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Topic: Mick Jagger to perform at the NRJ Awards this Saturday! Return to archive
01-14-02 05:00 PM
CS Britney Spears to perform at music conference awards night

Britney Spears' first film is to be premiered at a major music conference in France.

The 36th Midem event takes place in Cannes from January 20 to January 24.

Britney will host a special press conference before the premiere on January 19, and perform at the NRJ Music Awards the following night.

She will present her film, Crossroads, which also features Dan Aykroyd and Kim Cattrall, at the press conference.

The NRJ Awards' line up also includes performances by Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Geri Halliwell, Kylie Minogue and Dido.

Representatives from all sectors of the music business will gather from around the world for "five days of total music immersion" at Midem, a spokesperson told

The event features a trade show, conferences and performances from pop and dance stars.

Artists who will be appearing in the conference's Electronic Village section include DJ sets from Mr Scruff, Krust, Roni Size and Fauna Flash.

Labels such as Ministry Of Sound, React, Glasgow Underground, Tommy Boy and F Comm will also be hosting their own contributions to the event.
01-14-02 10:55 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl According Le Club Des Stones, Mick will be presenter only.

I also found that the official site has a streaming signal(s), very clear, so probably the event will be avilable live on line.

The space for the event
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01-15-02 02:57 AM
MickChick Ok, how late will this be on Saturday?
Will I be able to record it off the net, or can someone else?
[Edited by MickChick]
01-19-02 10:57 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl From the official site yesterday

MPJ Confirmed for NRJ
Mick has confirmed that he will be performing his new single, "Visions of Paradise," at the NRJ Awards show in Nice, France on January 19, 2002. The show will be broadcast live in France on TR1 . The awards show will air in Germany on January 27 on RTL2. [posted 1/18/2002]

01-19-02 03:48 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The event is on line, with a very clear signal!
01-19-02 04:06 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl He is alive now on the net performing Visions of Paradise! The signal is very clear, I'm recording it
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
01-20-02 02:31 PM
L&A It was pathetic: Mick was not synchronized with the prerecorded tape, and his presence to that kind of stupid show is the reflection of his degeneration. Please stop it, Mick, I'm a hard fan since more than 20 years, but today it's really difficult to justify your status of rock'n roll legend... :-(
b.t.w., please stop working with Virgin: those guys don't know what is good marketing for "older" bands.
01-20-02 02:55 PM
Gazza >It was pathetic: Mick was not synchronized with the prerecorded tape

WHAT?? he was MIMING????????
01-20-02 03:14 PM
L&A Yes, Gazza, unfortunately yes. They were all miming yesterday night: Gerald de Palmas, Zazie, Garou,(...mick...), MC Solaar, Axel Bauer and all others France-wide (inter)national star(let)s. I have the tape and the proof...
01-20-02 03:38 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I noticed something strange in the audio from the internet (and I have it recorded), it was something like a cover of the album, it was identical, just at the end sounded different when mick sings "Paaaaaaaradise" instead of the fade out.

The version played from first to last note lasted 3:42, so maybe it was the "Radio Edit" version that it is 3:52 without the efadeout and only the "Paradise" at the end.

Mick Jagger is clearly saying "Merci" at the end of the performance, while the presenter says "Mick Jagger" three times.
01-20-02 04:34 PM
L&A You are right, VoodooChileInWOnderl, at the end there is one more "Paraaaaadise" as on the original version. Maybe it is a special edit for the "mime performances". If you listen to the "merci" with a good sound reproduction, you will hear a different resonance in Mick's voice...
Mick Jagger will also mime to pre-recorded "Visions Of Paradise" on german channel ZDF, next 26th of january (Source : Undercover Mailing List).
01-20-02 06:33 PM

Stephane Cardinale
01-21-02 11:06 AM
moy same moment? maybe is the very same pic, but anyway here i go

01-21-02 01:19 PM
Jacques Hi
I'm stupid, I missed Mick last Saturday on French TV.
But L&A is right, a friend of mine told me Mick mimed to a tape.
01-21-02 01:44 PM
Jaxx here's a few press reviews of the apparently "lip sync-ed" performance. i guess we are reminded that you "can't always get what you want...."

By Erich Boehm, Reuters, 1/21/2002
CANNES (Variety) -

"...The evening's big winners were Brit songstress Dido, who took three NRJ awards, including international album, and Garou, whose three nods included best Francophone male. For oldtimers, the awards were eclipsed by a nimble performance from Mick Jagger singing his new single, ''Visions of Paradise...''

BBC 1-20-02
"...Mick Jagger was there to represent an older rock generation, giving an energetic performance of a song from his latest album..."

"Mick Jagger added a touch of old rock to the relatively young line-up, wriggling his hips and strutting his stuff on stage to a song from his latest album.
01-21-02 02:25 PM
Gazza Read today that apparently Mick was the recipient of a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at this show?

Unless it was given to him for his solo career (somewhat unlikely) I'm a bit surprised he accepted it as it should have been a band award ..

I guess the NRJ awards is a bit like the always-ludicrous Brit Awards in many ways - ie persuade an established/ veteran artist to perform at the ceremony by offering them an Lifetime Achievement award for turning up...

How horrible it is that in this day & age where the music industry is full of acts who cant sing live but can only mime and pout (whilst at the same timed fans of "real" music are defending PROPER musicians who can actually play live), that one of the best "live" performers on the planet will go along with such a farce just to shift a few more units.
01-21-02 05:32 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Gazza!

I look at this episode as further proof that Mick needs to sack his PR people. FAST! They are turning one of our Rock icons, of which there are precious few, into a characiture cartoon. Uncool to say the least.

There is only one thing that can save him from total ridicule.....get back with the Stones, right fucking NOW!
01-21-02 05:49 PM
L&A Hi Jaxx,
You are right, you "can't always get what you want....".
But here I've got what I really didn't want : a lip-synch performance from "one of the best "live" performers on the planet", as described in Gazza's good analysis.
I'm just finding consolation listening to a good RS-"live" record... and waiting for better times, end of 2002.
01-21-02 06:08 PM
L&A Hey, sorry, Cardinal. I didn't saw your reply before sending my post... Great description of what's happening to Mick ! Let's give the sack to Mick's PR, without notice, before they produce his rubber figurine, and maybe we can save one of the last monuments...
01-21-02 08:46 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey L&A!

Speaking of plastic figurines....I just saw one of those for Jerry Garcia. I wonder who's brilliant idea THAT was? I mean. It's one thing if it's a Kiss figurine, you kinda expect cheesey shit like that. But not from The Greatful Dead! I better not see any of that kind of crap out of the Stones camp.

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