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Topic: 2002 Tour Opening Song Return to archive
01-15-02 05:24 PM
sandrew What should it be? I know it's useless to speculate, but why not? I thought "Satisfaction" was a poor choice in '97 and '98 and "Jumping Jack Flash" on the '99 tour was a repeat of '69. Obviously, it can't be too obscure and it shouldn't have been done already. I'll probably change my mind, but for now I'm goin' with "If You Can't Rock Me."
01-15-02 06:30 PM
sandrew wrote:
but for now I'm goin' with "If You Can't Rock Me."

"now doncha you know that its roooooo to stare!" what a GREAT "pickup" LINE! that is a primo choice for an opener and one of my favorite stones tunes. since you beat me to it, i'll throw another favorite out about "its going to be the death of me"....SOUL SURVIVOR.

01-15-02 06:50 PM
nankerphelge Although it is a longer song, it is a well-known song and would really juice the audience in a big way:


Can you picture it? You are sitting in the crowd, anxiously awaiting the start of the show. Watching the road crew prepare the stage with all the lights on. The PA system playing annoying songs that aren't the Stones, interrupted intermittently by people saying "Test" "Test." Hearing the din of the crowd and the movement of people all around you looking for their seats, comrades, and chiba.

Then, slowly, the stage begins to look less cluttered and the number of people milling about decreases. You begin to see spotlights being manned and tested. The slight delays between the annoying PA songs seem to taunt you and get yer heart a pumpin' that the lights will soon go out -- but alas, the next annoying song comes on.

Suddenly the lights and annoying music do go out. And that crazed cheer washes over everyone as all eyes peer through the darkness toward the stage. Little glimmers of flashlights behind the stage silently announce the arrival of the masters.

Then it starts.
Bup Ba Buppa da, Bup Ba Buppa da
"Yeow" --- "Yeow"
Then, a hole appears in the floor awash in blinding red light with fire shooting from all sides
And then, amidst the conflagration, a thin man dances
"Please allow me to introduce myself"

Suddenly you realize you haven't taken a breath in over 2 minutes. Oh the glory. Those who have never seen the Stones would be haunted by it for generations to come. Those that are addicted would have dreamt of it for generations before.

How could they not.
01-15-02 07:19 PM
Happy Motherfucker I'm going to say either, Sympathy or Street Fighting Man. It should be a pretty well known tune. One thing that I could never understand about the Stones is why they insist on doing the same show night after night. Except for changing a few songs here and there, every show on a tour is basically about the same. I mean, with the body of work that they have, mixing it up would make it more interesting for sure. Imagine going to shows not know what the set list would be! I guess that I'm spoiled some on that aspect since my other favorite band is The Grateful Dead. Hell, I use to see those guys four or five nights in a row and they would'nt repeat one song! Go on tour with them and hear about sixty different tunes never played the same way twice. I just don't understand why the Stones have to be so formalistic. Maybe this next tour they will be a little looser. I would love to see them do clubs, theaters, arenas and stadiums. Mixing the set list up for each type of venue. Now that would make for a great anniversary tour!
01-15-02 07:30 PM
Child of the Moon I'd love to see 'em do either Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby... or Gimme Shelter. But they'll probably just do Brown Sugar or Honky Tonk Women.
01-15-02 08:11 PM
Torn & Frayed
sandrew wrote:
What should it be?

Around & Around
01-15-02 08:43 PM
someone elses pie They would never do it but how about "Can't You Here Me Knocking" with Mick Taylor on stage. That opening guitar solo just blaring. That would be kick ass!!!
01-15-02 09:16 PM
steel driving hammer Mick called me up last night and told me the setlist for the 40th Aniversary Tour. Here is the setlist, don't tell a soul survivor...Btw, while on the phone, we were both drinking French Champange.
Just between us, here's the setlist for 2002...

Opener, Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby (Standing In The Shadows)
If You Can't Rock Me
High and Dry
Around and Around
2000 Man
Casino Boogie
Fortune Teller
Lady Jane
Dear Doctor
Finger File
Keith - Little T & A , You Gotta Move Keith sings.
B Stage, Torn and Frayed, Crakin' Up, Loving Cup.
She Said Yeah
Under My Thumb
Off The Hook
Dance Little Sister

Mick mentioned he's still working the on the closing 6 main stage songs so those might change a little. Thats all he told me, he had to get a hold of Keith.
I asked Mick before he hung up, "What about the War Horses" He said, "Those are for the 2005 Tour."

01-15-02 09:36 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I remember one day imagining the next tour...

A new stage design, a state-of-the art soundsystem, two additional stages B and C

Before taking the stage a great video on the big 3-d screen the music is Mozart's "Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail" (Chor der Janitscharen) a great rocker by Mozart btw!

The the opening GIMME SHELTER as a cover of the Let It Bleed album, nothing additional, as crude as it was conceived.
01-16-02 07:14 AM

