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Topic: Favorite Stones Train Wreck....... Return to archive Page: 1 2
01-16-02 05:51 PM
the lepper As great a band as the Stones are, it never ceases to amaze me how often they screw up during songs live. One of my faves from the '81 tour is the guitar break during "When The Whip Comes Down"- I think they flubbed it more than they nailed it. Or on the Unreleased Decca Live Album, Keith forgets the ENTIRE first verse of Happy. I guess the huge stages they play on make for less communication, hence mistakes. I'm not slagging them- I like the fact they keep it loose, but there are some funny moments on many of the boots I've heard. Any more good ones you guys can think of?
01-16-02 06:07 PM
sandrew I wouldn't call it a train wreck, but there's a funny "lost" moment during "Street Fighting Man" from a Giants Stadium show in '94 (the one that's on video). They screw up the instrumental bridge part and look at each other laughing. Those kinds of mistakes are honest. In a way, they make the show more human, genuine - unlike, say, a Janet Jackson or Madonna or Britney Spears lip-synching dance show.
01-16-02 08:13 PM
rogerriffin a mistake more was a day like today JAN 16 here in mexico city during voodoo lounge show
keith forget the intro of HAPPY, and i think the same, his shows are more human and genuine.
01-16-02 11:14 PM
the lepper I agree-that's what I like about the Stones-it's not sequenced or choreographed. I also remember on a bootleg I have where Mick is telling the light man "turn the lights down George-turn the lights down George, TURN THE FUCKING LIGHTS DOWN GEORGE, YOU DEAF OR SOMETHIN?" Funny shit.
01-17-02 08:20 AM
Mathijs On Handsome Girls Mick apologises to Keith for forgetting thelyrics to Tumbling Dice at the second strophe öh I am very sorry Keith I fucked the words up, you call me the Tumbala Di-ice"


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01-17-02 08:30 AM
nankerphelge Opening nite in DC '94 they mangled Hot Stuff a bit. Wouldn't call it a train wreck, but they didn't play it on nite #2. Too bad, aside from the screw up, it was a great addition to the show.
01-17-02 10:31 AM
gimmekeef Been listening to the boot MSG III remastered.I was also lucky to have been there with my wife 5th row.(what a birthday gift!).I'm sure during the intros Mick announces "on drums Charlie Wooods".Anyone else hear that or is my hearing really gone!
01-17-02 10:32 AM
Nasty Habits On Gimme Shelter from Perth, Australia, 1973, Charlie completely forgets how to play drums until about halfway into the first verse. Usually it's Mick or Keith or somebody who screws up, and it's pretty unique to hear Charlie completely without a clue. True to Stones form, it's fraught with drama and is quite thrilling. When introducing the band later, Mick mentions that Charlie "never misses a beat", which is probably a little dig at the botched Gimme Shelter. I also love how completely lost Mick gets on the version of Let's Spend the Night Together on the Paris '67 radio broadcast, while Keith remains stolid, singing the "Let's Spend the Night Together" back up part right on cue. What a crazy band.
01-17-02 11:54 AM
patioaintdry Let It Bleed, Phoenix, 1981. Where is Charlie at the begining? Very funny. You can hear Mick away from the microphone, looking for Charlie to kick in -- seems to throw Mick off a bit and he continues to repeat the 1st verse several times before getting it together. A great boot for Charlie's drums sound, btw. Cymbals are quite prominent. Unfortunately, Keith's great backing vocals are buried in this particular bootleg (Ride Like The Wind/ Rattlesnake)
01-17-02 12:20 PM
nankerphelge I also noticed on the Gimme Shelter DVD outtake of Prodigal Son, that Keith ends the song just as Mick is about to start the last verse. Micks looks surprised and Keith looks oblivious. Then while the audience cheers, Mick leans over to Keith and says something about it.
01-17-02 01:34 PM
Maxlugar One of the weirdest ones is the one mentioned above about Gimme Shelter.
Charlie completely loses the beat and its painful to hear him try to find it.

The Let It Bleed on '81 Phoenix is another favorite of mine. The version I have is called Welcome To Phoenix and its perfect Soundboard if you want to trade.

But for all time train wreck action I'd say get the Concert for the Blind. Too many to mention. Prodigal Son gets special mention. AWFULL!!! Mick basically mumbles one sentance followed by "an' that's the way for us to get along" throughout the whole song.

01-17-02 01:47 PM
gimmekeef Yesss..i was at that concert in a hot sticky hockey arena in Oshawa Ontario.Great thrill and exciting buzz but the music was not classic to put it mildly.The acoustics didnt help either.But is was nice to see Keef out of jail!!!
01-17-02 01:49 PM
moy ft worth july 18, 78

"I was driving home through bakersfield early sunday morning"
01-17-02 02:10 PM
luxury1 Yeah, Sandrew, and then at the end of Street Fighting Man back in '94, Mick says something like, "Christ I thought it would never end." That is one of my favorite screw-ups too. I love it when they mess up and start crackin'up, makes them almost human, eh?
01-17-02 02:21 PM
Maxlugar It sure does luxury1. Like the Love In Vain restart on Stripped. That's an offical release too.

I have another: Mick coming in at the wrong time on It's All Over Now on The Foot Tappers and Wheel Shunters boot. The song crashes to the ground like a shopping cart smashing into a stack of cans.

