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Topic: Spin Mag top bands of all time. Return to archive Page: 1 2
01-13-02 05:24 PM
Miss U. You said it, Eggy!

01-13-02 05:37 PM
Joey I like Eggs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soft , Scrambled , Hard-Boiled ......don't mean shit to me .

Joey von Slippy Slap
01-13-02 06:21 PM
Miss U. Thx for the tip...breakfast tomorrow, my place.
Real men eat quiche.

Bet Taylor loves Egg Mick-muffins!
01-13-02 07:26 PM
The Eggman whats that lil joey???

01-14-02 03:33 PM
Joey Joey still quite visibly shaken that the Who were ranked # 39 .

Unbelievable .

01-14-02 06:02 PM
Gazza yeah but the idiots who were responsible for the poll were probably in kindergarten when the 'Oo put out their last 1982..if anything,I'd consider polling badly to be something of a badge of honour,considering the musical taste of these particular fuckwits..think about it

Fear not,Joey - according to the papers today here in good old Blighty, Chairman Townshend has declared that they shall be back in the studio making the follow up to "its hard" (20 yrs late!) in October of this year...

Theyre also playing a few theatre gigs in the south of England at the end of this month before their big charity gigs at the Royal Albert Hall in February....if only theyd realise they had fans NORTH of London!
01-14-02 08:33 PM
Joey Damn Straight My Brother......

The compleat Pete has also declared that a summer WHO tour of the states is in the works , with a WHO tour of Europe to follow .

One can only hope and play ( I mean pray )

Who ???? Who Me ???????????

01-14-02 09:18 PM
essque So...if this had been a "Greatest" list, where would the Stones would have fallen? But since it's a Most Influential list, the results are expected to be different? If this list was to be taken seriously, would it mean that (speaking of musicians), "everyone likes the Stones...but not *that* much"?
01-15-02 09:41 AM
01-15-02 05:06 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I'm fairly certain that each of us, being individuals with individual tastes, would have different lists. And with this Spin list taking influence on the CURRENT music scene into such heavy account, I'm betting that most of us would count the Stones influence as much stronger than Spin did. But then again, I doubt that a majority of the regulars here pay much attention to the "current" music trends. Mostly because the "current" music scene sucks yak teat.

I am proud to say that I am completely out of touch with much of the current music scene. The new music that comes out that I buy is usually either by an established artist (Bob Dylan, U2, Joe Strummer), or by someone completely out of the mainstream (Detroit Cobras, Tony Joe White, Ryan Adams). I'm betting that a vast majority of regulars here are pretty much the same as I am. The things that we like about bands like the Rolling Stones are anathema to music today. Is it just me, or are there 20 bands that sound like Green Day, 20 bands that sound like Matchbox 20, 20 bands that sound like Brittney/NSync, and 20 "bands" that sound like Snoop Dogg. And what happened to all the angry chick singers? There used to be about 20 of them too...Alanis, Joan Osborne, Sarah Mclaughlin, Jewel, that chick that sang that Bitch song....where'd they go (not that I really want to find them). Oh, I just remembered another thing that there's about 20 of....those singers that can't pick a note and stick with know what I mean, those singers that warble their voices all over the place, like that R. Kelley guy.

I'm proud that I can't tell the difference between any of those "bands", that I don't know the words to any of the songs. It means that I have discerning taste. Just like most of my brothers and sisters of Stonesia here.

I said it, Gazza said it, The Stones finishing down in 9th should be considered a GOOD thing. If it were much higher than that, I'd have to worry.
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