" What a drag it is getting old... "
01-16-02 09:26 AM
marko i think b-stage is said and done,but.i say.paint it black is
the next opener.
01-16-02 10:14 AM
Lazy Bones Choices are endless and no matter what it'll be a hit...but my gut says GIMME SHELTER. But really, gimme whatever ya want!
01-16-02 10:38 AM
T&A My gut tells me it will be Brown Sugar, based on seeing Satisfaction and JJF in that slot on the most recent tours. But my fantasy would be them to do a Chuck Berry tune - say Around and Around....or how about dusting off the ol' chestnut, Everybody Needs Somebody to Love? Wouldn't that be cool?!
01-16-02 11:22 AM
Mikey I mentioned this to Gazza once. I would like to see the house lights go down and on the video screen above the stage apear on old, grainy clip of Muddy or Howlin'Wolf singing "Mannish Boy" or "Rooster" and have them handoff the song to Mick and Keith as they appear from under the stage on stools with Keith playing slide and Mick harp and continue the song. Then they would slide back under the stage at the end as the house goes to black and then have all the boys EXPLODE with "Bitch" or "IORR".
01-16-02 11:32 AM
sandrew I love the song ideas, especially "Around and Around" - that would be really cool. "Not Fade Away," the first song from the first album - THAT was a great one. What I think they should avoid, though, is the gimmickry and the explosions. Whatever song they end up playing first, they should walk out serenely and confidently, together, just like U2 and Springsteen have done on their most recent tours.
[Edited by sandrew]
01-16-02 11:59 AM
moy not fade away is a good choice, not just the first track on the first album, it has been used as opening in 1964, 1965, 1966, 1994 and 1995 no other song has been used more often than this, since it will be the 40th anniversary is a good option however i would like to have another never used

1962 variable: kansas city, Dimples, Crawling King Snake, Roll Over Beethoven, Sweet Little Sixteen, etc
1963 variable: mona, route 66, Poison Ivy, Ain't That Lovin' You Baby, Talkin'Bout You, etc
1964 not fade away
1965 not fade away and everybody needs somebody to love
1966 not fade away also the last time, paint it black anb mercy mercy
1967 the last time and paint it black
1969 jumping jack flash
1970 jumping jack flash
1971 jumping jack flash
1972 brown sugar
1973 brown sugar
1975 honky tonk woman
1976 honky tonk woman
1978 let it rock
1981 under my thumb
1982 under my thumb
1989 start me up
1990 start me up
1994 not fade away
1995 not fade away
1997 satisfaction
1998 satisfaction
1999 jumping jack flash

2002 ??????? Maybe the last time as it could be the last tour or an oldie

my choice is gimme shelter
01-16-02 12:04 PM
Bob Tamp either Gimme shelter or Sympathy would be great- start it
from the b-stage.
01-16-02 01:28 PM
F505 As it could be the last tour: It's all over now.

01-16-02 02:11 PM
gimmekeef Why not "The Last Time"?....this could be the last time I don't knooooowwwwwwwwww.
01-16-02 02:19 PM
Gazza I think were the Stones to open a show with either "its all over now" or "the last time", the selection would be jumped on by the media to hype up any "last tour" hysteria....I doubt theyd want that kind of press...(I dont think its a coincidence that of all their 60's number ones its "the last time" which has been missing from the setlists for the longest (or close to it) - without looking up the setlists page,I dont think its been played for 35 years!)

"have you seen your mother" seemed to be a band favourite going by the recent interviews in Uncut. They havent played that one either since Brian was in the band! I'd imagine that might means its back in 2002. "Sway" was another such choice although amazingly theyve never played it live. I think it could well be the 2002 equivalent of "Moonlight Mile" from the last tour. (ie - long lost classic album track loved by the diehards but forgotten about by the masses)

For an opener - depends on the setting. If theyre doing stadiums,I have a feeling that this time they'll maybe open with "Brown sugar" as its been played towards the end ever since 1975 and like "JJ Flash" and "satisfaction" in recent years,maybe they feel its time to change it around a bit. Its a natural for a stadium show,anyway. "Sympathy" is a great choice but they tend to like to start a show with a quick punchy track,not TOO long. If its somewhere small, something more roots orientated would be a good choice - carol,Around & around,Bye Bye Johnny,Let it rock etc.
.. personally id love to hear "You cant catch me" or "Down the road apiece" in that slot or on a mini-stage!
01-16-02 02:28 PM
moy the last time was played in the last tour several times, at b stage
[Edited by moy]
01-16-02 04:01 PM
gimmekeef Yes it was..heard it in Atlanta and Charlotte if memory (motel) serves me.And who cares what the press says they've been slogging the boys for years anyway.
01-16-02 05:14 PM
Gazza Fuck it - youre right

How could i forget? LOL....I was 10 feet from them and almost crushed to death when they played it in Paris... braindead today,shoulda checked the setlists page first,eh? I think that was its first outing in over 30 years though

still - as I said,I doubt they OPEN with it..would be taken too literally!

Thanks for correcting me - now I'm gonna listen to "No Security" and slash my own wrists!
01-17-02 04:35 PM
moy wrote:
not fade away is a good choice, not just the first track on the first album, it has been used as opening in 1964, 1965, 1966, 1994 and 1995 no other song has been used more often than this, since it will be the 40th anniversary is a good option however i would like to have another never used

if i had to pick one i DONT WANT, the waaayyy over played "NOT FADE AWAY" would be my choice. i heard the stones and the dead play that tune in denver in the same year. although we kept yelling Resist, Phil, Resist," at the lesh show this august at the rocks, he resisted first set, but disappointed and blew a stellar show in the second set.

please, no not fade away. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

however, after entering THE VOODOO LOUNG YESTERDAY, i wouldn't mind hearing (all jokes aside, LOL)"L"ove "I"s "S"trong.
01-17-02 06:54 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 I would go with Everybody needs somebody to love or Route 66 or Around and Around.
01-18-02 04:18 AM
st0nesfan Plain and simple "Paint it Black" will be the next opener. It rocked in '99 and will be back as a killer way to start off the show.
01-21-02 12:14 PM
quackenbush I think they should open with a different song for each show, not only that, but a whole different set for each show. If they must stick to one, and only one song, I would like them to play Flip the Switch.

"String us up, and we still won't die."

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