Or how many times have you heard Live With Me in recent years and Mick is singing "don't you think there's a place for us..and Lisa is signing don't you think there's a place for you" at the same time? Many many times.

This a good topic. Find more.
01-17-02 03:00 PM
nankerphelge More more

Handsome Girls - disc 4 - sweet little 16 - after the solo, when Mick is supposed to hop in with the last verse. NOTHING. You can almost see Keith and Ronnie looking at each other like "okay, you did your solo and I did my solo... Bill???"
01-17-02 03:01 PM
the lepper Just picked up Handsome Girls today.....One thing I noticed that is ALL WRONG is the song LIES. On the Some Girls album the vocal starts on the E-chord- on the live version, Mick starts the vocal on the A chord. It's completely backward. I would put the '78 tour as the raggediest of all.
01-17-02 03:27 PM
nankerphelge I dunno - raggedy in a great way in my estimation. No question there is plenty of rawness -- but somehow, after a few listens, I've been hooked. I think they were on top form despite the odd thing or two.
01-17-02 03:30 PM
sandrew The version of "When the Whip Comes Down" from Sucking in the Seventies is massive. ... love it.
01-17-02 03:40 PM
Maxlugar When the Whip Comes down from Handsome Girls just might have been the greatest moment in Rock and Roll history.

Maybe man's greatest achievment.

From the moment the first chords strike, we heart jumps beats 100 times faster.

The bass is friggin' un-be-lieve-able! Really, just turn it up real real loud and FEEL Bill Wyman's "little hands that could".

Good friggin' sweet merciful fuck, I gotta go home and put it on.

I gotta jet, bail ,run, moto and split!

01-17-02 03:50 PM
nankerphelge The whole friggin a thing is great.
You can actually hear "the drive" in Let It Rock
Jagger's growl in All Down the Line
Keith's guitar in HTW is perfect
Whip - awesome
Lies on disc 3 -- listen to Ronnie. Just listen to him. And Stew's piano.
Respectable too.
Tumblin Dice off disc 1 is the best ever -- Ronnie just gets that tune -- even better than Taylor did.
Even Miss You, which isn't one of my all time favs is great on that one.

I gotta go put it on too..
01-17-02 06:12 PM
Nasty Habits Max is right -- the Blindie Concert is a total mess. The version of Starfucker, where either Mick blows his cue or Keith doesn't start right and they have to riff forever . . . And am I wrong or do they actually forget how to play Jumpin' Jack Flash?

Speaking of Starfucker and Handsome Girls, the Ft. Worth version of SF kills me every time I hear it. Something very special about the way Mick delivers the "Jimmy Page was all the rage" line. Let's all listen to Handsome Girls today!

And speaking of Ft. Worth -- has anyone unearthed a complete video of that show? I saw the first four songs from it one glorious evening. Talk about seeing god --
01-17-02 07:13 PM
luxury1 Hey--I don't have Handsome Girls! Is it a Sister Morphine release? Sounds like I am missin' sumpthin!
I have been watching Being Mick and some other Mick special--oh--THe Making of Goddess--and he continually fucks up the words of the first two verses of God Gave Me Everything--"You can hear it in the wine I taste" and things of that nature--anyone else catch that?
01-17-02 08:19 PM
Maxlugar Yeah I heard that too luxary1. Mick does that quite often.

You HAVE to get Handsome Girls. It's magically Stonesilicous.
01-17-02 09:19 PM
steel driving hammer The band flubs @ MSG NY City 98 durring Sympathy fer da Devil.
The last 2 min of the song, some stop playing while others continue, then restart and stop then it's just the keyboards and they start playing again totally out of control.
AND, Mick says at the end of the song,
"I thought it was never going to fucking end"
Listen to it, Sympathy MSG New York 98.

Also off topic,
Mick says in San Fran 81,
"You know the Beatles played their last concert here"
again quote, "Bunch of mind fucking useless information"

I don't care too much for the beatles.
01-17-02 09:47 PM
JaggaRichards From a bootleg video of the Stones at Giants Stadium, Oct. 97:
Keith hits the opening chords of 'Starfucker', and Mick sings " If I could stick-" then he stops, grins, turns around and sings the right song!
01-17-02 11:37 PM
HandofFeet I remember this one stop during the Voodoo Lounge tour, Keith mucked up the opening to The Worst...rather than trying to flub his way through it, he just stopped the song. He then frankly told the crowd he was going to do it over, "My priviledge," he explained.

I had seats in the stands for this one, and just remember laughing at the sight of Keith bringing this massive show to a DEAD STOP in front of 50,000 people!

01-18-02 02:28 PM
Child of the Moon In response to the Perth version of Gimme Shelter... man, i remember hearing that for the first time. I thought, "What in the FUCK is going on?" But it just made it so much more intense. I seriously thought they were gonna fall apart, but Keith just kept it moving along. Listen to his guitar as it starts to get really fucking rhythmic and intense. Then as the second verse starts... BOOM! The magical return of Charlie! It's a spectacular moment on record, and I can only imagine what it must've looked like in real life.

I love this band, even if they are human.
01-22-02 02:54 AM
yellow1 Back in '94 at the MTV or VH1 video awards I think, Mick messes up Start Me Up pretty badly and you can see Keith shaking his head in was early in the tour !
01-22-02 10:31 AM
T&A Can't believe nobody's mentioned opening gig in Philly '81, when they had to stop Let it Bleed 'cos Ronnie was playing in the wrong key. Hilarious!
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