Taylor hasn't gone down the road of the Grammy shaggers. He still plays with his old recognisable style.
01-17-02 07:19 PM
Dandelion* [quote]Joey wrote:
My Dearest Stonesian Kin .....

" I have seen the face of God ,

and he's been eating a hell of a lot of Twinkies lately.

01-17-02 08:05 PM
Joey You make Joey giggle a bit !!!!!!!!

Still , he is a living legend and commands respect .

" Mick Taylor's fingers , they slink and they slither .
Yet I dance like a clown , when he delivers ."

Thank You ...

- Joey 01/17/02

01-17-02 08:08 PM
Maxlugar Twinkies? Shit he looks like he swallowed Ron Wood.

I wish he would. His talent has devoured Ronnies anyway.

Also, re: Taylor vs Clapton I'd have to say Taylor is better but no way near as dedicated. Fucking shame.

It doesn't matter anyway because Jeff Beck is the best guitarist that ever was. I saw him last year and he is better than ever. I stood weeping in the middle of Roseland during Where Were You. That's right weeping.
01-17-02 08:33 PM
Mathijs Classic EC stuff:

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers Beano Album (changed the world, without it there would have been no Hendrix, Zeppelin, and Stones)
Fresh Cream
Disraeli Years
Wheels Of Fire
Layla and Other Assorted Love songs
Derek and the Dominoes Live At The Filmore
161 Ocean Boulevard
EC Was Here

EC is able to inspire and amaze guitarist all over the world for 35 years now -I am right now trying to disect Disraeli Years.

Classic Mick Taylor Stuff:
Love in Vain (ya-ya's)
Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Time Waits For No One
First two tracks of Stranger in This Town
1972/1973 Stones tour (only hard core Stones fans still rmember that)

Taylor is one of the best "lead gitarists in a rock band". Pushed by a great rythm player Taylor is able to do amazing things. However, he doesn't take the guitar beyond it's limits like Clapton does. With Mick Taylor, the constant use of of certain patterns or scales makes it quite easy to "play like him" or to understand what he is doing. Clapton had the ability, just like Jimi Hendrix or Jeff Beck, to take the guitar beyond what was known at the time. When Clapton released an album, it took lesser gods a year to figure out what he was doing. With Taylor you know imediatly it's him, and withi'n five minutes you can play along. Like with his latest album -at the moment you hear it's latin influenced you'll imediaty know the scales.

Last, I do think Taylor's guitar playing abilities have become worse over the years -the heralded solo on Winter (from Carla Olson's album) isn't really good, he seemed to have lost some of his lkegendary fluency.

Don't get me wrong -I do think Taylor is (or better was) one of the best players around, but there is a certain guitar god league (Robert Johnson, Clapton, Hendrix, Beck, Page, Duane Allman, Van Halen) that he is not in.


01-18-02 09:39 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The reference header was this, by my friend Juan Trujillo taken in Mexico City, August 30, 2001

01-18-02 09:40 AM
Joey What about Pete Townshend ?

Doesn't he belong in your list ?

01-18-02 09:51 AM

01-18-02 01:54 PM
Joey Cool !!!!

Thank You very much Voodoo !!!!

These are great photos . I am very jealous of Pete getting to plant a big wet one on Mick's cheek .

" Bite and Kiss Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

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